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The Music of Made by Brent Phillips CONTENTS, a AIN'T LOVE A BITCH ATTRACTIVE FEMALE WANTED... BLONDES (HAVE MORE FUN)... BORN LOOSE CINDY INCIDENTALLY DA YA THINK I'M SEXY?. . FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST, THE HOTLEGS «::s+3 | WAS ONLY JOKING . KILLING OF GEORGIE, ERAT Fil, cs ssscven en MAGGIE MAY SCARRED AND SCARED. TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT (GONNA BE. ALRIGHT) YOU'RE IN MY HEART (THE FINAL ACCLAIM) | WAS ONLY JOKING Words and Music by ROD STEWART and GARY GRAINGER Moderately slow D Dmaj7 Ev - er sine— I was a kid in In and out—— of_—_ jobs, mun - ning D7 G Gm 8 x000 ° I messed a- round with all the rules, A pol - o- gized, then wag-ing war with so-ci-e - ty. Dumb,blank fac *es stared D A —- re - al - ized I'm not dif- frent af - ter a= back at me, but noth - ing ev - er changed. — Dmaj7 D7 ® 8 Me and the boys thought we had it _sussed; Val -en -ti - no's Prom-is-es made in the heat of ‘the night, cereep-in' home before it cm said we looked ri - dic- u - lous, but, all of us, My dad T wast-ed all thet —_pre-cloustime and got too late, — o — 2 boy, we broke- some heats; — blamed it on the wine, peo I was on- ly (©1077 ROD STEWART and RIVA MUSIC, LTD. ‘Al rights in the Uniied States and Canada administered by RIVA MUSIC, INC. (ASCAP) ial Right Reserves ing, my fool. was. a Nev-er found a Il - lu-sions of dear, D 6 n Toul Dmaj7 e com-pro- mise, D ° that ld look-ing for a 6 grand first prize — way to nde my Em + 4 No Chord (guitar) nev-er win. col-lect-ed lov-ers. like A He ra = are Dmaj7 maj > by, you were good but you took it fear. slow - ly What kind of To Coda So but-ter-flies, wear = in’ thin, — all too D.S.Hal Coda - - se-rious- ly. I was on=ly Now youask me if what I'm do - ing Tm sin- cere, ‘That's the ques-tion that I must be wrong, — pour -ing my heart out al - ways fear. — ina song,— A EH - - - Verse sev- en is nev- er clear, but I'll owning up for pros - per-i - ty for the D ° coe we - - oe tell you what you want to hear. Dmaj7 —— 1 wy to give you whole. damn_ world to see. Qui- et - ly now while I all you want, — but giv-ing love is not my strong-est point. turn a page,— Act One is o-ver with-out — cos-tume change. If that's the case, it's point-less ‘The prin - ci-pal would like to go - ing on, I'd rath - er be a - leave the stage, The DA YA THINK I'M SEXY? Words and Music by ROD STEWART and CARMINE APPICE Medium Disco beat Dm7 oF Dm7 os -_ She sits alone, waltring forbug-ges- tions. He's. so. nerv-ous, a= G/F Dm7 GF 3s = - - e Weingast Ge ques - tone, Hie lipa are dry. Her hem is -gwily pound ~ ing. Dm7 G/F Am7 4 ae, asf ae ee - -« GB- 2° # @ © Don't you just know ex = act-ly what they're think - ing? If you want my bod- y c ep and you think I'm sex - y, | come on, sug-ar, let me — know, Am? @ o'09 0,0 If you real-ly need me, just reach out and touch me, © Come on, hon-ey, tell me Dm7 oF - - we 6 - nd - - FH 80. He's act - ing shy, look-ing Toran an - swer. They wake at dawn, ‘cause all the birds are sing - ing, Dm7 oF Dm7 ° "Come on, hon -ey, let's spend the night to - geth-er."*Now, hold on a min-ute be Twototal stran-gers, But that ain'twhatthey'rethink-ing! Outside it'scold; © 1976 ROD STEWART, WB MUSIC CORP, & NITE STALK MUSIC ‘All Rights Reserved fore we go Mhuch fur - ther, mist-y and Dm7 es Dm7 OE oo. Give me a dime, so I can phone my moth - er.” it's rain - ing, | They got eachother. Nei-ther one's com- plain - ing. or Dm7 90 Ree - - - - Fe - - - ‘They catch 2 cab— 10 tis He says,"I'msor-ry,but I'm oe Am7, ‘co tpiah high - rise out of milk and cof - ‘a-part = ment, At fee." last he can tell her ex *Ney-er mind, sug -ar. We can act - ly what his heart meant, watch the ear-ly ¢ ige: 1 { you want my bod - y and you think I'm sex - y, Am oo - Ef - ed come on, sug ~ar, 2 just reach out and touch Em7 00 Dm7 ° = heart's beat-ing like a let It me. Comeon, honey, tell me Am7 Em7 000 - + HHH - + - - - you really need me, His Am7 drum, ‘cause at last he's got this girl home, Emo FIG Ds,Bat Coda Coda ra 44 - 2 + GH, - - re Re-lax, ba - by. Nowwe're al Repeat and fade Am7 0 ~ FRA - cee a Ton oa e. ATTRACTIVE FEMALE WANTED Words and Music by ROD STEWART and GARY GRAINGER Moderately (JJ J's ) c Em/B Am ‘00 1, I'm tired of buy-ing Pent-house and Owi —and_-Hus~ il- er. c Em/B oo It's Fri-day night and I'm all a= lone still a Dm \ \ \ \ \ \ \ - - - bach-e lor. She said she'd call me when she js eee a fin - ished work, _ Haye-n't heard a word all day, Ob, —_ foc Em/B Am 2,1 may not be War-ren Beat-ty__ or Mu - ham-madA- li, S 1 ain't ask-ing @ great deal, just a fe-male to move in with me. I'l share all my rec-ords, ©1978 ROD STEWART & RIVA MUSIC.LTD, A nights inthe United States & Canadesdminstere by RIVA NSIC. INC. (ASCA) ‘AMT Righs Reterve Em/B Am 000 9.0 FEA - ee FERRE soe - - oe ew tooth- brush and car and col-or T. V. Hon-est-ly. Em/B To Codat} Am 00 oo Asin-gle git] for my sin-gle bed is my rem-e-dy. Dm Am oo Hoe ele URE ee Zane She does-n'thave to be @ mov - le star; cov-er of amag-a - zine, Dm Am ° o 0 - 4 ew fH e+ 4 « G thold) xooo she canwork in a _gar-ageall dey; in the eve ning,some can - teen,— Dim 12. Dm Gol Am ooo x00 "1 CoB oe + 4H + oe D.s.$al Coda 3, I'm eve-ning, somecan - teen, — 41 rem-e-dy, Additional lyries 3, I'm tired of blind dates; making silly mistakes, It's embarassing. I've had no complaints,” But obviously, you've guessed, no compliments. Won't someone please answer my prayers before I'm old and grey. T've heen lonely too long, and all of my family think I'm gay. She doesn't have to be a movie star; (etc.) 4, Imay get drunk; stink like a skunk, But she'll look after me. Put me to bed and ease my aching head and make a fuss of me. I think I'll write a letter to Mister Hugh Hefner, confidentially. A single girl for my single bed is my remedy. BLONDES (HAVE MORE FUN) Words and Music by ROD STEWART and JIM CREGAN Fn Fast shuffle beat (JJ =J 5) c Wey aE of 0 pin in or just a roe nO Ree Se, She finite c af a ::: e con - tradic - tion? But from where I come from, all the plen - ty of prac-tice. But I couldn't touch the sur-face ‘cause of a c D 3900 ao HHH eee see - AH en 2 blondes have more fun, Well, just watch them sis-ters on a re - cent face lift. She’ had not = dea what c Eb lif Sat -ur-day night, per-ox - ide caus-in' all of the ‘fights, love's all a°- bout ‘cept. a one o' - clockcall on the cast - ing couch c i =— =] yeah, I took a yeah. er or e - ee for -# - = = et — & FF = < Sis - sy from New York was on the crush. on Bar - dot, Fell in (© 1978 ROD STEWART & WARNER BROS, MUSIC LIMITED AIL Rights Reserved u cov-er of love with a new Vogue. Mon - roe, 000 Are you sup ~ posed to Read a - be a-vail - a - ble? bout them in the na - tion-als; So al in you're them — juic real -ly un - touch-a - ble, ‘ y scan - dals. "1 gota But “1 lim- ou-sine 'n’ nev-er saw them danc-in' Eb to ball.". Oh ly bald._ Oh need ture keep keep your black an your black an io bod - y - guard 'n' G ‘at the 900 yeah, your dé your red-heads. red-heads, é x000 chap er - one,_ coun - ty You can You can hall but God, keep your bru-nettes, keep your bru-nettes, ¢ 9 ° i} Sif Fa ay - with the short, knows, Rod, T | just fat’ guy who'spre-ma- Youcan Youcan too. 1 wan-na too, Don't D 8 co ee girl that's sem-i - in - tel-li-gent, Gim-me a blonde that's six-feet_- cwo,boy, and that ain't Wanta sub-ser-vi - ent wom - an, Gim-me a blonde that's six-feet - two,boy, and that ain't fr 12. c 1 30 a2 - - eo ee oe eo ° YOU'RE IN MY HEART (The Final Acclaim) Words and Music by an ROD STEWART Moderately JJ =J J) ) G g Fem7 - - 1 did = n't know what day it wa when you 1 took all those habits of yours that inthe be. = Em? s pace) 1090 He - - coe ef walked in = to the room. T said hel 10 un + gin ming were hard to ac - cept. Your fash - ion senbe for F4m7 Emy P $ HR 2 lee - oe no= ticed; you said good-bye too soon. Beards - ley prints I put down “to ex=pe - mi - ence, The Fém7 - coe ER. se Breez - in' through the cli - en-tele,_—spin-ning yarns thet were so. big - bos-omed lady with the Dutch accent who tried to change my point of & Fim? 2000 f - + FRR - real-ly must con = fess right here the at - view, her ad lib lines were well re - hearsed,. but my ©1977 ROD STEWART ‘Al rights ate administered in the United States & Canada by RIVA MUSIC, INC. (ASCAP) ‘AU Righte Reserved lyric - al, i 13 Em7 HEH 3900 © traction wes purely physi ~cal. you. You're in my heart eried out for— F ¥ c a me of Hee ele -- FH- - - FR- - - heart; you'rein— my soul. You'dbe my breath shouldI__ grow old, Youare my fas & fs i Aes Ae lover: you're my bestfriend. You're in my Sola) C7 o1A) Fim? Te fap My love for you is im = meas-ur-a-ble;__— my _ re ~ es - say in glam - our. Please par-don the gram-mar, but you're ma soo spect for you-_ im - mense You're age-less, _—ttime- less, ev + ‘ty School - boy's dream. You're Cel-tic united, Fém7 a a lace and fine = ness; you'ce beau = ty and ar but, ba - by, I've de = cided you're the best team I've ever You're a rhap = so = dy, ‘seen. ‘And there have beea— Em7 g toh ? _ HEE - - - - - - - - - - sym - pho- ny anda play. You're ev = ‘ry love song. man = y times I've thought to leave, But 1 bite my lip and Fim? Em7 - ev - er writ- ten, but, hon ey, what do you see in me? turn @ = round,.'causeyou'rethe warmest thing I've ever found. heart; -you'rein____ my __— soul. You'dbe my —_—breath é patel } You're in my should [grow old. You are my lov-er; you're my__ best friend. -You'rein my per Te (olay C97 (bold) You're an 2 C (hold) 0,0 1s AIN'T LOVE A BITCH Words and Muste by 34 ROD STEWART and GARY GRAINGER Moderately bright (JJ =J 2) C Dm7 Been in pain and 1 been in. shame,.But ain't love a Sieh You'reall a-fone ‘in the freez - in’ cold by the un ~ der-ground.— c GB Am AnvG 2.0 2 3] - a - - Gao. But ain't ‘cause you've I been in fights; locked a - way for nights. Your hands are numb and you're feel - ing dumb_' Dm7 c oB x0 strung up and nailed; left with - out a _ stitch, — 1 and kind=e tough’ and may - be out of reach, You're GB Dm7 F/G e scratched 'n' taxed fi ~ nal-ly axed.But ain't love a act - ing chic;play-ing hide - and-seek,But ain't love a Dm7 WG may? oe He ee + - Hae oe oe we om ole Oh, 1 did-n't_ un - der-stand till I was sev - en -teen. Ob, 1 —must_ state right here: I've been_ there be- fore. — My ©1978 ROD STEWART & RIVA MUSIC, LTD, ‘Al Rights fm the United States & Canada acministered by RIVA MUSIC, INC, (ASCAP) ‘ALL Rights Reserved 16 Dm7 She took me eyes were closed. and way up - stalrs_and she 80, my Fmaj7 0 wiped me clean. friends, I stilldon'tknow the score, Am ° Wo Oh, 1 didn't don’t re - al-ize un - der-es = Oh, Mag - gie, if you're still out It’ may be un-wise to cB shemade a ti- mate the strength of G6 there, the rest is lyze— even the cause of Am Anv/G Ht - op x0 Dm7 “2 « Oh, I can't first ~class fool out of it his-to ~ it, ry. - comesan old, fa - mil - iar .song— youusedto know so well._ com-pre-hend— this thing catled love, ai May-be— its a mat-ter of fact __ can't grow ube I just make me smilie? . Am Any/G ° Al I really oR q Pan ret € ain't we all want to know:_ Is there Am Ang a Ut-tle wv Fmaj7 ae far venitet fer ‘4000 hold) one sweet an-gel that can cI He Dm7 ren tial rains, _ F/G. wars and hur-ri-canes. I would-n't budge an inch. __ cB Any/G ° i - fe - rent's un - paid and your teamlose a amo lel aa on i - EGER Your You can lose your your home and your head, But ain't Dm7 F/G c GB Am An/G w+ + HR oe - Gabe de love a bitch. Take it or leave it, Some-day you'll feel it, ‘Cause Repeat and fade F/G ci Am AnvG A cate. alte #4) - - - FR - - - GEE GE GR - BRR - love is the bitch. TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT (Gonna Be Alright) Words and Music by ROD STEWART oe Moderately slow Rock beat ({ J=d J) « Fmaj7 2.09 H Stay a-way from my — win-dow; stay a-way from my ra Dis- con -nect the tel - e-phone line; Fmaj7 Bbmaj7 - - - HB) oe ee OR re-tex, t= by, and draw that nd G7 F/A G/B c ‘Fmaj7 , ay - + + BB oe ee 1, Kick off your shoes and sit right down, c Fmaj7 “i - - - ie - 2 2 — and loos - en = up that pret - ty French gown. 976 ROD STEWART Al sights are administered in the Unies Safes E Camas by RIVA MUSIC, INC. (ASCAP) ‘air ighte Reese 19 Let me pour you a goodlong drink; _ ooh, ba = by, don't you hes-i - tate, ‘Cause to - night's the nighe;__ it’s gon-na be al - _— right, "Cause 1 love you, girl; ain't no - c mi - + - fipe - | * bod-y gon-na stop us_—now, 3 s Y Repeat and fade 3S e Fmaj7 - - - 35 Additional lyrics 2. Come on, angel, my heart's on fire; Don't deny your man's desire. You'd be a fool to stop this tide; Spread your wings and let me come inside 3, Don't say a word, my virgin child; Just let your inhibitions run wild. ‘The secret is about to unfold Upstairs before the night's too old. MAGGIE MAY Words and Music by ROD STEWART and MARTIN QUITTENTON ‘Medium Rock beat G F 2000 1, Wake up, Mag = gie, I think I got some-thing to say to you G F It's late Sep - tem-ber and I real - ly should. be backat— school. 1 know 1 keep you a - mused, but 1 feel I'm be -ing used. Oh, — Magegie,I could-n'thave —tried~ an-y Gsus4/D Dm G ° 2000 - hee - oe - coe ew mote. ia 1s ao eeean Game ° Dm zi Bale: ae pe ee © save you frombeing a - ~—done, You stole my heart, and Copia 2071 by ML RG MUSIC, INC UNICHAPPELL MUSIC, INC, PUBLISHER International Copyright Secired ‘AU Rights Reserved aa that's what real - ly Repeat and fade SG 0 coe hurts, 2, The Dm7 F c AA. 2 6 He oo + oe Additional lyrics ‘The morning sun, when it's in your face, Really shows your age. But that don't worry me none. In my eyes, you're everything. laughed at all of your jokes. My love you didn't need to coax. Oh, Maggie, I couldn't have tried any more. ‘You led me away from home . Just to save you from being alone. You stole my soul, and that's a pain I can do without. . AIL I needed was a friend To lend a guiding hand. But you turned into a lover, and, mother, what a lover! ‘You wore me out. All you did was wreck my bed, And, in the morning, kick me in the head. Oh, ‘Maggie, I couldn't have tried any more, You led me away from home. ‘Cause you didn't want to be alone. You stole my heart, I couldn't leave you if I tried. suppose I could collect my books ‘And get on back to school. Or steal my daddy's cue And make @ living out of playing pool. Or find myself a rock'n'roll band ‘That needs a helping hand, Oh, Maggie, I wish I'd never seen your face. ‘You made a first-class fool out of me. But I'm as blind as @ fool can be, ‘You stole my heart, but I love you anyway. HOT LEGS Words and Music by ROD STEWART Moderate Rock beat G oe - cree - - - - four. Is it you~ com-in' round for more? Well,youcan love me to- night. if you want, but in the morning make sure you're gone. I'm talk - in’ to you: Hot legs, you're wear-in' me out. Hot legs, you can scream and shout, oe ee - - coe - No Chord Hot legs, are you till in school?_ I love you, hon- ey. © 1977 ROD STEWART Al eights ate administered in the Ualted States & Canada by RIVA MUSIC, INC, (ASCAP) ‘Il Rights Reterved 2 Hot legs, you're mak~in' your mark._ Hot legs, keep my Hot legs, you're wear-in' me out. — Hot legs, you can oe ee oe ee ° - oe pen - cil sharp. Hot legs, keep your hands to your - self. scream and shout,. Hot legs, you're still in school.- [1 Ie I love you, hon-ey. T love you, hon-ey,__ Additional lyrics 2, You got a most persuasive tongue. ‘You promise all kinds of fun, But what you don't understand, I'm a working man, I'm gonna need a shot of vitamin B By the time you're finished with me. I'm talkin’ to you: Hot legs, you're an alley cat, Hot legs, you scratch my back, Hot legs, bring your mother, to. Tlove you, honey. 3. Imagine how my daddy felt In your jet-black suspender belt. Seventeen years old, he's trudging sixty-four. You got legs right up to your neck, You're makin' me a physical wreck. I'm talkin’ to you: Hot legs, in your satin shoes, Hot legs, are you still in school? Hot legs, you're makin’ me a fool. ~ Tlove you, honey. SCARRED AND SCARED Words and Music by ROD STEWART and GARY GRAINGER Slowly a Fmaj7 Se y HAY eee 1, Start - ed out like an- y one of you: good in - c oe 6) Re ele Be ten- tions and a de - gree, But one hot night un-der the Fmaiz Fmaj7 ne -on lights, billed a boy fut seven = toon, mn Dm? “+ me ih oe 6 eo Now I sit here wait-ing on my mak-er; tre - prieve is all I'm pray - in’ 0 Am Em for. Lord, 1 fear_ the hang-man's steps ap-proach-in', - - - Will the priest Imock gent-ly on my — door. 2. And I ground? I'm go - in’ (©1078 ROD STEWART & RIVA MUSIC, LTD. ‘AIL Rights in dhe United states & Canada administered by RIVA SLUSIC, INC, (ASCAP) ‘All Rights Reserved there, 28 into the D.S.4ai Coda Coda, & Prom-ised Land, We a now. Oh, yeah, I'll take you € Fmaj7 C (hold) I'll take you there. Additional lyrics 2, And 1 know I've let my daddy down, ‘And I broke my mother's heart. I'd give anything; turn back time again, Just give me one more shot. 1 don't need no trial humiliation. Just tell me that I'm heaven bound. T don't want no two-faced consolation, What use is that to me six feet underground? I'm goin" down to the engine shed. (etc.) 3, And if you ever see my son again, Don't let on just how I fared. ‘Tell him I went down big and strong; Lwas never scarred or scared, All the girls that once did gather ‘round me Have moved along to someone eise, Sittin’ here, desperation is my close friend, What I'd give to kiss one of them now. Oh, yeah, I'll take you there, T'll take you there, BORN LOOSE ; ‘Words and Music by ROD STEWART, GARY GRAINGER ‘and JIM CREGAN Medium Rock beat q Verse 1, Oee, eee, ba-by,don't you count on me to _—be there when the sun goes eae «# me ef) fee eee down. "Cause all those mean old friends of mine are call-in’, ci 9,0 # - oe - 4 ee at - ee call-in’ way down the line, Some - bod - y send. me a one - way tick - et; got-t get a-way from here, aa Sto To Coda} E - Put me on a jet back to Lon - don cit-y; got to get a bel-ly full of beer. me. I was born loose, (© 1977 ROD STEWART, RIVA MUSIC, LTD, & WARNER BROS, MUSIC LIMITED ‘ALL Rights Reberves change me now. I was born loose, num oni! wild. Keep your hands Coda D (hold) ‘cause you're too late, too late, Additional lyrics 2, Smile for the camera; please mind your manner. You gotta keep your image clean. Clench your fist and don't you take a piss; Makes you want to slash your wrists, Stand up, shut up, sit down, throw AILT want to do is sing. Responsibility and fidelity. Never meunt a thing to me, (Chorus) 3, Big bombs are crashin', never stop clashin’, ‘Wanting every woman in town, Some tried to train me, one tried to maim me, But you can't keep a good man down. Church bells ringin', all the kids singin’ ‘When we played the last night on’the tour. Janice andJimi, can't you hear me Knockin’ on heaven's door. off me, door. la = ay, CINDY Moderate Rock beat # D6 INCIDENTALLY Words and Music by ROD STEWART and RONALD DAVID WooD Am D6 Am il. Gin = ay, Cin - ay, Am no ~ ticed wor - ry, that ‘cause be- Am - FRRSe sev-'ral of your friends have moved tween us we can D6, make Am it on? through, And the street out - side_ ‘There ain't noth-ing, n9,. is just a 6, Am lit = tle noth ~ ing too I'mnot per - suad-ing So, Am, jerzsa| et, and your lo - cal pa per's rm out of can do. with - out world rh you or dis-en - gaging you,_—_but, Cin - dy, get your coat on, Leave the To Coda} - - o - Cin - dy, you rent with the and gent up me got in to move, the Can you re - (©1913 ws Music coRP, ‘AIL Rights Reserved morning. So don'tbe late, fuse? No time to lose, We'll hit the high road ear - ly this Don'thes-i - tate, ‘This dream can pass just as fast as light-ning. Oh, in - dy, in- ci - D6 Am Am G 1 ® og 3000 light -ning. Oh, pent-house. Turn your mu-sic so loud. Let's at- Am ° a tract = big crowd. and drink a round to this town and bid good - bye. “THE KILLING OF GEORGIE (PART | & Il) Words and Music by ROD STEWART Moderately slow, in 2 a fimiee! Magee | ker ekeyting | aye beer c Be oe at -ed days, © 2 + sto- ry mind__ of a friendof mine, maj7 See boy_ was gay, T guess, Noth -in’ more or noth-in’ less, ‘The kind -est guy 2. His Slowly, in 2 B S 000 seee Page ele ioe Oh, Georg - ie, fade ae oy F/G eee Feo stay; don't go. a - way, Georg - ie, please stay; you take ic Gc Fog te? aA ae He + ee ee ae my breath a = way. 1078200 stewaat Oh, Georg - te, All tights ate administered in the United States & Canada by RIVA MUSIC, INC. (ASCAP) ‘Al RightsReserved a 4, 6. 8. 9. 31 Additional iyries His mother's tears fell in vain ‘The afternoon George tried to explain ‘That he needed love like all the rest. Pa said, "There must be a mistake. How can my son not be straight After all I've said and done for him?" Leavin' home on a Greyhound bus, Cast out by the ones he loves, A victim of these gay days, it seems, Georgie went to New York town, Where he quickly settled down ‘And soon became the toast of the Great White Way. Accepted by Manhattan's elite In all the places that were chic, No party was complete without George. Along the boulevards he'd cruise ‘And all the old queens blew a fuse; Everybody loved Georgie boy. The last time I saw George alive Was in the summer of '75. He said he was in love; I said, "I'm pleased.” George attended the opening night Of another Broadway hype, But split before the final curtain fell. Deciding to take a shortcut home, Arm in arm, they meant no wrong; ‘A gentle breeze blew down Fifth Avenue. Out of a darkened side street came A New Jersey gang with just one aim: ‘To roll some innocent passerby. ‘There ensued a fearful fight; Screams rung out in the night. Georgie's head hit a sidewalk cornerstone, A leather kid, a switchblade knife, He did not intend to take his life; He just pushed his Tuck a little too far that night, ‘The sight of blood dispersed the gang; A crowd gathered, the police came, ‘An ambulance screamed to a helt on Pifty-third and Third, Georgie's life ended there, But I ask, who really cares? George once said to me, and I quote: He said: "Never wait or hesitate. Get in, kid, before it's too lates ‘You may never get another chance, Cause youth's a mask, but it don'r last, Live it long and live it fast.” Georgie was a friend of mine, 32 THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST Words and Music by CAT STEVENS Slowly, with a beat G T wouldhave giv - en you all__ of my heart, bat there's want you by —— my side just to D c HEH - x000 9 some-one who's torn it a - part. And she's tak-en just all that 1 help me dry the tears that I've cried. ‘And I'm sure gon-na give— you a c c D @ D 0 0 ° - GHEE D i ir +} had, but if you want, I'll try to love a- gain. Ba - by, I'l wry, and if youwant,I'll try to love @~ gain. Ba - by, I'll S Gi D 6 D 000 o qf try to love acgainjbut 1 know: ree try 19love a-gunsbut 1 know The rst cut 19 the deep-est. Ba-by, I ¢ D é > c > - - fy - GB - - - knaw the first cut is the deep-est. When it comes to be-in' luck- y, she's c D fe 6 1 000 9 cursed. When it comesto lov-in' me, she's worse, I still Repeat-and fade Dy c c, 2000 00 comesto lov-in' me, she's _ worse © USfiGhe 2997 by CAT MUSIC. LTD, London, England Sole Selling ageat DUCHESS MUSIG CAMORATION ese atk Avesta New Yorks NY 10022 for U.S.A, end Canada ony Senernationsl Copyright Secered "ul Bisbee Benerved