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Engleza maei an2sem2-varianta simplificata

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1. Read the following terms and phrases and match each term from the right column to their definition from the left
- diplomacy - the art of tactfully dealing with people
- empathy - the ability to imagine and share another person’s feelings
- to accomplish - to succeed in doing smth, to complete smth
- to deal with - to attend to a problem, to manage

- employee - a person who works for somebody or for a company in return for wages
- Human Resources Manager - manager responsible with the staff recruitment
- president - the head of an institution
- dean - the head of a faculty

- social orientation - one’s personal characteristic of being attracted to people; to communicate and socialize with
them, etc
- assertive - showing a strong and confident personality
- to see the “big picture” - to be able to get the meaning of the whole situation
- persuasiveness - the capacity to be convincing

- Marketable - attractive to buyers, consumers, etc
- Marketplace - the system of buying and selling goods under competitive conditions
- Manufacturer - a business that makes or processes raw materials into finished products
- Market share - the proportion that a company has of the total volume of trading in one type of goods and services

- Product life cycle - The life cycle of a new product, which first can be produced only in the country where it was
developed, then as it becomes standardized and more familiar, can be produced in other countries and exported
back to where it started
- Customer needs - customer expectations of a product or service
- Market leader - the company that sells the largest quantity of a particular product and thus emerges as a leader
- Advertising - making known, calling public attention to a product, service or company by means of paid
announcements so as to affect perception or arouse consumer desire to make a purchase or take a particular

- to glide along - to move along smoothly and continuouslyfor instance like a snake on the ground
- inductive reasoning - logical reasoning
- to leave a trail of bruised feelings - to make a bad impression, to offend or abuse people
- to make forecasts - to predict future events by making use of some given information

- to pique one's interest - to provoke; arouse, to stir
- memorabilia - a souvenir; an object that is treasured for the memories associated with it.
- brand equity - value added by a brand name identity to a product or service beyond the functional benefits
- fee - a fixed sum charged, by an institution or by law, in exchange for a certain service or privilege, etc

- to fit into - to be suitable for a particular role or task
- to overcome - to prevail over, to be victorious
- prospect - a potential buyer
- to be epitomized - to be symbolized, best represented by, etc

- targeting - the process of identifying the specific needs of the market segments, selecting one or more of these
segments as a target, and developing marketing programs and ad campaigns directed towards each.
- incentives - benefits, or reduced costs, that motivate a decision maker in favor of a particular choice
- to purchase - to obtain in exchange for money or its equivalent, to buy
- branding - traditional advertising method used to create an acquired response from a target audience based on
cumulative impressions and positive reinforcement.

- ownership - possession, the act of having and controlling property
- to bar - the act of excluding someone
- to juggle - to deal with simultaneously
- to forgo - to abandon, lose, refrain from consuming

- CFO- chief financial officer
- executive - person or group of persons who has the power to put important plans, decisions, etc into effect
- HR manager - person in charge with hiring people and solving the employees’ legal problems
- CEO - chief executive officer

- domestic - concerning the internal affairs of a nation
- business customs - usual business or individual practice, traditional business policy
- branch - administrative division of some larger or more complex organization
- to downgrade - to change in a negative way

- zest - gusto, vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment
- to hamper - to hinder or inhibit the progress or movement of someone or something
- breakthrough - a major achievement or success that permits further progress, as in technology
- cumbersome - difficult to handle or use especially because of size or weight

- managerial chores - managerial duties or responsibilities
- managerial traits - managerial characteristics
- career orientation - occupational self-concept
- enterprising orientation - the ability, imagination and desire to create and carry out new projects and perform
difficult activities

- to stand out - to be much better or more important than somebody/something else
- to submit - to give something to somebody so that it may be formally considered
- vacancy - an available job or position
- to look forward - to be eager for something that one expects to be enjoyable to happen

- covering letter - application letter
- curriculum vitae - personal data sheet
- to type - to write using a typewriter or calculator
- handwritten - written by hand
- to trigger - to set off, initiate, provoke
- onset - the beginning or early stages
- WAP - wireless application protocol
- SMS - text messaging

- pasty-faced - pale and dull complexion.
- up-market - appealing to or designed for high-income consumers
- to envisage - to imagine, to form a mental image of something that is not present
- drawback - a disadvantage or inconvenience

- assets - economic resources that are owned or controlled by an entity; what a firm or individual owns
- exempt from - to free from an obligation, a duty, or a liability to which others are subject
- parent bank - a bank in one country that has a subsidiary in another country
- subsidiary company - a company that is completely controlled by another company

- information storage - the holding of data in an electromagnetic form so as to be easily accessed by a
computer processor.
- appliance - a device operated by use of electricity, gas, etc
- to cutback - to cut down; to make a reduction in; to place restrictions on
- overall - general, complete

- employer - a person or company that employs people
- sales manager - a person who controls the selling of a company’s products
- production manager - one who is responsible for the manufacturing of a large quantity of products
- supervisor - a person in charge with checking the others

- to advertise - to promote something
- to enclose - to put in an envelope
- marketing - the theory and practice of presenting, advertising and selling things
- direct mail campaigns - form of advertising by means of which marketing communications are sent to customers
using the postal service

- subscriber - someone who contributes a sum of money in exchange of a certain service
- account balance - the amount of money in an account, equal to the net of credits and debits at that point in time
for that account
- revenue - gross, the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
- staleness - triteness, lack of originality as a result of being dull

- To acquire - to get, to gain possession of
- Customer retention - the marketing goal of keeping your customers from going to your competitors
- Defection - desertion, abandonment, opting for another seller
- Retailer - Seller of goods or commodities directly to consumers at a retail price.

- to intrude - to put or force in inappropriately, especially without invitation or permission
- to match - to combine
- indelibly - that cannot be erased
- "copycat" - unauthorized duplicate of a certain fashion design; they are usually made of lesser quality imitations of
the original

- to enhance - to increase; make better or more attractive
- to mitigate - to moderate (a quality or condition) in force or intensity
- drive - physiological state corresponding to a strong need or desire
- distortion - unpleasant change

A 27. Sometimes advertising can be a form of research

A 28. The World Trade Organization is the international forum that provides the Most-Favoured-Nation principle

A 29. Women haven't always had leading positions in major corporations and private sector organizations.

A 30. Some companies reward their customers by giving some of their money back

A 31.To market a product means to advertise and offer it for sale

A 32. A parent bank in one country that has a subsidiary in another country.

F 33. A domestic bank is one that operates exclusively with national currency

F 34 The persons who have a staggering IQ are always very determined to succeed.

A 35 An ATM is an Automated Teller Machines that simplifies financial transactions with customers.

A 36. The head of a university is called dean.

F 37. A company that looses its customers is a company that doesn’t have a high degree of defection.

A 38. Most selling sites are designed to move consumers through multiple stages of the decision-making process

A 39. On January 2008, Vodafone made the UK’s firstmobile call.

A 40. If a company advertises products that are similar to others, it must make ample use of imagery in association
with attractive symbols

A 41. Technology has created a new commercial reality that led to the emergence of global markets for
standardized consumer products

A 42.The usual technique for defining an individual’s lifestyle is called psychographics and it involves measuring
attitudes and interests in diverse areas such as work, politics, recreation and the like.
F 43. Creative people have a lot of fantasy, inspiration and intuition but they don’t have logic at all.

A 44. There is no genuine clash between selling and 'being creative'

A 45. All managers spend most of their time talking to people.

F 46. Perceptions have nothing to do with consumer behaviour.

F 47. “Right-brain” dominated people are smarter than the “left-brain” dominated ones.

F 48. Recent studies show that consumers don’t access information on the Internet before making major life

A 49. The typical Internet user is a young, techy, up-market male professional.

F 50. A marketplace is a square such as Victoria Square

F 51.WAP services give you the possibility to send messages whenever you can’t talk.

F 52. An employer is one who works for a monthly subsidiary

A 53. To achieve greater customer retention direct marketers have switched the emphasis from product to service.

F 54. If a company wants to keep its high-spending customers, it must sell only expensive stuff.

F 55. The international trade growth has been favoured by long periods of war.

F 56.The manager is the owner of a company.

A 57. All employees are checked by their supervisors.

A 58. Famous brands such as Marlboro, Coca-Cola or Levi Jeans base their advertising mainly on pure emotional

A 59. A “hot” product is a brand new product that appeals very much to the public

F 60. B2C marketing designates a set of transactions between two companies.

A 61.The price at which a product is offered for sale to the public represents its market price.

F62. The marketing department of a company deals with advertising, market research as well as selling.

A 63. At present, women are better educated and hold more jobs worldwide than ever before.

A 64. The purpose of advertising is to persuade.

A 65.The use of direct distribution mail order or direct delivery of services is one of the direct marketers’ most
powerful weapons

F 66. If you have good interpersonal skills, it means that you can't have a lot of friends

A 67.The Coca-Cola Web site consists of twelve different sections.

A 68. A manager who is technically competent is one who knows how to plan, lead, organize and control his own
work as well as that of the other employees.

F 69. A market leader is one who sponsors the most advertising campaigns.

F 70. To have an enterprising orientation means to be a good entrepreneur.

F 71. Consumers aged 50 and older never use the Internet

F 72. When you flatter someone means that you bruise that person’s feelings.

F 73.Today a growing number of appliances and systems operate on analogue information.

F 74. Someone who makes market forecasts is one who predicts the weather.

A 75. Advertisers’ job is to sell

F 76. A director is one who writes screenplays for movies

A 77. Vodafone is the world’s biggest mobile network operator.

A 78. The charismatic managers are also the most persuasive.

F 79. In a big company, such as IBM, for instance, the general manager is the one who hires people.

A 80. You can’t become a successful manager if you don’t have some inborn managerial traits.

F 81.The process of identifying the specific needs of segments and selecting one or more of these segments as a
target is called branding.

A 82. In Sweden, more than 45 percent of administrative and managerial positions are held by women.

F 83.To be creative implies to be a very organized person

F 84. A company that is risk averse is one that doesn’t test the market before taking its marketing decisions.

F 85. Advertising shouldn't be entertaining

A 86. site offers a lottery prize of up to $1000 million for visiting it.

A 87. A manager’s daily chores include resolving conflicts among subordinates.

A 88.Vodafone has a strong visual identity based on the colour red

F 89. Federal Express is an excellent example of how expensive a well-designed service web site can be.

A 90. Perception is the process by which people derive meaning from within themselves ( such as a feeling of
frustration) or from the external environment

F 91. An assertive person is one who always speaks very loud.

F 92. Marketing deals exclusively with advertising products

A 93. The World Bank was initially formed in 1944 to aid countries suffering from the destructions of the war

F 94. Only the market leaders are quoted at the Stock Exchange

A 95. Both branches and subsidiaries are full-service banking institutions

A 96. To satisfy the customers' needs means to have the best prices on the market

F 97. The direct mail campaigns are a form of electronic advertising

F 98. To overcome a problem means to fail solving it

A 99. Connectivity makes bits to flow from one appliance or location to another

A 100. Most Asian and Islamic countries exhibit female preference, manifested in China by the widespread practice
of aborting male fetuses

F 101. “Left-brain” dominated people tend to focus more on their feelings.rather than on their reason

F 102. A CEO manager deals with the accounting department of a company

103. If we only … knew ….what our competitors plan we could avoid launching a similar product.

104. After you… graduate…this faculty will you attend an MA course?

105I wish I…had...more imagination.

106.It’s about time you …… presented… your suggestions.

107. Somebody.... inform.....the board on what's happening here.

108. Some think that if they write on purple paper their application will… stand out……

109. If you really understand the customer's needs you can touch them at… the core…of their being.

110. The market research represents the study of what people buy and why and it is usually … conducted
….by a company before it develops a new product.

111. A marketing strategist should decide if products in the sector are primarily sold on “logic”… rather than… on “emotion”.

112 Do you think that advertising should also be… entertaining…?

113 The direct marketing’s … stance….on entertainment is clear: there is no room for it in direct communications.

114. Please, find my CV… enclosed……

115. If you are just… starting up.. a business you obviously don’t have any existing customers.

116. The advertiser’s job is to make the product… look better….

117. B2C, business-to-consumer electronic commerce is a form of electronic commerce in which products and …
services……are sold from a firm to a consumer who this way doesn’t have to buy from a traditional shop.

118. Ad writers forget they are salesmen; instead of sales they seek … applause…

119 A very important marketing decision is .. to allocate..resources between the existing customers and the new

120. You..... advice: leave those files for tomorrow!

121. The purpose of advertising is to… persuade…

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The manager suggested that prices .... could be...... kept low so as to attract new customers.

123. Global economy .... would register.......a rapid growth if funds weren't directed toward military adventures.

124.The aim of marketing is to make selling… superfluous……

125. If an advertising agency doesn’t sell then it isn’t … creative ….

126. A famous advertiser called Cyrus Curtis considers that the key ingredient of an ad is its… atmosphere…..

127. Tom has… graduated…… Richmond Secondary School in 2005.

128. The Board recommended that the projects ..... be..... handed in two weeks' time.

129. If only their commercial … had lodged….. in the viewers’ memory their brand could have been famous!

130. By the time you finish the project I… will be.. back at the office.

131. The Wall Street Journal is an .... interactive... information site

132. The advertiser’s idea enchanted everybody as if they… were….under a spell.

133. The teacher suggested that all students .... ask.... him what they don't understand

134. I wish he… understood....the importance of being up to date with everything.

135. They won’t make any forecasts before they… receive……all the information they need.

136. It’s high time our company … launched….a new product.

137. The psychoanalysts…..have found that nearly all important decisions are made in the subconscious.

138. The Internet provides e-marketers with access to a broad range of … demographic… segments.

139. A consumer must take a… logical…..decision if he wants to buy a pension.

140. The boss required that everybody... attend....the meeting on Monday.

141. The advertisers wished their product … had been…….No 1 on the market.

142. Direct marketing is a…… form…..of marketing that attempts to send messages directly to consumers using
“addressable” media such as mail and e-mail

143. A well known marketing strategy is to create a … reward..scheme for its loyal customers.

144. Mr. Brown, the marketing manager has informed me that there will be
a…… vacancy….in his department next month.

145. Kids Only area offers homework help and online magazines along with the
usual games, … software….and chatrooms.

146. B2B is a short form from Business to Business and is used …… to designate……those aspects of e-
commerce that involve the exchange of goods and services between companies over the Internet

147. The new manager behaved as if he … knew…..everyone around him.

148. Hurry up! You... send...the reports ASAP.

149. Advertisers should… match…..entertainment with selling.

150. Heaven.... forbid...for you to leave the country!

151. My present employer… is closing down…..his business.

152. I will send you a message as soon as I… finish reading…..the novel.

153. In the late 1990’s the onset of pre-pay options triggered a dramatic … upturn… sales.
154..... not be it......that a good manager should have only technical skills.

155. Please, stop the car before you… reach…….my house

156. I would like very much to have the … opportunity… work for such a big company as

157. ... come....what may, if you are decided to become a manager, you'll do it in the end.

158. Companies that sell credit know that they must strike… a balance …between keeping the old customers and
attracting new ones.

159 The affinity marketing…is a strategy meaning that a company uses commercial partners to attract new

160. They wouldn’t reduce tariffs and liberalize trade for the Most-Favoured- Nation if they …… didn’t know…that
those people are in need.

161. It seems that some companies have high levels of… defection…

162. A product’s market value represents the… price….at which that product would be sold if offered publicly.

163. The company has a… turnover…..of over 4 billion pounds.

164. Search engines generate…… revenue…. by selling banner advertising.


165. Interactive online services allow customers to access account… balances…..

166. I’m looking forward to… receiving….news from you.

167. The Internet enables consumers and companies … to share.. huge amounts of information

168. In 1995 Heinz… placed…over half of its marketing budget into direct marketing and then move it back to

169. There is no genuine … clash…between selling and “being creative”.

170. ”The right-brain” dominated advertisers use more… intuition...than logic.

171. The marketing strategies that were successful in some cases shouldn’t be taken as ... rules....

172. The famous advertiser looked awkward as if he.… hated...everyone staring at him .

173. A market leader is the company that … sells….the largest quantity of a particular product and thus emerges as
a leader

174. The marketing manager has ordered that the new strategies... be tomorrow at noon.

175. ... it’s enough.... to say that a good manager should have more than technical skills.

176. The life cycle…of a new product, means that it can first be produced only in the country where it was
developed, then as it becomes standardized and more familiar, can be produced in other countries and exported
back to where it started.
177. Mobile phones … sales….have followed a classic ‘S-shaped’ curve.

178.The bank owner ordered that the wages ..... motivate...... his stuff.

179. Marketing is a social and managerial … process…….by which individuals and groups obtain what they need
and want through creating and exchanging products and value others.

180. If international organizations.. didn’t care..they wouldn’t donate money for people suffering from war

181. Language …. .camouflages… much too often what people feel.

182. If only they … had managed…to understand the customers’ expectations, they would have been much more
successful with their recently launched product.

183. They …… wouldn’t conclude……agreements if they weren’t necessary.

184. Some experts consider that the moment of truth is when the prospects or customers .. engage..with the advert.

185. He spoke as if he … knew…something about our advertising campaign.

186. In order to make online customers visit a particular web-site, marketers can use other media-print…

187. Sometimes consumers make impulsive,… subconscious....decisions.

188. By means of the Internet people can be connected with just a few… mouse clicks..

189. The marketer wished he … had sold……more last month.

190. We cannot … intrude…..on the public without repaying them.

191. We wouldn’t desire to buy so many things if we …… didn’t see……their commercials before.

192. The executives ..... desire...... that the company's policy be well known by the public.

193.... say....what you want, I strongly believe that our HR manager knows how to deal with people.

194. If only we … had started… work in advertising ten years ago!

195. On 1 January 1985 Vodafone made the UK's first mobile… call…..

196. Younger groups are more likely to use the Internet for entertainment and… socializing…..

197. They adopted a new shape for the Pepsi bottle in case people … more.

198. Will you keep on learning until you… understand……the lesson?

199. Don’t you think that this handwriting is…… illegible….?

200. One of the most important decisions a marketing strategist should take is whether or not to use… incentives
…to stimulate purchase

201. When I … am.. sure about the result, I will let everybody know it.

202. C2C consumer to consumer is the oldest form of … e-business…… facilitating people to deal directly with
each other

203. The customers ( to admit)…admit..... that their expectations have been satisfied.

204. If the national currency (fall)…fell….. by almost more than half this year, the living standards would be radically

205. What would you do if your country (not become)...did not become……a member of the European Union?

206. If you (access)…access… America Online you will find a lot of information.

207. Usually young people (use)…use.. the computer if they want to have fun .

208. Bill forgot to enclose an application letter when he (to post)...posted.... his CV

209. The marketing strategist knows that a good service (to help)....will help....... the company to preserve the
existing customers.

210. The manager hopes that his competitors (not have) ....don’t have........better advertising means

211. You (not write)... hadn't write..... too many details about your education so your CV was rejected.

212. Companies (to know)...know..... that the incentives they offer will attract more and more customers.

213.Tom knew that he (to have)....had..... to type his CV as fast as he could

214. The board admitted that the advertising campaign (to be)....was...... a successful one.

215. Alice knows how to behave when she ( to go)....goes..... to a job interview

216. What strategy would you opt for if your company (go)…went….bankrupt?

217. Direct marketers assume that people (to appreciate) .... will appreciate.......the direct delivery of services.

218. All marketers know that P. Kotler (to write)....wrote.... the best books on marketing

219. The company had created the most suitable marketing mix before they (to order)....ordered... the launching of
the new product.

220. The girl understood that many ads (to require)....required.. the applicants to be at least 18.

221. The students had been explained all the subjects before they (to sit)....sat...... the exam.

222. Little Alan (use)…will use….. the computer to play games if you buy him one.

223. General marketers wanted to build brands the prospects (to feel).....felt...... familiar with.

224. Everybody knows that Procter and Gamble products ( to be)...are being.... advertised a lot lately.

225. One has to use only black or dark blue ink when he/she (write)...writes......... an application form.

226.Tom (worry)...would worry..…if his online shopping weren’t delivered in due time.

227. Some make a big mistake because they ( to write)..write.... their covering letters on purple paper.

228. When you start up a business you (not have)....don’t have.....any existing customers.

229. Direct marketers understood that they (to achieve) ...would achieve.......greater customer retention by
switching the emphasis from product to service.

230. The new product had already offered a lot of benefits when the company (to consider)..considered..... the
possibility of a merger.

231. Fill in the blanks with the right form of the verb so as to form correct grammatical statements:
Amex Membership Miles created a reward scheme that (to give)... would give...... some value back to its loyal

232. The students (not apply)...didn’t apply.... for a scholarship abroad when they had the chance to do so.

233. A customer that (to buy)..buys..... from a supplier for the first time would look for a lot of benefits.

234. The manager appreciates the fact that his products ( to be promoted)..should be promoted....... using the best
marketing strategies.

235. If I (know)…knew….how to get a sponsorship I would tell it to you

236. The Internet will help you a lot if you (know)…know… to use it.

237. The girl confessed that she (not know)..hadn’t know....anything about marketing before attending this faculty.

238. The human resources manager ( to think)..thinks..... that many candidates don’t know how to write a CV

239. It ( to be) very good that the telemarketing officers have made a lot of sales calls

240 A company (to manage)....will manage....... to attract new customers when they allocate enough money for this.

241. The teacher considers that your handwriting (to be ) illegible

242 If a message has been aimed only at selling, the Internet users (react) …react...negatively.