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No: iSDAT/ 24 Jan17 Date: January 24nd, 2017

Deputation Letter


With reference to your Subsequent Interview, we are pleased to appoint you as the Site Incharge
/ Senior IT for the, GMAT / GPAT Jan-2017 Online exam that is being conducted at centre
which is inform you by CALL as well as MESSAGE.

*Please Check your message for your centre location at which you are deputized for GMAT
/ GPAT Jan-2017 Online exam if any query regarding centre you may iSDAT contact with
control room at 07314266292.

Sr No Hiring Period Activity Working Timing

1. 24thJanuary, 2017 Pre Examination You have to report on time decided
TO and by Exam control room.
28thjanuary, 2017 Post Examination

Sr No Activity Dates Reporting Time Remark

24 Jan 2017 Activity Start
TO 9:00 AM Sharp Follow timeline &
1 Readiness 27 Jan 2017 Doc
Mock/ Center Audit By 25 Jan 2017
9:00 AM Sharp
2 AICTE Observer OR27 Jan 2017
3 Exam Day 28 Jan 2017 7:00 AM Sharp
Reverse Logistics As per City
30 Jan 2017 Optional
3 (Optional) Coordinator

Note:- For any changes in Reporting date, Time and Holiday will be announced by Mumbai
control room and informed through SMS and call.


1. SI Should get Registered on web portal

2. SI has to report on Exam center on time and report to control room on below given contact
3. SI has to send daily attendance report to iSDAT control room at 07314266292, 9144798314,
9589493374 and iSDAT City Coordinator.
4. Follow shared Documents by or available on employee
web portal.
5. You are not allowed to leave the Centre while readiness/examination is in progress, In case of
any emergency prior intimation will be required SI have to take approval.
6. In case of SI arranging or purchasing any Device, stationary or others out of the scoop SI need
to take written approval on email by iSDAT.
7. During your employment, the management also reserves the right to terminate service without
assigning any reason.
8. In case of any dispute regarding service condition, the jurisdiction will be Indore.

We look forward to your active participation in our companys growth plans. Kindly confirm your
acceptance of the same signing the duplicate copy of this letter.

Signature Authorised Signature