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The MAN B&W ME Engine Air Start System


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The MAN B&W ME Engine Air Start System

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The Picture below shows a simplified version of the MAN B&W MC engine air start system. For a description of the
system click HERE

With the ME engine the system is simplified to that shown below. Instead of a camshaft driven, reversing air start
distributor, each air start valve is opened at the correct time by the engine computers sending a signal to solenoid
controlled nc (normally closed) valves. the computer knows when to send the signal because it is receiving information as
to the crankshaft position from the angle encoders which measure crankshaft position and RPM. When the engine has
reached firing speed the computers shut off the air and introduce the fuel.

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The MAN B&W ME Engine Air Start System

For a start to take place, the turning gear must be disengaged, the main starting valve must be in the service position, the
electric hydraulic pumps and the speed control lever at the manoeuvring station must be set at the required run position
either ahead or astern.

On the engine start panel there are four buttons: Prepare Start, Slow Turn, Auto and Air Run.

Pressing the Prepare Start will start the auxiliary blowers and operate the cylinder lubricators.

Pressing the Slow Turn button is usually done with the indicator cocks open to check for evidence of liquid in the
cylinders. When this button is pressed, valves 2 and 3 are activated by the Engine Control Units which in turn operate
valve 4. Valve 5 is also energised preventing the main air start automatic valve from operating. The slow turn valve opens,
pressurising the air start manifold. At just after TDC, the Cylinder Control Unit for each individual cylinder operates
valve 6, allowing the air start valve to open, turning the engine slowly.

If the Auto button is pressed, a normal start sequence will be performed. Valves 2 and 3 are activated by the Engine
Control Units which in turn operate valve 4. Both the main automatic valve and the slow turning valve will operate,
pressurising the manifold. The opening of the air start valves is controlled by the CCUs operating valve 6 at the correct
time. When the correct firing speed is reached, the air is shut off and the fuel injected.

The Air Run is only available in "Chief Mode" which is accessed by entering a password. It is similar to the slow turning
mode, in that the engine will continue to run on air without fuel, except it is running faster because the main automatic
valve is open. This is used to test the air start system or to check the Tacho system.

Valve 7 is a manual isolator which is closed when testing the air start valves for leakage. The engine is prepared for
starting but with this valve closed and the indicator cocks open. (All systems must be running as for starting, because if an
air start valve is stuck open it is possible for the engine to kick over). An Air Run is initiated whilst listening at the
indicator cocks for leaking air indicating a leaking air start valve.

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The MAN B&W ME Engine Air Start System

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