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Isis raising the Djed

Transformation into a Ment Bird

The Mothers, part 2

Dazzle Star
The Mystery Temple of the Dazzle Star 2010.

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This book contains material for the mystery play “The Twelve Hours
of the Night”. It is part of a collection of Egyptian mystery plays.

Text@ Dazzle Star

Necessities: baby doll, straw, tea lights, oils to let the tree smell,
gong, music celestial spirit track 8, people are seated on the
pattern of the black and white pillars of the Tree of Life.
Mirrors; four phases of the Moon, sun and moon mirror, gong, Mask and Sheet
for Osiris, crook, flail, red and white crown. 28 tea lights

Personnel: 1. Isis 2. Anubis 3. Astarte at Malkuth 4. at tiphareth

Osiris in his coffin. 5. King of Biblos at Kether 6. Thoth the
Moon god is the Narrator, the People take place on the black and white pillar

Thoth Opening the Veils, drawing the Duat star

Open the double doors of the Horizon in the North, the
quarter of the Sun at Midnight. In this realm of Velvet
dark blackness shines the Moon, indicator of Time and
Transformations. In my temple I invite the forces of Gold
and Black to share with us the secrets of Sorrow and Fire
Anubis Walks in front of the procession when the Golden Pillar
walks in. When everybody is seated he walks to the bottom
the Pillar, Opening the Veils, drawing the Duat star
1 the opener of the Ways give access to the Golden pillar so
that the transforming forces will become available during
this ritual.

Isis Walks in front of the procession when the Black Pillar

walks in. When everybody is seated she walks to the
bottom of the Pillar, Opening the Veils, drawing the Duat
I the Mother of Sorrows give access to the Black Pillar so
that the Purifying waters of growing knowledge will clean

Triangle walks in Osiris, King of Biblos, Queen Astarte, they enwrap Osiris in
sheets and put on the Mask. They lay him down and then draw the Power Lines.

King Byblos and Queen Astarte

Between the House of Knowledge in the Heavens and the
House of Flowers we support our palace with a mighty
Tree who is rooted in the earth and reaches with its
branches towards the heavens.

King Biblos The leafs of this Tree touch the night sky and gently
caress the Goddess Nuit.

Thoth In the mean time Isis is still looking for the lost body of her
husband Osiris. She wanders for years, weeping and searching
for the casket. Often she hears rumors that a golden coffin has
been seen floating along the Nile by the inhabitants of one of the
villages. She keeps following the rumors and so she crosses the
border, Egypt and comes into the land of Byblos.
Here the rumors speak of a wonderful tree that suddenly had started
to grow on the shore, exactly on the borderline between land and
sea. This news reached Isis and she becomes hopeful to finally
find the body of her dead husband. Isis asks every man and
woman if they have seen coffin that contains Osiris. In the end
she learns that the coffin became entrapped in a tamarisk bush.
As if by magic the bush shot up and became a magnificent tree.
The towering tree enclosed the ornate box within its huge trunk.
Isis learns that the king of Byblos fell in love with this tree so
much that he had it cut down and made into a giant pillar to
support the roof of his palace. Now Isis knows for sure that the
coffin came ashore here. Because of the divine presence of the
Body of Osiris, the bush had sprouted and grown into a large
tree, which now supports the Palace of the King. Isis and Anubis
immediately travel to that palace. When they have arrived there
Isis tries to come into contact with personnel of the palace. She
meets the Queen’s maidens. She tells them she is an Egyptian
head dresser. She pleats their hair and she breaths, and the girls
get surrounded by a divine scent. This attracts the attention of
Queen Astarte and the queen took a liking to her and she asked
Isis to take care of her young son, the prince. In this way Isis and
her son Anubis are able to enter into the palace and they find the
Tree trunk.

Anubis and Isis go to Malkuth of the Tree

Anubis I smell a divine smell. I smell the nearness of my father.

Look at this gigantic pillar, it grows right towards heaven.

Isis I agree, this must be the right place to look for the body of
my deceased husband. Look here to the surface of the
wood, I see the gold still glittering which is the remnant of
the coffin in which Osiris was captured. I will take on the
job that is offered to me by Queen Astarte. I will nurture
her child for her. This gives me the opportunity to be close
to the tree and the coffin. At last I will be near to my

Astarte gives the little baby prince to Isis.

I like you, you lady from Egypt; I trust you with the care
for my child. I can see your fine manners; you must be a
well educated lady. I think my child will be able to learn a
lot of you, and of the fine manners of Egypt.

Isis goes to Yesod.

It is night little baby. As I take care for you I start to love you.
Sleep little prince, I put you down in a soft bed of straw at the
bottom of the Tree. I will weave a spell of protection about you.
You will become immortal by this, you will live forever. I will
start to nurture you with the divine juices of my healing hands
instead of with thy mothers milk. 1 will rub your skin with the fat of
salamanders. I put you in a bed of burning coals and incense.
I will wrap you into a spell that will make you immortal.
Transformation into a swallow

Anubis puts a little Myrrh perfume on his hand and holds it

under Isis' nose as if feeding birds by hand.
See, all the birds of Punt
Come down on Egypt,
Pregnant with Myrrh.
The first bird that comes down
Is attracted by my bait.
She is as fragrant as the perfume of Punt
Her claw is saturated with balsam
How I long to do this
To free Osiris with you by my side
I want to be with you
When he utters his cry of freedom
My bird, pregnant with Myrrh.

Thoth speaks while Isis lays down the baby in the bed of straw..
Isis starts a ritual that needs to be done for 28 days and then the
child will shine eternal as a night star. To do this the child will
sleep amidst the flames while the Goddess transforms herself
into a swallow and flutters about mournfully chirping for her
dead husband. In the night she brings him to the pillar where the
coffin is hidden. There she lights a fire and speaks the magic
words she lays down

The sleeping boy in the flames. The fire starts to bum away
a1l that is human in him, but she does not watch over him,
she turns herself into a swallow and begins to fly around
the pillar, wailing and mourning over her dead husband.

Isis I am Isis…..(magical name) who is truth-speaking, I

am a Ment bird. I am a Ment bird and the Scorpion
Goddess, and the daughter of Ra. 0 you gods, may
your savor be sweet. A flame goes up from the horizon.

o you Osiris who are the Djed. Firmly rooted in the

Big City of the Other World. I have brought the snake
who guards his coils. Give me your hands, and I will
safely arrive on the Island of Fire.

Bow down to me, then I will tell what I have seen.

Horus is in command of the Sacred Bark, and the
Throne, the Mother, the Wife of his father Osiris has
been given to him.

While I fly as a swallow and encircles the Djed, Seth is

bounds because of what he has done.

• Thoth Raise the Full Moon Mirror and sounds the gong
• Everyone takes a candle and spirals around the child
while saying their part of the text.
• Light one candle of the circle around the child

1. On the first night of the full moon we start by giving

you eternal life. (gong)
2. On the second night we clean you with fire to purify
you, and transform all your human qualities into divine
blessings. (gong)
3. On the third night we clean you from all vices, drink
from the sweat of the goddess. (gong)
4. On the fourth day we look at your shining face, the
little prince starts to glow. (gong)
5. On the fifth day our my hearts reach out to you and we
adore your sweet face in the lights of the rising fire. (gong)
6. On the sixth day we give you the Ankh, the Sign of
Life (gong)
7. On the seventh day you connect with the smell of the
Tree, which will empower you forever. (gong)

Tiphareth Enlightening the Backbone of Osiris

Isis What is in the Nome of Sekhem (Lethopolis) has been

allotted to me, and I am obedient to Osirsis. I fly up along
the Djed and I make an inspection and I return to speak
about what I see.

Guardians of the Past, Let me pass, that I may report on

my errand. I am one who goes in esteemed and who goes
out distinguished at the portal of the Lord of AII.

I am pure on that great tomb-plateau, for I am c1eansed of

my evil. I discard my wrongdoing. I cast to the ground the
Hills which were on my flesh. My sparkling energies lighten
the Djed, the Tree and the Ment Bird.

• Thoth raises the waning Moon Mirror and sounds the

• Everyone takes a candle and spirals around the child and
Osiris while saying their part of the text.
• Everybody puts a candle on the backbone of Osiris, then
return to place.

1. The moon is waning and we see the half sickle in the sky.
The spell goes on ... (gong)
2. On the ninth day we speak words of love to you, together
we make a gateway to transcended love. (gong)
3. On the tenth day we softly caress your skin; your magical
body becomes alive. (gong)
4. On the eleventh day we softly whisper your name, your
magical name spoken with power gives you access to all
the worlds. (gong) .
5. On the twelfth day we give you the gift of the tears of Isis,
who provide water for you to grow. (gong)
6. On the thirteenth day we give you Ma'at; that all your
words and deeds be performed in truth. (gong)
7. On the fourteenth day we give you silence.... (gong)

Daath black moon Isis is Crying

Isis crying awaking the queen and the king

O you keepers of the Gate to the Past, make a way for
me, for I am one like you. I go out into the Light, I walk
on my feet. I have power in my strides.
O you God of the Sun at Midnight, by your light I get to
know the secret ways which give access to field of Rushes.
See, I have come, having felled my enemies to the ground
and my body of light is purified.

I have full knowledge of the Transformation into a Ment

Bird. I get access to the City of the Otherworld. I shall go
forth into the Light, and I will not be turned away in the
Realm of the Death. I am a swallow.

• Thoth raises the dark Moon Mirror and sounds the Gong
• Isis takes her seat at Daath
• Everyone takes a candle and spirals around the child and
Osiris and Isis while saying their part of the text.
Everybody puts a candle around Isis, then return to place.
1. The moon is dark, nature is silent and the swallow still
encircles the Pillar. The spell goes on (gong)
2. On the sixteenth day we sing to songs so that your ears are
filled with our joy. (gong)
3. On the seventeenth day we kiss your eyes and they open
and twinkle like stars. (gong)
4. On the eighteenth day the Mother gives you the breath of
eternal life. (gong)
5. On the nineteenth day the Mother gives you part of her
life's essence and fills your veins with blood. (gong)
6. On the twentieth day she touches your skin and feels your
soft touch. (gong)
7. On the twenty-first day the mother gives you the gift to
taste the juice of Salvia. (gong)

Astarte Words of these strange happenings reach me. I cannot not

believe these tales, so I go and see for myself. The coming night,
I will hide myself and witness what happens.

Isis stands, walks to the moon altar, caresses the child, raises
it high so that everybody sees it, and puts it in the middle of the
circle of flames.

Astarte screams and goes to the moon altar and takes out the

Isis You have broken the spell to make your child immortal. I
am Isis, Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt, Widow of
Osiris the King. This magic would have turned your child
into a god. But now his immortality is lost. I have come
to Byblos because the Pillar which upholds your palace
Incorporates- the coffin of my dead husband. I want to
have this Pillar, because Osiris deserves a proper funeral.

Kether waxing moon King of Byblos in Kether

• Thoth raises the waxing Moon Mirror and sounds the

• Everyone places the candle in a row from the bottom to
the top of the Tree, taking the candles off Osiris.
• It is the first quarter of the waxing moon now, and the
spell comes to its height. In these last days Osiris will
receive his powers and with it He will gain eternal life.
King and Queen
We are happy to be of help to Isis, the Great Goddess of
Egypt. We will help to raise the Djed;
They help Osiris upright.

Anubis gives crook

On the twenty third day I give you the crook of good
ruler ship (gong)

Isis gives flail

On the twenty fourth day I give you the flail of severity,
used when necessary. (gong)

Anubis raises sun mirror

On the twenty fifty day I give you the life- force of the

Anubis raises sun mirror

On the twenty fifty day I give you the life- force of the

Isis raises moon mirror

On the twenty sixth day I give you the power of flux and
reflux of the moon. (gong)

Anubis white crown

I crown you with the white crown of Upper Egypt. (gong)

Isis red crown

This is the last night. After this the spell is set. On this day
I crown you with the red crown of Lower Egypt and this
will make you live For Ever and Ever. You guard all life
with all the powers within you. You are eternal life!!! (gong)

Thoth Raise the Full Moon Mirror

Thoth Then Isis instantly cut it the Pillar into pieces so that the
coffin was be taken out. Then she drenched all the pieces of
wood in oil, wrapped them in [me linen and asked the queen to
keep them in the temple of Byblos.
Then she left Byblos by boat, and headed for Egypt. The wood of the
Tree remains in Biblos as a token of this divine mystery, which repeats
itself in Zep Tepi for ever and ever.

Isis and Anubis

Annoint everybody with Myrrh oil and leave the temple.

Astarte and the King of Byblos close the Power Lines.

Thoth closing the Veils, withdrawing the Duat star.

I close the double doors of the Horizon in the North, the
quarter of the Sun at Midnight. In this realm of Velvet
dark blackness the Full moon shines. The Pillars of Gold
and of Black withdraw to the unseen realms.
Black and Golden Pillar process out of the Temple.

Thoth. The Ritual is closed, the Waters of the Moon are at rest
and the Tamarisk Tree will grow near to the shores of the
oceans to remind of this mystery.