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605 You ARE MINE VERSES 1-3 Tenderly, legato (d = 72-80) Capo 3: (G) (C/G) @ (IF) Bb Eb/Bb Bb FA ae 1.1 will come to you in the si ~ lence, 2.1 am hope for all who are —_hope - less, 3.1 am strength for all the de - spair - ing, (Em7) «© (Dsus4) (D) (G) (C/G) Gm7 Eb Fsus4 F Bb Eb/Bb CF 1. 1 will lift you from all your fear. You will hear my voice, 2. 1 am eyes for all who long to see. In_ the shad-ows of the night, 3. heal-ing for the ones who dwell in shame, All the blind will see, the ®) DH) Em (Am (GB) (©) (@sus4) (D) (Dsus4) (D) D DFE Gm Cm Bb/D Eb Fsusé F Fsusd F SS 1. claim you as my choice, be still and_ know I am here. ____________ (to Verse2) 2. 1 will be your light, come and_ rest. in me. (to Refrain) 3. lame will all run free, and all will_ know my nam (Go Refrain) % REFRAIN (G) (cig) FH) (m7) © (@sus4) (D) Bb Eb/Bb FA Gm7 Eb Fsus4F Do not be a-fraid, I am with you, I have called you each name. Co) (CIG) (rs) (Em) (Em7/D) © (Wsus4) (D) Bb Eb/Bb FA Gm Gm7/F Eb Fsus4 F Come and fol-low me, I will bring you home; IT love you and you are Text David Haas, b. 1957, ‘Music Dav Haas; vocal art. by David Haas and Kate Cuddy. ‘Text and music © 1997, GIA Publications Inc llrightsreserved. Used with permission. COMFORT {605—YOU ARE MINE, cont. (2) Final [© 06 Ce oO © O® CE OG ~ ||@ Bb F/Bb Eb/Bb — F/Bb Bb F/Bb ~—-Eb/Bb_—F/Bb Bb toVerses Fine pon i mine. a aD VERSE 4 @ (C/G) (G) FH) (m7) Bb Eb/Bb Bb A Gm7 Ir 4, am the Word that leads all to free-dom, ___________ I_ am _ the peace the © (Dsus4) @) (G) (C/G) @) (Bt) Eb F Bb D DIFH Fsus4 Eb/Bb 4. world can-not give. 1 will call your name, em - brac-ing all_ your (Em) (Am) (GB) (©) (Dsus4) @) (Dsus4) @) Gm Cm = Bb/D Eb Fsus4 F Fsus4 F oo D.S. al fine — 4, pain, standup, now__ walk, and____ ive!