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First Impression

1. Greetings

Sita: hello
Mike: Hi. How are you?
Sita: I am fine. Thank you. You?
Mike: I am very well. Thank you.
Sita: What are you doing?
Mike: I am making an appointment.
Sita: Oh. Well, Have a nice day!
Mike: Thank you. Good bye
Sita: Good bye.

2. Introduction

Tania: Hello, Jeff. How are you doing?

Jim: This is Tony and Robert. Theyre twins. And this is Stephen. Hes a farmer.
Tania: Hello there. Morning, Stephen. Im pleased to meet you.
Stephen: Hello Tania. Nice to meet you too
Jim: Lewis is my eldest brother.
Tania: Hi, Lewis.
Jim: And Pete and Herbert are also my brothers.
Tania: Hello, Pete. Hi, Herbert. Wow! I cant believe youve got so many brothers and sisters!
Jim: Yes, I love it. We all get on really well. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Tania: No, I dont. Im an only child.

a. Formal:
I would like to introduce myself. My name is
May I introduce myself. My name is
Let me introduce myself. My name is
Would you mind if I introduce myself. My name is

b. Replied:
It is nice to meet you
I am glad to see you
I am pleased to see you
How do you do?(how do you do?)

c. Informal:
Hi, Im Andy from Surabaya
Hi bro/sis, Im Santi, nice to see you.

A. Read the text below

Good morning all, allow me to introduce myself in. My name is Ayu Dian Oktarin. I was born in
Lampung on 12 August 1998. I now live in Bandar Lampung city. Right now I stayed at my uncle's
house. Now allow me to introduce myself further. I like things that smell of adventurous, and small
things like reading, watching, and spent my free time by doing nothing. Okay now about me and
my family, I am one of the two sisters, I have a little sister, and she is in high school. My father is a
fisherman named Muhammad Alli, while my mother is a plain housewife. I love my family more
than anything. Well that's my introduction this time. Pleased to meet you

B. Fill in the blank with the words on the box

C. Sandra: Hi, Im Sandra.

D. Radith: Hi Sandra, Im Radith. Are you a new (1)?

E. Sandra: Thats right. I (2).. up this English course last week and this is my (3).. class. (4).. about

F. Radith: So do I. Where do you (5)..?

G. Sandra: I live in Jl. Adipati no. 05. Ive lived there (6).. I was born.

How Since Student

First Live

My Favorites
1. Hobbies List
A. Connect the words in the right box to their meanings in the left box

10. Hang Around 1. Memasak

11. Sing 2. Mendaki
12. Cook 3. Tenis Meja
13. Soccer Ball 4. Membaca Komik
14. Table Tennis 5. Renang
15. Swim 6. Jalan-jalan
16. Read Comic 7. Bernyanyi
17. Collect Stamps 8. Mengumpulkan perangko
18. Watch movie 9. Menonton Film
19. Hiking

B. Complete the conversation based on what you have heard

Conversation 1

Aryo : Hello
Beno : (1)..
Aryo : It is a beautiful day for a long trip.
Beno : That is right. It is so perfect day. Umm.. I really love to (2).. while i am in the buss during
Aryo : I am Aryo. I am from Metro, Lampung. Do you really like reading? What (3).. of books do
you like to read?
Beno : Yes definitely, many books that i love to read such as (4).. book, novel and all related daily
Aryo : Oh! Thats really (5).. Do you also read about politics?
Beno : No, It is not! I think it is so (6)... It is like the (7).. subject. And you? What are your
Aryo : I love (8)... That is why I really love travelling to find a new (9)..
Beno : That is (10)..! I want to travel to Roma, Italy one day.
Aryo : I have been to Roma Italy last year. I believe you will love at there.
Beno : Yes! I think so!

2. Simple Present Tense

A. Read carefully the conversation below
Conversation 1

Maya : Joko, what do you do in your spare times?

Joko : I love to play video games with my friends. Do you also like play video games?
Maya : No, I dont like to play video games. I love to write a fiction story. I think you really like to
read fantasy book, right?
Joko : Yeah, its right. I like to read Harry Potter novel as well.
Maya : I see. Oh yeah, I almost forget. I bring you some chocolate cookies. Here
Joko : Thank you very much. You are really kind. Most importantly, I really like this one. Hmm
smells good.
Maya : Yeah I know it. I bet you sister too. She likes it.

Perhatikan percakapan diatas, terdapat beberapa kalimat dengan huruf yang ditebalkan dan beraneka
warna. Tanda-tanda tersebut memiliki arti tersendiri. Hal tersebut berkaitan dengan struktur
kalimatnya, yakni SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE. Present Tense digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian
yang terjadi sehari-hari atau kebiasaan, namun secara umum dapat juga menyatakan sesuatu yang
sedang terjadi. Simple Present Tense dibagi menjadi tiga bentuk, yakni kalimat positif, kalimat negatif,
serta kalimat pertanyaan.
1. Kalimat Positif

Subject + to be + very/really + Complement

Contoh : You are really kind.

Subject ( I, You, We, They) + like + to + Vbase + Complement

Contoh : I love to write a fiction story. I love to play video games with my friends. I like to
read Harry Potter novel as well. I play football every Sunday. They go to school every day.

Subject ( She, He, It ) + likes + to + Vbase + Complement

Contoh : She likes it. He loves/likes to hike a mountain.

Subject ( She, He, It ) + Vbase+s/es + Complement

Contoh : She writes letter for me every day. Diana studies English in library.

2. Kalimat Negatif

Subject ( I, You, We, They) + do not/dont + like + to + Vbase + Complement

Contoh : Mommy and daddy do not like to drink tea in the morning. We dont tell story to
entertain others every morning. : No, I dont like to play video games.

Subject ( She, He, It ) + does not/doesnt + like + to + Vbase + Complement

Contoh : She does not like to eat muffin in the afternoon. Dede doesnt eat ice cream daily.

3. Kalimat Pertanyaan

Do + Subject ( You, We, They) + like + to + Vbase + Complement

Contoh : Do you drink coffe in the evening? Do you also like play video games?

Does + Subject ( She, He, It ) + like + to + Vbase + Complement

Contoh : She does not like to eat muffin in the afternoon. Dede doesnt eat ice cream daily.

In simple present tense, complement could be anything, starting from adverb of time, adverb of place,
adverb of manner, adjective, or even adverb of frequency. Look at the example below!
1. The soldiers fight bravely at the war.
2. Aunty Linda likes to shop in the traditional market.
3. My grandfather drinks coffee every sunday morning.
4. Mia seldom goes to dentist for regular check up.
Most importantly you have to know that sometimes complement could be placed in the middle of a
sentence, just like example number 4.

B. Complete the conversation using present tense

Kris : Bay, I have something to share with you. (1)..?

Bayu : Sure, I love to watch movie. Why?
Kris : (2) . Its the newest film this season.
Bayu : Wow! Thank you very much. (3).
Kris : Youre welcome.

C. Make at least 3 sentences of each kind of Simple Present Tense!

Watching films is Fun!
A.Read the following conversation with your friends!

Yudi is being tested at one of the most popular TV show. Every people all around the world is watching the
show. What is going on? Lets see.

Yudi: Hi man! What are you doing? Yudi: But, its my place

Doni: Im parking my car here. Whats the Doni: Not today. Im not moving my car.
Yudi: Are you kidding me? Fine, if you
Yudi: No, Im sorry, that isnt possible wont move your car, I will call a police.

Doni: Why not? I dont see a NO Doni: Just go on!!!! I dont care!!!
Yudi: Oh my God.. Ive never met a mad
Yudi: Dont you see my home? This is my like you. See you!
parking place.
Doni: Waitwait..
Doni: I dont see a sign with your name.
Yudi: What else?
Yudi: I park here every day.
Doni: A moment please. Well, do you see
Doni: Well, Im parking here today. some cameras there?

Yudi: Come on man! Why dont you go Yudi: What the he**. Oh my God. What a
around the corner and look for a place? bad day!

Doni: Because theres a place here.

Kalimat yang diwarnai dengan warna merah pada percakapan diatas merupakan bentuk kalimat PRESENT
CONTINUOUS TENSE. Jenis kalimat ini digunakan untuk menyatakan secara spesifik dan akurat sesuatu yang
sedang tejadi. Seperti halnya present tense, bentuk kalimat ini juga terdiri dari 3 jenis kalimat yakni positif, negatif,
dan pertanyaan.

1. Present Continuous Tense

Kalimat Positif :

Subject ( I, You, We, They, She, He, It) + to be + V-ing + Complement

Contoh : I am reading a newspaper right now.

Kalimat Negatif

Subject ( I, You, We, They, She, He, It) + to be + not + V-ing + Complement
Contoh : Sita is not playing doll at the moment.

Kalimat Pertanyaan

To be + Subject ( I, You, We, They, She, He, It) + V-ing + Complement

Contoh : Are they riding bike to the forest?

Question Word (What, When, Where, How, Who) + To be + Subject ( I, You, We, They, She, He, It) + V-ing + Complement
Contoh : What are you doing here? How is he doing there? What are they drinking at the noon?

Look at the following table! It certainly helps you to differ between SIMPLE PRESENT and PRESENT

Simple present Present continuous

I drive. I am driving.

She drives. She is driving.

He drives. He is driving.

You drive. You are driving

They drive. They are driving

a. Just like simple present tense, present continuous tense using the same kind of complement. However,
adverb of time in present continuous commonly only using this 3 phrase; right now, now, or at the

b. Rearrange these words into a complete 2. is-what-he

PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE! 3. enjoying-he-it-is
Then, complete the following conversations 4. no-he-is-it-enjoying
with the words you have arranged! 5. is-beginning-he
1. doing-he-out-there

c. Fill in the blanks!

1. Conversation 1 2. Conversation 2
A : I saw Brian a few days ago in london A : Hi, Liz How youre getting in your new
B : Oh did You ? What is 1(..)? job?
A : Hes at University. B : Not bad. It wasnt so good at first, but
B : 2(.) studying ? things are getting better now.
A : Psychology A : What about Jonathan? Is he OK?
B : 3()? B : Yes, but 4()
A : Yes. He says its a very good course. A : Hes been in the same job for a long
time and 5(.) to get bored with it.
d. Translate the conversation below into Indonesian.

Zaky : I am flying to Lampung tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I am going with Garuda.
Mira : Have a nice flight, Zak. Don't forget to bring something from Lampung, will you?
Zaky : Well, I hope I don't forget that. In Lampung, I am also being taken to several places of interest like
Moetoen beach and Tanjung Setia beach in West Lampung.
Mira : Goody! You are being treated so nicely. When I was there, no one took me there.
Zaky : Let me tell you one more thing. I am staying in Sheraton Hotel there.
Mira : By the way, are you doing anything special this evening?
Zaky : Yes, that's right. My wife, my children, and I are going to the cinema this evening.
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