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Date: 12/06/2015

Greetings from FIITJEE!


We are happy to let you know that we have always been working on ramping up our standards so that
we can make our students achieve nothing but the best. This year we are taking CULT METAMORPHOSIS
to the next step towards bringing success. Year after year, students who get good scores in JEE prove
that the only way to achieve success is to be sincere in solving the study material, Archive and other
specialized material prepared by FIITJEE. To ensure that each and every child is solving the entire study
package and other books given by FIITJEE in a systematic manner, we have prepared Concept Cluster

Concept Cluster Sheets will help students identify all assignment problems to be solved from a cluster of
Concepts. This sheet will list all the questions (of a particular Concept cluster) in the study material,
Archive, and other material given by FIITJEE. Solving all the problems specified in the concept cluster
sheet immediately after the completion of concepts in the class will help a student to improve his/her
ability to understand and solve problems. The concepts are clustered (grouped very carefully) in such a
way that the concepts in the sheet, will be covered by a FIITJEE faculty in a weeks time approximately.
These Cluster sheets are handed over to your ward and our faculty have explained how to utilize them
effectively. In case your ward is not clear please ask him to get in touch with his/her respective teacher.

As per this plan of CULT METAMORPHOSIS each and every student should complete the target of that
particular week and submit it to the teacher. It is natural that the students may have some doubts when
they attempt to solve the problems. It is very crucial that we extend our support to the students in
clearing their doubts. Hence it has been decided to extend faculty support by conducting special Doubt
Removal classes in the name of Remedial Classes from 4.30p.m onwards. The same teacher who
teaches that batch will clear the doubts of the students in these extended hours.

We hope you will understand the importance of these classes and ensure that your ward takes full
benefits out of it. Missing these classes may lead to a huge loss in performance of your ward. So we once
again request you to ensure that your ward attends these classes. Exact Schedule of the classes will be
notified through Time Table.

Please check if your child has submitted his/her weekly assignments to the AO coordinators. Encourage
your child to attend the remedial classes and gain better and clearer insight of the subjects taught.