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Rules and Regulations

of the International Contest for Young Film Music Composers


The idea of this International Contest for Young Film Music Composers Young Talent Award
2017 is to make it possible for young composers (under 35 years of age) to create soundtracks
for exceptional high-class film materials, to present their skills to an international multi-
thousand audience and to give them a real opportunity to develop their careers in the
international film industry. The best Contest Participants selected by the jury will have an
opportunity to take part for free in Master Classes workshops for young composers led by the
best specialists, creators and producers of film industry. In 2017 the FMF Master Classes will
take place between 15th and 21st of May. The Contest is an initiative of the Krakow Festival

1. The organiser of the International Contest for Young Film Music Composers, hereinafter
referred to as the Contest, to be carried out on the terms and conditions specified below, is
the Krakow Festival Office with its registered office in Krakow, 31-311, ul. Wygrana 2,
entered into the register of cultural institutions kept by the City of Krakow under no. 19,
NIP (Tax Identification Number): 676-17-87-436, REGON (National Business Registry
Number): 351210040, hereinafter referred to as KBF.
2. The Contest is financed by the Organiser.

Objectives of the Contest
1. Selecting talented composers of the youngest generation and presenting their works to a
wider audience, including the representatives of the domestic and foreign film industry at
the 10th Krakow Film Music Festival, hereinafter referred to as the Festival.
2. Activating young composers and enabling them to make their debuts in international events.
3. Promoting young composers in the film industry.
4. Integrating the circles of young composers and young filmmakers.
5. Giving the broader public an opportunity to become familiar with the output of young

Rules of participation
1. The Contest is open to individual participants (natural persons), provided that the given
individual participant, hereinafter referred to as the Contest Participant, is of legal age, has
full capacity to enter into legal transactions, and was born after 16th of February 1982 at the
moment of submitting the contest application.
2. Each Contest Participant may submit only one application.
3. The Winners of past editions of the Contest cannot participate in the current edition.
4. The Participants task is to compose music, hereinafter referred to as the Composition, for
a fragment of the TV series Emerald City hereinafter referred to as the Film. Set up of the
orchestra shall be sent to Contest Participants via e-mail at the address stated in the form.
5. Contest applications shall be accepted between the 16th of February and the 19th of March,
6. In order to enter the Contest, the Participant must:
a. complete the Form at,
b. send it by e-mail to:
7. The Application Forms shall be verified if they fulfill of the requirements of the paragraph
1 and the exclusion pointed out in paragraph 3. Persons that dont meet the requirements or
are subject to exclusion shall be notified by e-mail that they cannot participate in the
8. After positive verification of the application the Contest Participant shall receive the web
link under which they will be able to download the film needed to complete the task
described in paragraph 4. The Participant undertakes to use the available film only for the
purposes of participation in this Contest and not to make it available to third parties.
9. The Contest Participant is obliged to select an emblem (an alias) (at least 4 letter and 2
numbers) in order to maintain his anonymity (not suggesting the personal details,
nationality, sex or age) and to mark his contest works with it. The identity of Contest
Participants shall be disclosed after the jury finishes its session.
10. The Participant should deliver a link to the archive in .zip or .rar format with the name
identical to the composers emblem (e.g.,, emblem.rar) containing three files:
i. a score in PDF format (emblem.pdf)
ii. a MIDI file with music (emblem.mid)
iii. an MP4 or QuickTime video file (emblem.mp4, or emblem.m4v);
11. Compositions and files should be uploaded between the 16th of February and the 19th of
March, 2017.
12. Candidates shall be notified by electronic mail to the address stated in the form whether
their application has been accepted or rejected.
13. All applications will be subjected to a formal & technical verification (1st stage) by the pre-
selection board according to the following rules:
a. Submitted files are in formats stated in point 10 of this here Rules and Regulations
b. No file in the archive shall contain anything that might help to disclose the identity of
the Participant;
c. The score (PDF file) should be of at least A4 size, but not larger than A3 size, written
with a standard notes font in a music notation software on a portrait (vertical) orientated
pages. US Letter i Tabloid formats will be also accepted;
d. The score must include the information if its in C or is transposed.
e. The first page of the score should include the title, the composers emblem, all staffs
with full names of instruments in Italian or English, with an indication of their quantity
and a remark about the number of percussionists. This page should contain the tempo
expressed in numerical form and the accurate timecode of the beginning of music,
exactly as printed on the movie. Bar numbers should appear at least at the beginning of
each new system. Letters and timecode marks must be placed in important
synchronisation points;
f. In the case of a double or larger complement, the number of instruments playing a single
voice must be specified;
g. The following will also be a subject of verification:
i. Notation of accidentals (enharmonic),
ii. Beaming (method of rhythm grouping);
iii. A time devised for a change of instrument or playing technique (i.g. con sordino),
iv. The presence of dynamic and articulation marks;
v. Compliance with the range of instruments and their order in the score, transposition
and correct clefs.
vi. the way of supplying pitches for the choir
h. The MIDI file shall be saved in format 1 (multitrack) and shall contain changes of time
and meter signatures (meter and tempo) at exactly the same points as in the score. This
file does not have to contain the execution of ornaments and fragments difficult to
accomplish in MIDI (e.g. glissandos). The most important thing is the complete time
compatibility with the score;
i. The video file should contain: a video track (H.264) identical to the originally delivered
track as well as stereophonic audio track (AAC, MP3 or PCM 16bit, 48 kHz) consisting
of music mixed with sound effects (SFX).
j. The music should be adjusted to the other audio tracks (dialogs and SFX).
14. Correct delivery of all materials is necessary in order to take part in the Contest. Form and
Works submitted after the 19th of March, 2017 shall not be accepted.
15. Compositions must be created for the Contest and must never be performed in public or
submitted for or presented at any other earlier contest.
16. By taking part in the Contest, the participants also agree to the processing of their personal
data by the Organiser for the purposes of the Contest, in accordance with the conditions
defined in the Personal Data Protection Act of the 29th of August 1997 (Journal of Laws of
2016, item 922), and to use their name, voice and image using by the Organiser for the
purposes of information and publicity for the Contest and Festival, especially using the
materials registered during the Master Classes and the Concert mentioned in section 5
paragraph 1
17. The Contest Participant declares that the work submitted by him for the Contest and all of
their components are the exclusive result of his own actions and do not violate the copyright
or civil rights of third parties. Moreover, the Contest Participant declares not to dispose of
authors copyrights, not to grant any licences for the use of these rights, and not to restrict
the exercise of the authors civil rights until the Contest is concluded.
18. If the creative input of other persons is necessary for creating the contest work, the Contest
Participant undertakes to conclude agreements in writing for transfer of copyright to these
inputs with these persons, which shall also contain the consent to exercise the civil rights,
in the scope specified in these Rules and Regulations.
19. If, as a result of submission of the contest work by the Participant in violation of the
provisions of section 3 paragraph 15, 17 or 18 the use of the contest work by the Contest
Organiser violates the economic or civil rights of third parties, the Contest Participant shall
reimburse the Contest Organiser with all amounts the Contest Organiser had to pay in order
to satisfy the claims of such third parties and shall compensate the Contest Organiser for
any and all damage the Contest Organiser suffers in connection with the exclusion or
limitation of the possibility of using the contest work.
20. Costs of preparation of the contest work for the Contest shall be covered by the Participant.
Costs of the preparation of the instrumental parts for the needs of a concert performance
shall be covered by the Participant.

Contest results and their announcement
1. The assessment of contest works and the selection of the Winner and Finalists shall take
place in two stages:
a. 1st stage formal & technical verification by the pre-selection board according to the
rules stated in 3 point 10.
b. 2nd stage the assessment of contest works selected in the 1st stage by the International
Jury established by the Organiser, according to the following criteria:
i. originality and adequacy of the composing technique and all of the elements of
the musical piece (melodics, diatonic function, cadence, tempo, dynamics,
articulation, tone colour);
ii. possibility of live performance of the Composition by an orchestra;
iii. interesting interpretation of the plot (content) of the film fragment and
appropriate matching of the composition to the film.
2. Within Compositions selected in the 1st stage of the contest the jury will choose until 7th
of April 2017 the Winner, two Finalists and 17 Participants entitled to participate in the
Master Classes, that will take place between 15th and 21st of May 2017. Participation in
the Master Classes shall mean the acceptance of the rules of using audiovisual materials
provided for purposes of the Master Classes by Fine Arts Academy in Krakow. The
information about the results of the Contest will be given via e-mail to the address stated
in the form.
3. The decision of the Contest Jury shall be final and irrevocable.
4. The Contest Organiser reserves the right to reject submitted contest works that are not in
accordance with the purposes and the theme of the Contest.

1. The main prize of the FMF YOUNG TALENT AWARD contest is the statuette and the live
performance of the winning Composition (Contest work) by the orchestra during this years
ALL IS FILM MUSIC-10th FMF Anniversary Gala which shall take place on the 20th of
May, 2017 in TAURON Arena Krakow.
2. Additionally the Organiser will Additionally The Contest Organiser shall grant a purse of
the relevant amount in respect of flat-rate income tax in accordance with Article 30. par. 1
point 2) of the Act of 26th of July, 1991 on personal income tax, (Journal of Laws of
2016, No. 2032, as amended).
3. As of the day of the announcement of results of the Contest, the Winner grants his consent
to the public performance of the Composition according to paragraph 1. The Winner shall
make every effort to prepare the Composition for the needs of concert performance. In
addition, the Winner expresses his free consent, unlimited both in terms of time and
territory, to the use of the public performance of the Composition recorded during the years
ALL IS FILM MUSIC-10th FMF Anniversary Gala for the purposes of information,
promotion, reportage and archiving in all fields of use known on the day of the
announcement of results of the Contest, in particular on websites of the Organiser, its
sponsors, partners and media patrons.
4. The Contest Organiser shall provide accommodation to the Winner and two Finalists during
the Festival from the 15th till the 21st of May, 2017. In addition, the Contest Organiser shall
bear costs of the Winners travel (economy or 2nd class, travel by train, plane or bus) to the

Final provisions
1. Any decisions with respect to any and all matters not regulated herein shall be made by the
Contest Organiser.
2. Submitting an application Form for the Contest shall mean the acceptance of the content of
these Rules and Regulations.
3. All questions regarding the Contest must be sent to:
4. These Rules and Regulations have been prepared in two language versions: Polish and
English. In the case of any doubts as to the provisions of these Rules and Regulations, the
Polish version shall prevail.
5. The Contest is not held under the Polish Act of the 29th of January 2004 Public
Procurement Law (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2015, item 2164 as amended).