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Scottish Rite


The Feast of Tishri

Anniversary Class Recognition
September 25, 2010
See page 7 for information


Meals To Cost $5. and Regular Banquets will be $10. beginning
September 2010. MUST purchase ticket.

Albert Pike Memorial Scottish Rite Temple

712 Scott Street
Little Rock, Arkansas
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Statement of Allegiance. The several Bodies
of the Scottish Rite in Little Rock acknowledge and SCOTTISH RITE BANNER
yield allegiance to the Supreme Council of the Thirty Published by the Little Rock Scottish
– Third Degree, the Mother Council of the World, Rite Bodies, Ancient & Accepted Scottish
whose SEE is at Charleston, SC, now sitting in Wash- Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction,
ington, DC of which USA. This publication is published in March,
August and December.
Ill Ronald A. Seale, 33°
Is Sovereign Grand Commander. ROBERT L. SPANGLER, JR., 33°


Presiding Officers (501) 375-5587
Ill Dwane F. Treat, 33° Toll Free 1-888-247-1106
Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Orient of Arkansas Fax (501) 375-5589
Harold L. Gwatney, 33°, G C Email
S.G.I.G.’s Personal Representative Web Site:
Orient of Arkansas
Herman M. Ray, 33° Schedule of Events
S.G.I.G.’s Personal Representative
Valley of Little Rock AUGUST
10 Stated Meeting/Dinner 6:15 pm
Larry D. Berry, 33°
Venerable Master 31 North Central Club
Arkansas Lodge of Perfection SEPTEMBER
6 OFFICE Closed Labor Day
James M. Stanley, Jr, 33° 14 Tuesday Luncheon
Wise Master Stated Meeting/Dinner 6:15 pm
Arkansas Chapter of Rose Croix 25 Feast of Tishri
Harold D. Stringfellow, 33° 30 Ashley Co. Club
Commander Independence Co. Club.
Arkansas Council of Kadosh OCTOBER
C. James Graham, 33° 12 Tuesday Luncheon
Master of Kadosh Stated Meeting/Dinner 6:15 p
Arkansas Consistory #1 29-30 Reunion
Robert L. Spangler, Jr., 33° NOVEMBER
Executive Secretary/Treasurer 9 Tuesday Luncheon
Valley of Little Rock Stated Meeting/Dinner 6:15 pm
25-26 OFFICE Closed Thanksgiving
George R. Franks, Jr., 33° 30 North Central Club
Orient of Arkansas 14 Tuesday Luncheon/Christmas Party
William C. Matthews, 33° Stated Meeting/Dinner 6:15 pm
S.G.I.G.’s Aide 24-27 OFFICE Closed Christmas
Valley of Little Rock 30 Ashley Co. Club
Robert L. Jackson, 33° Independence Co. Club.
S.G.I.G.’s Aide
Valley of Little Rock NCT
Richard L. Hinkle, 33° National Camping Travelers Club
Almoner Masonic Family Camping Club
Valley of Little Rock
Arkansas Ramblin Razorbacks #122
Ed Britland 870-715-0147
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My Brethren,

I hope that his communication finds you doing

well. As we move through the summer and into the
fall, I know that all of us will be very busy getting
ready for the Fall Reunion, which will take place on
Friday, October 29th and Saturday, October 30th, 2010. In the past, our fall reun-
ions have been very productive in bringing in new members. I am sure that all
of us are well aware that we must take advantage of every opportunity to invite
our Master Mason friends to join with us at the Scottish Rite. As always, we are
very proud of the work that has been done by our Membership Committee
Members, but they need our help. Therefore, I am asking every member of the
Scottish Rite to consider yourself as part of the Membership Committee.

I ask that all members and the Membership Committee join together in
making this a successful reunion. I want to express my thanks to Ill Harold
Gwatney, 33°, G C , SGIG’s Personal Representative for the Orient of Arkan-
sas and Ill Herman Ray, 33°, SGIG’s Personal Representative for the Valley of
Little Rock, and my appreciation to all the Officers and the Membership Com-
mittee for their hard work.

May I express my appreciation to each of you for all of your hard work
and your dedication to Scottish Rite Masonry in Arkansas.

I look forward to seeing you at a Masonic function in the very near future.

With the warmest Fraternal regards,

Dwane F. Treat, 33°

Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Arkansas
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Tidings From the Grand Lodge

Hello Brethren,
Since we last visited, R W Tony Oliver, R W Robert Jack-
son, Mary Warren and myself attended the Grand Lodge of Mississippi.
We had great time.
M W James Weatherall, R W Tony Oliver, Mary Warren
and I attended the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North
America at Arlington, Virginia. It was a great honor to represent Arkan-
sas along with the other Grand Masters as we gathered on the front steps
of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial for a photo to celebrate this historic oc-
casion of the Memorial 100th Anniversary on the 278th birthday of George Washington.
Several Grand Lodge officers and myself attended the Grand York Rite of Arkansas An-
nual Joint Session in Little Rock. It was a great session.
I attended the spring Scottish Rite Reunions in Jonesboro, Fort Smith, and Little Rock.
It was great to attend these meetings and to know that the Scottish Rite is doing well.
I would like to thank Illustrious Brother Dwane Treat, 33°, S G I G , for allowing
W Brother Aaron Warren, KCCH, and myself the opportunity to attend the 2010 Scottish
Rite Leadership Conference-Membership through Leadership on April 16-17.
I have visited many Masonic Lodges over the state and have seen a lot of brotherly love
and friendship. I have had the opportunity to attend Saint John’s celebrations in several lodges
and have seen my three rules in practice: 1. Have fun. 2. Learn something. 3. Teach some-
thing. Brothers, remember to support your home lodge with your attendance and your money.
R W Brother Richard Gambill has had two schools of instruction and the attendance
has been very good. When you hear of a school in your area, please attend. We would like to
issue a proficiency card to every Arkansas Mason.
I was visiting my Aunt Kate and she asked me why we did not write down the Masonic
lectures and give them to our new Masons so they could have them to study. I advised Aunt
Kate that we had learned our lectures by mouth to ear every since Masonry had begun. I also
told her of the many lifelong friendships that have developed because of the close bond that
had developed between the candidate and his instructor.
Uncle Noah asked me why we used ritual prayers in opening and closing our blue
lodges. I told Uncle Noah we used ritual prayers in opening and closing our lodges so as not to
offend any brother who may be of a different religion or belief. Uncle Noah asked if there was
any such prayer in the Great Book displayed on our altar. I asked Uncle Noah to read MAT-
THEW 6: 9-13 in the KJV of the Bible.
In life and in Masonry, many things have different meanings, the FROG for example, is
a creature that is known by everyone, but did you know that broken down it is a very beautiful
phrase: F=forever R=rely O=on G=God.
God Bless
Martin E. Warren
2010 Grand Master
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Scottish Rite Luncheons will start back on September 14, 2010,
at 12:00 noon and the price is $5.00 per person. The Luncheons are
scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, September through
May. Please make plans to attend one or all of our Luncheons, and
bring a guest!
On September 25, 2010, we will celebrate the Feast of Tishri. I
know that the Venerable Master Ill Larry D. Berry, 33°, has a program
planned for us on that date. We will recognize our 2010 Anniversary
Class. Please make your reservation as soon as possible by using the
form enclosed in this issue of the “Banner”. Brethren, please check to make sure your dues are
current for 2010.
The Little Rock Scottish Rite presented 2 ROTC and 17 JROTC Education and Ameri-
canism Awards this year. The Valley of Little Rock Scottish Rite thanks those individuals who
made the presentations at the various award banquets.
Our Fall Reunion, scheduled for October 29 and 30, 2010, will be a two-day reunion.
We need your help to procure the petition of every worthy Master Mason in the State of Arkan-
Don’t forget that you can make a memorial in lieu of flowers to the Arkansas Scottish
Rite Foundation with the funds to benefit the Temple Preservation Fund or our RiteCare Cen-
ters. If you haven’t already done so, you can include us in your Will.
Special thanks to Beverly, Dick Hinkle, Larry Glover, John Penrod and the Knights of
St. Andrew for all their hard work that they do for us.
I wish to announce the retirement of our janitor, John Handy, on July 31, 2010, who for
30 years gave his devotion to the Albert Pike Memorial Temple. Thank you for your dedicated
service and May God Bless You.

Ill Robert L. Spangler, Jr., 33°

Executive Secretary
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The Knights of Saint Andrew

Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love
Remember the first time you heard about friendship, morality and
brotherly love in the Lodge? Right from the very beginning of our travels in
Freemasonry, the WM told us about cardinal principles and Masonry’s most
important tenets. Throughout the Degrees of the Blue Lodge and almost immediately in the Lodge
of Perfection of the Scottish Rite1, we are taught of a duty we owe to our Brethren to practice
friendship, morality and brotherly love. Seizing on one of God’s most important lessons2, we are
taught as Masons to instill these tenets in our hearts and practice them in our daily lives with all
mankind, especially our Brother Masons. Are these tenets firmly lodged in your heart?
What is your reaction when someone asks, “Did you hear what James did?” It is a statistical
fact that the overwhelming majority of “rumors” or information that people share about another in-
dividual are neither flattering nor complementary, and more often than not, the information shared
is not “known” to be true. Honestly, how many times have you said, “No, what did he do?” Worse
yet, having acquired such information, how many times have you yielded to temptation and shared
it with someone else? We typically justify this breach of conduct by convincing ourselves that we
did not engage in “gossip” or rumor-mongering: we simply shared what had been related to us. We
convince ourselves that repeating is not the same as starting a rumor. True, it is not the same: it is
far worse. It certainly is not the practice of friendship, morality or brotherly love.
Being a true friend carries with it tremendous responsibility. Taking the high-road and main-
taining a consistent moral standard in our daily lives is hard work, and a full time job. The practice
of true brotherly love creates a bond so strong it resembles that devotion between a parent and a
child. Practicing these tenets will sometimes draw criticism from others, with cries of “lighten-up”
or “what a fuddy-dud.” However, a real friend does not share (offer or accept) information about
another that he has not personally verified as being absolutely true; the practice of a high standard
of morality does not allow you to speak of a friend unless that information is honorable; and broth-
erly love means that you defend the honor and integrity of those you love by breaking the chain that
allows rumors to spread by not engage in discussions about someone who is not present to defend
Practicing friendship, morality and brotherly love is really quite easy: simply treat every man
as if he were your son; every woman (not your wife) as if she were a daughter. How many people
do you hear talking about their children in a negative manner? Or discussing their family’s faults
and fallacies in public? How many listen to another talk about their children in a negative manner
without interceding?
As we pursue more light and scale the lofty heights of Freemasonry, let us not forget those
fundamental lessons we learned so early in our Masonic careers. By fixing in our heart and proudly
practicing friendship, morality and brotherly love we can have an immediate, positive impact on our
quality of life and an improved relationship with our fellow man. Try it: you’ll like it!
A.A.S.R., 6th Degree, Confidential Secretary
Holy Bible, KJV, Romans 12:10: Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one
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Arkansas Lodge of Perfection #1

The Annual Observance of the Feast of Tishri
Date: September 25, 2010
Time: 5:00 P.M.—7:00 P.M.
Cost: $10.00 per Plate
Children under 12 Free
The Feast of Tishri is a celebration of thanksgiving for the many blessings we
have received during the past year. We will recognize our 2010 anniversary
classes. Dinner will begin at 5:00 p.m. in the Main Dining Room, followed by the
program in the auditorium and conclude by 7:00 p.m.
Please complete the form below and return to us by
September 8th if you plan to attend. For questions you may call the office at (501)
375-5587 or 1-888-247-1106.
Yes, I plan to attend. Number in Party

Amount Enclosed:
Anniversary Classes 2010
If your class date falls during any of the years listed below your anniversary
is being celebrated in 2010.
1940 - 1945 - 1950 - 1955 - 1960 - 1965 - 1970 - 1975 - 1980 - 1985 - 1990
Geographical Listing - Spring Reunion Initiates – April 30th and May 1st, 2010
Bryant Hope North Little Rock
Heath Alan Lockley James Wesley Mc Raven Darrell Eugene Dean
Damascus Hot Springs Rogers
Donald Gene Hensley Chad M. Johnson Lyle Virden Shelor
Dover Leslie Sheridan
John Alden Mays Carl E. Nelson Mark Eric Henson
Hamburg Little Rock Sherwood
Erwin Jackson Turner Charles Nelson Bridges Michael Glenn Parrott
Harrison Monticello Texarkana
George Grant Copeland Michael G. Layfield Clinton S. Thomas
Brian Paul Skender
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In Memoriam
Virtus Junxit—Mors Non Separate
―Whom Virtue has united, Death will not separate‖
Martin J Armbrust Jr Charles C Gerren Max W Koehler Jr George E Selman
Ellis A Benton William A Gray Robert J Lancaster Aubrey M Smith
Waldemar D Brian Paul J Graziani Dewey G. Luzader John W Smith
Richard L Cavitt Travis L Hadaway Lloyd R Lynch Jr Willard A Solomon
Roy A Cearley Kenneth L. Harris Paul E Moore Floyd A Stephenson Jr
Richard L Copeland Jason Hobbs John R Owen Kenneth E Story
Cyrus W Crowly Alta Holloway Jr, KCCH Carl S Pettit Bob Suitt, KCCH
Glenn M De Han, KCCH Louis W Huff Harold H Rounds Jr Victor J Wallace
Norman A Doughty William V Hunter Willis T Sanders Bennie D Wilson
Fay E Edwards Sr Eugene S Kennedy Robert D Scott Lloyd V Woodard
Austin B Ellis John L B Kientz Eric P Scruggs, Jr O'Neil Woods
The above deaths have occurred or have been reported to
us since our last issue through July 8, 2010

Auditorium Chair Fund

The following list is the name(s) of those who have contributed to the Arkansas Scottish
Rite Foundation/Auditorium Chair Fund to name a chair(s) in the Albert Pike Memorial
Temple Auditorium since our last issue. All proceeds are used for the restoration of our
beautiful Temple. Of 771 chairs available, 351 have been purchased as of June 23, 2010.

If you are interested in naming a chair in the auditorium, please fill out the order form below
and mail to the Scottish Rite Bodies, 712 Scott St., Little Rock, AR 72201. The cost per seat
is $250.00. Please make check payable to Arkansas Scottish Rite Foundation. Contribu-
tions are tax exempt within IRS rules.
Donor’s Name
Donor’s address
Name on Chair


If you have a Daughter, Grand Daughter or Great Grand Daughter between
the ages of 15—17 and would like for them to be the Goddess of Liberty.
Please contact John Penrod at the Scottish Rite Office to have her name
added to the list. Name may be added at birth or at any age up to 17.
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Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Of Freemasonry

Orient of Arkansas, Valley of Little Rock
Petition of
(Please print or typewrite full name here)
Street No. or P.O. Box and city and state to which mail is to be sent - Zip code - County

Home Phone Business Phone Cell Phone

Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Email Address
Wife’s Name
My occupation is or was:
(State fully occupation or kind of business engaged in) (if retired, state last occupation)
Blue Lodge Lodge No. At or near
(city or town)
under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of
Have you ever petitioned for any Scottish Rite Degrees?
I believe in the inculcation of patriotism, respect for law and order and undying loyalty to the Constitution of
the United States of America. The entire separation of church and state and opposition to every attempt to ap-
propriate public moneys— federal, state or local directly or indirectly, for the support of sectarian or private
Office Use Only
The total fees from 4° thru 32° are $150.00 payable at the time of taking the degrees. Date Received
This Includes the 14° ring pyramid, the English Patent from the Supreme Council, dues Date Elected
for the current year and a copy of “A Bridge to Light”
Amount Received
With Petition


Make check payable to SCOTTISH RITE BODIES. VISA and


Sign Here ► Date:

(Sign name in full—first name, middle name, if any, and last name—do not use initials)

Recommended By: (Two Masons of the Rite, or W.M. and Secretary of Blue Lodge under seal)
Address/ Phone #:
Address/ Phone #:

Robert L. Spangler, Jr., 33°, Secretary, Phone 501-375-5587, 1-888-247-1106, Fax 501-375-5589 ,
712 Scott Street, P.O. Box 2139, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
Page 10 Scottish Rite Banner
Of Arkansas 2010 - 2011 Officers
700 Scott Street, Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone 501-374-6408

M W Grand Master Martin Eugene Warren 501-362-9933

R W Deputy Grand Master Myles A. Oliver 501-868-9289
R W Grand Senior Warden
R W Grand Junior Warden Robert L. Jackson 501-758-4941
M W Grand Treasurer Ronald Hedge, PGM
M W Grand Secretary Darwin D. Lloyd, PGM
R W Grand Senior Deacon Jarrod Adkisson 479-582-5087
R W Grand Junior Deacon Don Martin 479-524-8664
R W Grand Lecturer Paul Richard Gammill 870-932-9409
W Grand Orator Aaron Warren 501-513-1211
W Grand Chaplain Ardis Dean 501-206-0767
W Grand Tyler Rubin L. Linder, Jr. 501-796-2686


5101 North Locust, North Little Rock, AR 72116
Phone 501-753-8842
Stated Meeting is 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Tuesday of each month
W. M. Christopher L. Carlock 501-833-3384
S. W. Ralph Sims
J. W. Quinton S. Godsey, III 501-835-5270
Treas. John Parker 501-771-2467
Sec. David Miles 501-961-2209


P.O. Box 7228, Sherwood, AR 72124-7228
Phone 501-758-1137
Stated Meeting is 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Monday of each month
W. M. William Mullins 501-835-8897
S.W. John Williams 501-416-3553
J.W. Carl W. Foreman 501-804-3415
Treas. Bill Culver 501-835-3489
Sec. Harry Hoyt 501-833-0877
S.D. Mike Parrott 501-835-3408
J.D. Jeremy Davis 501-837-6689
Chaplain James A. Dancy 501-833-3085
Tyler Willie Scroggins 501-944-6532


P.O. Box 1645, North Little Rock, AR 72116-1645
34th & Schaer North Little Rock, AR 72118 Phone 501-753-2187
Stated Meeting is 7:30 p.m. on the 1st Friday of each month
M.W. Ronald Campea 501-812-2021
S.W. Drew Shelton 501-940-0439
J.W. Delbert Brewer 501-753-4571
Treasurer Oswald C. Sparks 501-952-0063
Secretary Steven E. Doerr 501-753-5713
S.D. Chris Mitchell 501-351-2134
J.D. Brian K. Wallis 501-554-4267
Tyler Carl L. Gaines, Jr. 501-796-8885
Chaplain Carl L. Gaines, Sr. 501-753-0288


Hwy 107 at Bear Paw Dr., Sherwood, AR 72120
Web Site: Phone 501-413-8181
Stated Meeting: 1st Thursday—Practice: Other Thursdays 7:00 PM
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P.O. Box 30364, Little Rock, AR 72203 Meetings held in Lodge of Perfection Scottish Rite
Stated Meeting on the 4th Tuesday of each month with a meal at 6:15 pm
and the meeting at 7:00 pm
W. M. Max D. Easter
S. W. Angelo G. Coppola
J. W. William E. nowell
Treas. Steve W Williams PM 501-330-2631
Sec. George K. Coffman 501-653-3422
S. D. Preston K. Polson
J. D. Clancy S. McClintock
Chaplain Glen Robinson
Master of Ceremonies Mack S. Walker & Kenneth C. May, III
Tyler Raymond L. Davis


Mabelvale Main St. And Sardis Rd., Mabelvale, AR 72103 501-455-1725
Stated Meeting—1st Thursday, 7:00 p.m.


8400 Pin Oak Dr., Mabelvale, AR 72103 501-562-7484
Stated Meeting—1st Thursday, 7:00 p.m.


1000 West Center Street Beebe, AR 72012 501-882-3687
Stated Meeting-1st Monday


11805 Hinson Road, Little Rock, AR 72212 501-796-3312
Stated Meeting-1st Monday, 7:00 p.m. Practice Wednesday at 7:00 pm


750 West Locust St. Cabot, AR 72023
Stated Meeting is 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Monday of each month
Practice each other Monday at 7:00 pm


1611 Ridge Rd El Paso, AR 72045 501-796-3312
Stated Meeting-1st Monday, 7:00 p.m. Practice each other Monday at 7:00 pm


Box 333, Jacksonville, AR 72078 501-982-5282
Stated Meeting-2nd Tues., 7:00 p.m. & Practice Night Tues,& Thur., 7:00 p.m.
5304 West Markham Little Rock, AR 72205
Stated Meeting-1st Tues., 7:00 p.m


133 West Booth Road—P.O. Box 32, Searcy AR, 72145 501-305-0049
Stated Meeting - 3rd Mon., 7:00 p.m. Practice Night all other Mon., 7:00 p.m.


P.O. Box 7636 Little Rock, AR 72217 Phone 501-888-5603
Stated Meeting is 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Tuesday of each month


P.O. Box 56413, Little Rock, AR 72215 501-372-0553 (Mtg. Nights Only)
Stated Meeting - 1st Tues. , 7:00 p.m.
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Scottish Rite Bodies
P.O. Box 2139
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
Bus: 1-501-375-5587
Fax: 1-501-375-5589