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CP 24

HSE DEPARTMENT Health and Welfare Forms

Health and Welfare Forms

No Form Code
1. First Aider Attendance CP24-HSE-HW-01
2. First Aid Box Inventory (Green) 2018 CP24-HSE-HW-02
3. First Aid Box Inventory (White) 2018 CP24-HSE-HW-03
4. First Aid Box Inventory (White) 2020 CP24-HSE-HW-04
5. First Aid Box Inventory (Old) 2018 CP24-HSE-HW-05
6. First Aid Box Usage Log CP24-HSE-HW-06
7. First Aid Cleaning Checklist CP24-HSE-HW-07
8. Workers Medical History (English - Hindi Translation) and Patient Medical Visit Record CP24-HSE-HW-08
9. Workers Medical History (English - Nepali Translation) and Patient Medical Visit Record CP24-HSE-HW-09
10. Workers Medical History (English - Bengali Translation) and Patient Medical Visit Record CP24-HSE-HW-10
11. Workers Medical History (English - Korean Translation) and Patient Medical Visit Record CP24-HSE-HW-11
12. First Aid Treatment (Non- Work Related Case) CP24-HSE-HW-12
13. First Aid Treatment (Work Related Case) CP24-HSE-HW-13
14. Work Related Case Report CP24-HSE-HW-14
15. Patient Medical Visit Record CP24-HSE-HW-15
16. Weekly Medication Inventory CP24-HSE-HW-16
17. Weekly Equipments/ Consumables Inventory CP24-HSE-HW-17
18. Weekly Basic ALS First Responder Bag Inventory CP24-HSE-HW-18
19. Monthly Medication Inventory CP24-HSE-HW-19
20. Monthly Equipments/ Consumables Inventory CP24-HSE-HW-20
21. Medical Referral Form CP24-HSE-HW-21
22. Medical Surveillance Hazard Risk Exposure Questionnaire CP24-HSE-HW-22
23. Nursing Assessment CP24-HSE-HW-23
24. Chronic Illness Health Monitoring Record CP24-HSE-HW-24
25. Patient Vital Signs Monitoring Record CP24-HSE-HW-25
26. Monthly Trending Analysis Work Related Case CP24-HSE-HW-26
27. Monthly Trending Analysis Non - Work Related Case CP24-HSE-HW-27
28. Workplace Hygiene Inspection Checklist CP24-HSE-HW-28
29. Tool Box Meeting Report CP24-HSE-HW-29
30. AED and O2 Inventory CP24-HSE-HW-30

Prepared by:

Mr. Lemuel C. Candelasa

CP24 Nurse

Approved by:

Mr. Thomas Anthony Feeney

HSE Manager