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TENDER NO: 0300334


General Technical Documents

1 Past experience
2 Equipment and Facilities
3 Audited Account
5 Insurance
6 Supplier Qualification Questionnaire
7 Certificate of Incorporation
8 Form Co2
9 Form Co7
10 VAT Certificate
11 Human Right Policy
12 NMA CHESM Evaluation
Questionnaire/HSE Documents
13 NCEC Certificates
14 Nigeria content
15 Vessel specification sheet
16 Evidence of vessel ownership
17 MoU
18 Certificates of registration
19 NCDMB vessel categorization
20 Evidence of vessel availability
Main Characteristic
1 Year Built Not more than 10 years
2 Flag Nigeria
3 Cabotage Full compliance with Nigeria Cabotage
4 Length 30m to 40m
5 Breadth 10m to 12m
6 Draf Full loaded max. draf range: 4.5m to 4.9m
Light draf range: 3m to 3.5mm
7 Performance Rated Economic speed: approx. 10knots
Rated full speed approx.: 13knots
8 Fuel consumption Max. 12m3 /day at full speed
9 Class Class certificates IACS approved LRS, ABS, DNV or
BV with the following notifications (example) 100
UMS/Unrestricted navigation/FIFI 1
10 Bollard pull Range 60-70T
11 Bollard pull certificated Less than 5 years old and for ahead and astern pull
12 IMCA Company to be member of IMCA
Propulsion Machinery
13 Marine diesel engine 2x2500-3000 BPH Preferably diesel electric engines
14 Bow thruster 1x200-300 BHP bow thruster
Engine exhaust Must be fitted with silencer and spark arrestor
Engine control room Enclosed engine room control space, air
conditioned with remote engine controls
Generators Min. of two (2) Main generators sufficiently rated
to support all electrical equipment and be able to
be parallel
Harbor/Emergency Generator sufficient output for domestic use,
generator harbor/emergency use and able to support all
hotel services onboard including Air Conditioning

Water maker Water maker with the capacity yp replenish vessels

day consumption
Propulsion 2 ASD propellers
Propeller rope cutters Rope cutter shall be installed on each propeller

Bulk equipment
Fuel oil capacity AGO capacity range of 100-200m3 with capacity to
transfer to another vessel/installation via flow
Fuel oil separator AGO separator of 5,000 liters per day minimum
Fuel meter and Installed dedicated non by-passable flow meter
monitoring system with print out and certificate and equipped with an
electronic web based fuel monitoring system
Lube oil Capacity of LO tank shall be sufficient for 1
complete oil change of all units. Lube tank shall
have valves and plugs to transfer/ fill from drums
Potable water capacity Capacity range of approx. 40-80m3
TODO Fittings AGO connections should be of a TODO types
Foam 10m3 holding tank
Detergent 10m3 holding tank

Tow winch Electric or hydraulic; 2 speed single drum winch.
Wire spooling gear fitted. Emergency tow release
mechanism required. Tow line load monitoring
with wheelhouse monitoring 150t brake holding
with adjustable rendering line pull up to 20 m/min
@ 20m/t, 6m min. @ 70 m/t, 800m wire drum
Bow tow winch Electric or hydraulic driven two speed split drum
heavy duty towing winch. Wire spooling gear
fitted. 150t brake holding with adjustable
rendering. Line pull up to 20 m.min @ 20m/t.
6m.min @70m/t. Must be independent capstan or
integrated warping heads and means to handle
and stow towing stretcher and pennant.
Emergency tow release mechanism required. Tow
line load monitoring with wheelhouse monitoring
400m wire drum capacity

Forward towing staple Adjustable size to allow passage of gear including

(fairlead), bullnose, shackles, towing stretcher and pennant wire.
roller chock etc. Bullnose radius shall be faired to avoid chafing and
damage to gear and designed to industry standard
Capstan/Tug winch 1x5T electric driven on main deck
Tow pins/ sharks jaw 1 set of 250T with remote control from bridge
Stern roller 1x 3.8 meter x 1.4meter at 200T
Storage reel Adequate to hold spare tow wire
Quick release Tow winches to be furnished with quick release
mechanism with remote control from bridge
Tension meter Tow winches to be fitted with tension wire meter
Deck lashing lugs Mini. Of five (5) lashing lugs, flush with deck of 5
ton SWL shall be welded on each side of the main
deck and on center line for securing of deck
Deck strength 1.5 ton per square meter min.

Anchore equipment 2x360kg HHP with suitable windlass and sufficient

Fendering Adequate D-fendering on side with W-block bow
Surfer boat landing One removable, adequate size surfer boat landing

Fire Fighting System Class FI-FI 1

Fi-Fi Fire Fighting Class 1
Fi-Fi monitors Two each remote controlled water and foam
monitor to comply with class requirements.
Monitor shall have 180 degree unobstructed
swinging range.
Paint and chemical 2 dedicated lockers ventilated and have a fixed fire
storage lockers system protected as per class requirements

Accommodation 2X1 cabins ( to have their own wash basin)
Accommodation 3x4 crew(to have 2 toilets, 3 wash basin and 2
Air conditioning All accommodations. State rooms and bridge
Crew requirements Qualification as per STCW


Bilge water oil separator As per MARPOL
Dirty oil recovery tank Oil accumulation for 2 months continuous
operations and dedicated discharge pump system
Sewage plant As per MARPO
Dispersant booms 2 booms

Deck powe 220V power
Emergency lighting 24DC back-up battery system
Tannoy system All stations in accommodation and separate system
for main deck
Gyro Min. of one gyro compass with repeater at each
maneuvering station
Radar One daylight ARPA radar`s and one radar equip
with automatic identification system
Searchlights Two each, 2000 watt halogen
VHF radio Fixed station to marine multi channel
programmable min. of 3 portable VHF radio.
Intrinsically safe multi marine channel