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August 4, 2010– (Vol. XI, No.


U.S. Watch U.S.: How many private jobs in July?

This week’s most important economic indicator ISM combo index of job creation vs. Planned firings (Challenger survey)
will undoubtedly be the July employment report, actual private payroll
to be released on Friday morning. A stronger than
thousands (m/m change) index workers
expected private job creation (expectations 400 56 260,000 …while planned firing in
Combo index* July were still hovering
currently stand at +90K) would help calm fears 300 54 240,000
(right) close to their 2006 lows
about the sustainability of U.S. growth 200 52 220,000
consumption going forward. In this regard, the 100 50 200,000
latest indicators seem to be encouraging. One the 0 48 180,000
one hand, job cuts are hovering close to their -100 46 160,000
2006 lows according to the Challenger survey, a -200 44 140,000
57% drop on a twelve-month basis. On the other -300 The July ISM reports 42 120,000
hand, the latest ISM surveys showed revealed the highest 100,000
-400 40
improvements on the labour front. The ISM employment index since
-500 the onset of recession… 38 80,000
manufacturing employment index increased to
-600 36 60,000
58.6 in July while the non-manufacturing index Private payrolls
-700 34 40,000
reached its highest level since December 2007. (left)
As today’s Hot Charts shows, our ISM combo -800 32 20,000

index of job creation just reached its highest -900 30 0

07M01 07M07 08M01 08M07 09M01 09M07 10M01 10M07 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
reading since the onset of recession, slightly
above 52. Let’s hope for a more than 100K * The combo index is a weighted average of the employment components of the ISM
private job creation in the U.S economy for July. (weighted 85% non-manufacturing and 15% manufacturing)
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Stéfane Marion, Chief Economist and Strategist

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