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Incidental Sample = Convenience sample

SAT and GRE are samples of fixed reference group scoring systems

Coefficient of correlations is an index of strength of relationship between two things

Cut scores
are numerical reference points used to classify

Race norming
is the controversial practice of norming on the basis of race or ethnic background

is generating or deriving norms

particular group of test takers to be used for comparison

Reliability coefficient
is an index of reliability that reflects the ratio between the true score variance on a test and
the total variance (true score & total score)

refers to the component which does not have anything to do with the ability being measured

"Not the ultimate fact in the book of the recording angel." means test
variance due to true variance as opposed to error may never be known

As test length increases, reliability increases

Degree of correlation among all of the items on the scale
is referred to as inter-item consistency
may be estimated by KR-20
may be estimated by Rulon Formula

The difference between speed test and power test
is the time allotted for completion of the items

Face Validity
is also known as the Rodney Dangerfield of psychometric variables

Criterion Contamination is itself based. at least in part. behavior. values. Regression used to predict how one variable may predict another X (predictor) to Y (predicted) . characteristic. and worldview. identity. or attribute Tools of measurement must not be blamed for group differences Pilot work is necessary to evaluate the utility of including specific items A Likert Scale is a sample of summative scale Guttman scale are made so that they range sequentially from weaker to stronger expressions Ipsative scoring means that the strength of various needs of the test taker may be compared to the strength of the other needs of the same test taker Factor Analysis is most useful in determining whether different items on a test are measuring the same thing Test revision applies to both new and existing tests State refers to the transitory exhibition of a personality trait Nomothetic approach to assessment is characterized by efforts to learn how a limited number of traits apply to all people Culturally sensitive psychological assessment is an approach to evaluation that is responsive to issues of acculturation. on predictor measures Hit rate is the proportion of people accurately identified by a test as having a particular trait.

Test tryouts 4.Multiple regression 2 (X) predictor for 1 (Y) predicted Meta-Analysis Combine information across studies to produce single estimates of the stats being studied STEPS in TEST CONSTRUCTION 1.scale -item pool -item format (selected-response. Test analysis 5. Test revision . Test Construction . Test conceptualization -pilot work 2. constructed-response) 3.