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Contract Brief A Shadowrun mission

Scene A setting and timeframe within a Contract Brief
Turn A round of Narrations starting with GM
Narration A description of the current characters actions and thoughts
Action/Attack An Action or Attack that requires a Test

During Your Narration

1. Build on a previous Narration or Plot Point; Yes, and
2. What are you thinking?
3. What are you doing?
4. What is happening around you? Perception Test: Logic + Willpower
5. Who narrates next?

1 Movement (Close to Near = 1 move, Near to Far = 3 moves)
1 Attack Action

Skill Dice + Attribute Dice [+ Modifiers + Shadow Amps]

Vs. Opposing Dice

Consider All Assistance, Effects, Environment, Injuries, Qualities, or Range modifiers.
Multiple Targets -2 to attack two targets at half damage each (rounded down).
Forfeit Effect -2 to forfeit a Shadow Amp effect (AA, AoE, Extra Effect or Damage).

Shadow Amps
Add/Subtract a number of extra dice.
Reroll a number of failed/successful dice.

Edge Effects
Before Test Add +1 extra die and count 4, 5, and 6 as hits.
After Test Reroll all failed dice.

Plot Points (Im going to)

Live Dangerously Add a Glitch Die to a roll (1 = Glitch, 5-6 = Exploit).
Shake it up Take a Narrative out of sequence.
Double-Time it Take two Movements.
Surprise Threat! Add an unseen threat to the Scene.
First Aid/Fix Recover a point of Armor, Matrix, Stun, or Physical damage.
Frag it/Jam it Place a device/spirit/weapon/etc. on Cooldown (may not use this Turn).
Take the Hit Defend against an attack instead of a Close ally.
Get Revenge Attack an NPC that just attacked you.
Ignore Cooldown Take an action that is on Cooldown.
Get/Give a Clue Ask for a Narration suggestion or give one.
Never Give up Resist an action warranted by a Negative Quality.
Flashback (2) (Special) Shake it up plus Live Dangerously to narrate a Flashback.
Montage (Special) Get a clue from each player to narrate a Montage.
Examples of Living Dangerously

Weapon Attack (Suppressing Fire)

Exploit Target(s) Narrates last on next Turn.
Glitch Jam/Out of Ammo Weapon on Cooldown.

Weapon Attack (Called Shot)

Exploit Increase damage by half or bypass Armor.
Glitch Graze Half damage.

Defense (Dive for Cover)

Exploit Graze Half damage.
Glitch Prone Lose Movement next Narration.

Sorcery/Tasking (Overcasting/Overthreading)
Exploit Increase damage by half or increase effect by 1.
Glitch Drain/Fading Take 1 Stun damage.

Technical Skill (Jury-Rig)

Exploit Increase effect of gear/drone by 1 temporarily.
Glitch Gear/drone is on Cooldown for remainder of Scene.

Piloting Skill (End Run)

Exploit Escape a chase scene by pulling off a stunt.
Glitch Out of Control Drone or Vehicle crashes.


Overwatch, Distraction, and Drain/Fading

Sustaining Host Access (Overwatch)

Rolling a Glitch in a Host launches appropriate Intrusion Countermeasures (IC).
Host Level 1 1 Mark; No Overwatch.
Host Level 2 2 Marks; Roll 1 Overwatch (Glitch Die) after Narration.
Host Level 3 3 Marks; Roll 2 Overwatch (Glitch Die) after Narration.

Sustaining Effect Spell or Complex Form

Amp Level 1-2 No Distraction.
Amp Level 3-4 Distraction (-2) to Magic or Resonance Tests.
Amp Level 5 + Distraction (-2) to all Tests.

Spellcasting or Threading
Amp Level 1-4 No Drain/Fading.
Amp Level 5 + After Test, suffer Drain/Fading Take 1 Stun damage.

Summoning or Compiling
Lesser/Simple No Drain/Fading.
Average/Basic After Test, suffer Drain/Fading Take 1 Stun damage.
Greater/Advanced After Test, suffer Drain/Fading Take 3 Stun damage.
Weapon Attack
Test Weapon Skill + Agility vs. Agility + Logic
Damage Weapon damage or [Strength/2]S; net hits increase damage.

Spell Action
Test Sorcery + Willpower vs. 8 (average) or Resist [Type] Test
Effect Add an effect; one effect sustained at a time.

Spell Attack
Test Sorcery + Willpower vs. A + L, or S + W, or Sorcery + Willpower (Take the Hit)
Damage 6P or 5S/AA; net hits increase damage; AA = net hits bypass armor instead.

Matrix Action
Test Hacking + Logic vs. 8 (average) or Logic + Firewall (Matrix only)
Effect Control a device, file, program, or signal; place Mark on Host (1-3 needed).

Matrix Attack
Test Hacking + Logic vs. Logic + Firewall (Matrix only)
Damage [Logic/2]S; net hits increase damage.

Threading Action
Test Tasking + Logic vs. 8 (average) or Logic + Firewall (Matrix only)
Effect Add an effect; one effect sustained at a time.

Threading Attack
Test Tasking + Logic vs. Logic + Firewall (Matrix only)
Damage 5S; net hits increase damage.

Dispel Action
Test Sorcery + Willpower vs. Sorcery + Willpower (spell effect only)
Effect End a spell effect.

Astral Attack
Test Astral Combat + Willpower vs. Logic + Willpower (astral only)
Damage Spell damage or [Charisma/2]S; net hits increase damage.

Summon Action
Test Conjuring + Willpower vs. 6 (lesser), 8 (average), 12 (greater)
Effect Summon a spirit; one spirit sustained at a time.

Banish Attack
Test Conjuring + Willpower vs. Willpower + Willpower (spirits only)
Damage [Willpower]S; net hits increase damage.

Compile Action
Test Tasking + Logic vs. 6 (simple), 8 (basic), 12 (advanced)
Effect Compile a sprite; one sprite sustained at a time.

Decompile Attack
Test Tasking + Logic vs. Logic + Logic (sprites only)
Damage [Logic]S; net hits increase damage.
Lifting/Breaking Strength + Strength Perception Logic + Willpower
Falling Strength + Agility Remembering Logic + Logic

Catching Agility + Agility Resisting Matrix Logic + Firewall*

Dodging Agility + Logic *Technomancer Logic + Logic

Resisting Physical Willpower + Strength Judging Intent Charisma + Charisma

Resisting Mental Willpower + Logic
Resisting Social Willpower + Charisma Lucking Out Edge + Edge

Scaling Defense for Advanced Skillsets

Players may use an Attribute-related Skill in lieu of an Attribute for a Skilled Defense Test. Examples:
Close Combat + LOG to defend vs. melee attacks.
Acrobatics + LOG to defend vs. melee attacks.
Astral Combat + LOG to defend vs. attacks from spirits.
Athletics + LOG to defend vs. ranged attacks when running.
Stealth + LOG to defend vs. ranged attacks when concealed.
Pilot Ground + LOG to defend vs. ranged attacks when piloting.
Hacking + Firewall (or LOG) to defend vs. cybercombat attacks when in VR (Technomancer).
After using a Skilled Defense, the player narrates last on the next Turn.


Staggered, Knocked Out, Bleeding Out and Killed in Action

Characters with full Stun or full Physical Condition Monitors are Staggered. Staggered characters:
May take a knee or fall prone (players choice); maintain skill or ongoing effects (GMs choice).
May not take Narrations but may spend Plot Points.
Who take further Stun damage are Knocked Out (regardless of which CM is full).
Who take further Physical damage are Knocked Out and, if their Physical CM is full, are also
Bleeding Out.

Bleeding Out: Make a Very Easy (4) Strength + Willpower Test at the end of every Turn, until healed.
Success: Character continues Bleeding Out; increase Test difficulty by one step.
Failure: Character is Killed in Action.

Knocked Out: Players may avoid being Knocked Out (healing 1 Stun) by both:
Suffering Disorientation (-1) for next 2 Narrations.
Spending all remaining Plot Points. If a player has no Plot Points to spend, they are Knocked Out.

Killed in Action: Players may avoid being Killed in Action (healing 1 Physical) by both:
Suffering Disorientation (-1) for next 2 Narrations.
Permanently reducing a random Attribute by one (roll a d6). If a characters Attribute would be
reduced to zero, they are Killed in Action.
Roleplay Rewards
Tag Acts as Knowledge Skill
Cue Demonstrate First Time Gain 1 Plot Point
Disposition Demonstrate Two Gain 1 Edge
Disposition Demonstrate Four Gain 1 Karma

Action Difficulty Opposing Dice Simple Hits (NPC Only)

Trivial Automatic Automatic
Very Easy 4 dice 1 hit
Easy 6 dice 2 hits
Average 8 dice 3 hits
Hard 10 dice 4 hits
Very Hard 12 dice 5 hits
o Some extraordinary outcomes may require spending a Plot Point to Live Dangerously.

Environmental Effects
Airless Hold breath for STR/3 Narrations (round up), then 1 Stun per Narration.
Acid 2 Armor or 1 Physical for 2 Narrations or until negated.
Cold 1 Stun and 1 Physical (no Armor).
Electricity 1 Stun and 1 Physical (no Armor).
Falling 2 Physical per floor (no Armor) and Prone.
Fire 2 Armor or 1 Physical for 2 Narrations or until negated.
Gas (hot or toxic) 2 Physical (no Armor).
Lava/Magma You are dead (no save).

FLASHBACK: Stylized Preparation

1) Player spends TWO Plot Points to invoke the Flashback (Shake it up plus Live Dangerously).
2) Describe the purpose and method of the Flashback. Test appropriate Skill and add a Glitch Die.
a) Exploit may refund a Plot Point or have an added positive effect.
b) Glitch may cause Cooldown, Stun or Physical damage, or have an added negative effect.
3) Player narrates Flashback and results but may not negate a Narration that has already taken place.

MONTAGE: Stylized Legwork and Investigation

1) All players spend a Plot Point to invoke the Montage (Get a Clue).
2) Test Charisma + Willpower (for Legwork) or Logic + Willpower (for Investigation).
3) Narrate increasingly successful, non-dialogue, descriptive encounters (lowest to highest net hits).
a) Players may narrate Cue-reasonable violence but there are no further Tests and no combats.
4) Game Master may reveal Cues, Scene locations, NPC information, based on Narrations and net hits.
5) Game Master may reward Plot Point for best Narration.
Environmental Modifiers
Aspect (magic) +3 (strong aspect) to -3 (strong background count)
Attitude (social) +3 (adored) to -3 (hostile)
Concealment -2 (fog or gas, foliage, smoke, etc.)
Cover -1 (crowd) to -3 (barrier)
Darkness -1 (night) to -3 (complete darkness)
Disorientation -1 (dumpshock, staggered, toxins, etc.)
Distraction -2 (astral perception, sustaining a spell, under fire, etc.)
Mobility (vehicle) +3 (very fast) to -3 (very slow)
o Some Environmental Modifiers may be offset by certain gear, magic, or natural ability.

Close Combat Damage Close Near Far Conceal** Multi (-2)
Unarmed Combat (STR/2)S OK -- -- Trivial --
Knife/knucks/spurs (STR/2 + 1)P OK -- -- Very Easy --
Staff/baton/club (STR/2 + 2)P OK -- -- Average --
Sword/axe (STR/2 + 3)P OK -- -- Very Hard --
Stun baton/staff 7S OK -- -- Average --

Firearms Damage Close Near Far Conceal Multi (-2)

Taser/Tranq Pistol 6S or 5S/AA OK -4 -- Very Easy --
Light Pistol 5P OK -2 -- Easy --
Heavy Pistol 6P OK -2 -- Average --
Machine Pistol 6P OK -2 -- Average --
Submachine Gun 6P OK OK -- Hard OK
Assault Rifle 8P -2 OK -2 Very Hard OK
Shotgun 9P OK -2 -- Very Hard OK
Sniper Rifle 9P -4 -2 OK -- --

Projectile Weapons Damage Close Near Far Conceal Multi (-2)

Thrown Weapon (STR/2 + 1)P OK -2 -- Very Easy --
Bow (STR/2 + 1)P -2 OK -- Very Hard --
Crossbow 5P OK -2 -- Very Hard --
Stun Grenade 8S OK* OK* -- Easy AoE
Grenade 12P OK* OK* -- Easy AoE

Heavy Weapons Damage Close Near Far Conceal Multi (-2)

Machine Gun 8P -2 OK OK -- OK
Cannon/Launcher 12P -- OK* OK -- AoE

Gunnery (Use weapon stats above)

*May damage players as well at GM discretion. **May be variable within weapon class.

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