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Sky Lift Inspection Checklist

INSPECTION : Weekly Monthly Unscheduled / Initial

Type / Model Skylift Operator Name Thurairaj

PMA No SW PMA 4349 Competency Validity 10 August 2018
Registration No JMX 6899 Inspection Date
Validity Date 17 JULY 2018 Inspected By & Sign

Inspection Result Good Fair Reject

No Inspection Item Good Defective Remarks

1. Walk around to detect any obvious physical damage
2. General condition is clean and free from waste
3. Safety of all components and parts of machine
4. All fittings and connections
5. Oil level, fuel level, lubrication and water level
6. Operating pressure of air and hydraulic system
7. Operation of all controls without load
o 360 Rotation
o Elongation
o Elevation
o Depression
o Cutback
8. bAutomatic safe load indicator set for correct duty
9. Load radius scale is appropriate to jib configuration
10. All audible warming are operational
11. Engine system is running well
12. Vehicle Brake system is working well
13. The travelling path is clear of any obstruction
14. The operator is healthy
15. The ground condition is safe for machine operation
16. Others (if any)