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B4 THE SUN | trriday, JuIy 14,20tT

children to receive prosthetics through summer progta

A summer program designed to expose students, primarily
from local urban middle and high schools, to basic knowteCge
of anatomy and careers in medical technology will provide
prosthetics to three local children who were Lorn without one
New York youths will be participating in Hand in
- Western
Hand, powered by AT&T designing piosthetic hands using
printers and open source software created by the e_NABLi, an
online global community made up of individuals from all over
the world who are creating free B-D fabricated hands and arms
for those in need of upper limb assistive devices.
Recipients of the hands and arms will be Katelyn McCarthy
9, of Derby who was born without a partial right forearm; l_iam
lilllker 5, of Irving, who was born without a ieft hand; and '$
Caedan Muldoon, 4, of Lackawanna, who was born without a 1f
left arm.
Before the hands can be fabricated, the recipients'needs will
be assessed and their forearms will be measur6d. The students
will also create prosthetic hands to donate to an e-NABLE initia- r{
tive for children in India.
The STEAM-focused program also is designed to expose
students fundamental technology skills in B-D printing, engi_
nggfilc design, computer coding and advanced fabriciiionl m
addition to providing leadership training and service learning.
AT&T and nonprofit WNy STEM crealed this program to
provide an opportunity for local students to see first hand
technology is used to create life-changing solutions.for those
who live with disabilities, and to participate in creating social
ald community good.

Contributed photos
fec_ipients of the prosthetic hnnds, designed by stud.ents in Hund
i.n H-aryd, Powered by AT&f, inpartnership withWIW STEM
include: Kqtelyn McCarthy of Derby, pictired d.irectly aboue, who
is 9 and was born without a partinl rightforearm; fiam nitiiker
aboue top, who is S qnd was born withoui a left hand; and Caedan
Muldoon of Lackawanna, left, who is 4 and was born without q
left arm.