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A substance containing only one type salty water (where the salt is

of atom or one type of molecule is a completely dissolved)

pure substance. Most of the matter brewed tea or coffee
around us, however, consists of soapy water
mixtures of pure substances. Air, a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid
wood, rocks and dirt are examples of hard alcohol wine
such mixtures. Mixtures can be 1. Blood
classified as Homogeneous and 2. Sugar solution when sugar is
Heterogeneous. completely dissolved.
3. Mixture of alcohol & water
Homogeneous Mixtures - 4. A glass of orange juice
Homogeneous Mixtures are uniformly 5.salty water (where the salt is
mixed on an atomic or molecular completely dissolved)
level. These types of mixtures are also 6.brewed tea or coffee
called solutions. Below are a few 7.soapy water
examples of homogeneous mixtures. 8.a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid
9.hard alcohol
They are mixtures in which the parts
do not appear separate and would be
difficult to take apart. heterogeneous s
andy water
Air is a homogeneous mixture carbonated beverage or beer (the
(gaseous solution) of N2, O2, H2O, CO2 gas is mixed with the liquid)
and CO2 gases. In contrast, a orange juice with pulp in it
container of each gas by itself would water with ice cubes in it
be a pure substance. Only when they chicken noodle soup
are mixed on a molecular level are 1. Oil & water.
they a homogeneous mixture (or 2. Soil sample
gaseous solution). 3.sandy water
4.carbonated beverage or beer (the
Brass is a homogeneous mixture (solid CO2 gas is mixed with the liquid)
solution) of copper and zinc. Again juice with pulp in it water
each metal by itself is a pure with ice cubes in it 6.chicken noodle
substance. Only when they are mixed soup
are they a homogeneous mixture (or
solid solution).
Heterogeneous Mixtures - Religious
Heterogeneous mixtures are not Honest
uniformly mixed on an atomic or Loyal
molecular level. The constituents Devoted
appear separate and would be easy to Loving
take apart using some physical Kind
property or properties of the parts of Sincere
the mixture.

For example, Salt and pepper,

chocolate chip cookies, or a Twix Patient
candy bar, ... are all examples of Determined
heterogeneous mixtures, where
substances are not mixed on a
molecular level.
Soda is a heterogeneous mixture
(liquid solution) of H2O, C6H12O6, Cheerful
and a few other substances. Optimistic