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The Miracle of Buto

and the Fluid of Life

Dazzle Star
The Mystery Temple of the Dazzle Star 2010.

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This book contains material for the mystery play “The Twelve Hours of
the Night”. It is part of a collection of Egyptian mystery plays.

Text@ Dazzle Star

Necessities. Golden altar cloth, nest for the falcon( straw),statue of Horus in, sistra for
the sunboat, statue of Horus. Sunmirror, phases of the moon mirrors. Gong, a
representation of the magical stela of Nectanebo in scented water. Scorpion on
the altar

Personnel procession of rising sun (khephri), noonday sun (Ra), setting sun (Tem),
Waxing moon, full moon, waning moon, dark moon. Thoth walks in front of the
procession. Neith, Isis, Selquet, Nephtys around the altar.

Procession walks in very slowly. The sun shakes sistra softly.

They keep processing until the time stops!

The Fluid of Life

Isis I am Isis, and I have come forth from the prison wherein my brother Seth placed

Thoth Isis, thou goddess, more over it is a good thing to hearken, for there is life to one
who shall be guided by the advice of another. Hide thou thyself with thy son the
child. His members shall grow, and two-fold strength of every kind shall spring
up in him. And he shall be made to take his seat upon the throne of his father,
whom he shall avenge, and he shall take possession of the exalted position of
prince of the Two Lands.
Isis Invokation of the Seven Scorpios. Make the hieroglyph for scorpio in every
This is the season of evening
and I call forth the seven scorpios
Behind me are Tefen and Befen,
The scorpion of Blood and the Scorpion of Support
Who helped me at the conception of my child
To my right side I call Mestetef,
The scorpion of blood birth,
At my left side I call Mestet, The scorpion of Birth.
Above me I call Petet, the Scorpion of Heaven

Maatet, the Scorpion of Justice

And Thetet, the Scorpion of the Self
These three scorpions will show me the way.
I cry out to them loudly, loudly...
And they respond to my word like wise men;
O you seven stars of the constellation Scorpion
Upon you, scorpions,
the responsibility for providing a way.

The guardian of the company brings me to the boundaries

of the city of Pa-Sui, the city of the goddesses of the
Divine Sandals, which was situated in front of the
Papyrus Swamps. When I had arrived at the place where
the people lived I came to the houses wherein dwelt the
wives and husbands.


And a certain woman of quality spied me as I was journeying

along the road, and she shut her doors on me. Now she was
afraid because of those scorpions which were with me. Then the

Seven Scorpions took counsel concerning her, and they all at

one time shot out their venom on the tail of the scorpion Tefen;
as for me, the woman Taha opened her door, and l entered into
the house of the miserable lady.

Then the scorpion Tefen entered in under the leaves of the door
stung the son of Usert, and a fire broke out in the house of Usert,
and there was no water there to extinguish it; but the sky rained
upon the house of Usert, though it was not the season for ram.

BehoId, the heart of her who had not opened her door to me was
grievously sad, for she knew not whether her son would live or
not, and although she went round about through her town uttering
cries for help, there was none who came at the sound of her voice.
Now mine own heart was grievously sad for the sake of the child,
and I wished to make to live again him that was free from fault.
There upon I cried out to the noble lady, Come to me. Come to
me. The words from my mouth bring back life. I am a daughter
well known in her town, and I can destroy the demon of death
by the spell which my father taught me. I am his daughter, the
beloved offspring of his body.

Then I placed my two hands on the child in order to make to

live him whose throat was stopped, and said, “0 poison of the
scorpion Tefen, come forth and appear on the ground! Thou
shalt neither enter nor penetrate further into the body of the
child. 0 poison of the scorpion Befen, come forth and appear on
the ground”!

I am Isis, the goddess, the mistress of words of power, and I am

the maker of words of power and I know how to utter words
with magical effect. Hearken ye unto me, 0 every reptile which
possesseth the power to sting, and fall headlong to the ground!
o poison of the scorpion Mestet, make no advance into his
body. 0 poison of the scorpion Mestetef, rise not up in his body.
o poison of the scorpions Petet and Thetet, penetrate not into his
body. 0 poison of the scorpion Maatet fall down on the ground.
I, the goddess, the great mistress of words of power, she who is
at the head of the gods, unto whom the god Geb gave his
own magical spells for the driving away of poison.

At dawn I utter the words '0 poison, get thee back, turn away,
begone, retreat, and added 'Beloved Ra'. At eventide I say; 'the
Egg of the Goose comes forth form the Sycamore.' I speak unto
you, 0 scorpions I am alone and in sorrow which is greater than
that of anyone in the nomes of Egypt.

Do not make love, do not cry out to the fiends, and cast no
glances upon the noble ladies in their houses. Turn your faces
towards the earth and find the road, so that we may arrive at the
hidden places in the town of Khebbit, which is located in the
Swambs of the Bees of Neith. Oh the child shall live and the
poison die! Ra lived and the poison diet!

And the fire which was in the house of Usert was extinguished,
and heaven was satisfied with the utterance of Isis, the goddess.

Neith, Nephtys and Selqet

O Isis, o Isis, come thou to Horus, 0 thou woman of the wise mouth!
Come to thy son for he is as one whom a scorpion hath stung.

Isis (raises the sun hawk) Behold me, behold me, my son Horus, have no fear, have
no fear, 0 son my glory! No evil thing of any kind whatsoever shall happen unto
thee, for there is in thee the fluid of Life which made the things which exist.

Four Mothers
Thou art the son from the birthhouse, thou hast come forth from the
celestial waters Nun, and thou shalt not die by the heat of the poison.
Neith Thou art Great Bennu, who art born in the top of the incense-trees which are in
the House of the Aged One in Anu. Thou art the nursling who dwelleth in the
House of Neith.

Nephtys Thy head shall not fall to the fiend that attacketh thee. Thy members shall not
receive the fire of that which is thy poison.

Thou art Horus, and the poison shall not gain the mastery over thy
members. And the four Mother goddesses shall protect thy members.

Thoth I am he who rolleth up into the sky, and who setteth in the Duat, who setteth
form is in the House of height.

Sun Through whom when he openeth his Eye the light cometh into being, and when
he closeth his Eye it becometh night.

Moon I am the Water-god when I give commands I illuminate the Two Lands, night
betaketh itself to flight, and I shine by day and by night.

Thoth I am he who traverseth the heavens by day and by night without being repulsed.
I have come by reason of the cry of the son of lsis.Verily the scorpion has bitten
Horus, stung in Buto whilst his mother Isis was in the celestial houses making a
libation for her brother Osiris. Horus sends forth his cry into the horizon, and it
is heard by those who are in the heavens.

Sun Thereupon the keepers of the doors who were in the temple of the holy Acacia
Tree start up at the voice of Horus.

Moon And one sent forth a cry of lamentation; Heaven gives the order that Horus gets
healed. Lord of Sleep bring thou the things which are thine to cut off the poison
which is in every member of Horus, the son of Isis, the Fluid of Life!

Thoth Homage to thee, Horus, who comest forth from Osiris, and wast brought forth by
the goddess Isis. I recite thy words of power, I speak with thy magical utterance.
I pronounce a spell in thine own words, to shut the mouth of every reptile which
is in heaven, and on the earth, and in the waters, to make men and women to live,
to make the gods to be at peace with thee, and to make Ra to employ his magical
spells through thy chants of praise.
I am Thoth, I have come from heaven to make protection of Horus, and to drive
away the poison of the scorpion which is in every member of the house,

Isis I conceived a child by my husband, I became heavy with Horus, the divine child.
I gave birth to Horus, in a nest of papyrus plants.1 rejoiced exceedingly over this,
because saw in hen one who would make answer for his father. I hid him, and I
concealed him through fear of that fiend.

Nepthys, Neith, Selqet

She passed the day in seeking to provide food for the child, she found him,
Homs, the beautiful one of gold, the boy, the child, without life. He had bedewed
the ground with the water of his eye and with foam from his lips. His body was
motionless, his heart was powerless to move, and the muscles of his members
were helpless.
Isis I sent forth a cry: My two breasts are full to overflowing, but my body is empty.
The child was the de sire of my heart, I carried him in my womb, I gave birth to
him, I am alone; My father is in the Duat, my mother is in Aqert, and my elder
brother is in the sarcophagus. Think of the enemy and of how prolonged was the
wrath of his heart against me, when I was in his house. I cry to those who dwell
in the papyrus swamps. And the people come forth to me from their houses, they
throng about me at the sound of my voice, they loudly bewail with me the
greatness of my affliction. Every person among them laments with great
lamentation. There is none there who knows how to make my child to live.

Neith And there comes forth a woman, a lady who is mistress of her own estate. My
mouth possesses life, and my heart is filled with the matter which is therein. Fear
not, fear not Homs! Be not cast down, 0 mother of the god. The child of the
Olive-tree is by the mountain of his brother, the bush is bidden, and no enemy
shall enter therein. The word of power the Father of the gods, who is in heaven,
maketh to live. This shall happen to him: Horus shall live for his mother, and
shall kiss her.

Isis I place my nose in his mouth so that I know whether he breaths, I examine his
wound, I find that there is poison in it. I throw my arms round him. Horus is
stung,O Osiris. Horus is stung, the flesh and blood of the Heir, the Lord of the
Diadems. The beautiful Child of gold is stung.

Nepthys I shed tears and utter cries of lamentation, and I go round about through the
papyrus swamps. Behold, behold, what hath happened to Horus, son of lsis, and
who has done it?

Selquet Pray then to heaven, and let the sailors of Ra cease their labours for a space,
for the Boat of Ra cannot travel onwards whilst son Horus lieth dead on his

Isis I sent forth my voice into heaven, Boat of Millions of Years; stop the movement!
procession with Thoth and Sun and Moon stops, sistra stop shaking. Thoth raises
the Dark moon disk

Thoth I use my words of Power, and I speak the great word of command; "What aileth
thee, o lsis, thou goddess who hast magical spells, whose mouth hath
understanding? Assuredly no evil thing hath befallen thy son Horus, for the Boat
of Ra hath hun under its protection. I have come this day in the Divine Boat of
the Disk from the place where it was yesterday, now darkness has come and the
light is destroyed in order to heal Horus".

Isis 0 Thoth, great things are in thy heart, but delay belongs to thy plan. Hast thou
come equipped with thy spells and incantations and one spell after the other, the
numbers whereof are not known? Verily Horus is sick of the poison. Evil is his
case, death, and misery to the fullest extent. I need the power of Nehebkau.

Thoth Fear not, fear not, goddess Isis, fear not Nephthys, and let not anxiety be to you.
I have come from heaven I have life, I heal the child for his mother, Horus is
healthy. Horus is protected as the Dweller in his Disk, who lights up the Two
Lands by the splendour of his two Eyes; Horus is protected as the Great Hawk
who flies through heaven, earth, and the Duat; Horus is protected as the Holy
Beetle, his mighty wings are at the head of the sky.
Thoth consecrates the water around the stela. Puts the golden falcon into the waters,
sprinkles him with scented water and says;

An adoration of Horus to glorify him. Recitation on the water and on the land.
Recitation by Thoth, the saviour of this god ... I have recited with your magic
(Heka) and I have spoken with your spells (Akhu) and I have exorcised with your
words ... May you drive away for me all the lions in the desert, all the crocodiles
in the river, all the biting snakes in their holes ... May you remove for me the
pulsating poison which is- in all the limbs ...your name is invoked on this day:
You are Homs the saviour.

I am Thoth, the firstborn son, the son of Ra, and Tem and the Company of the
gods have commanded me to heal Horus for his mother lsis, and to heal him that
is under the knife likewise. 0 Horus, 0 Horus, thy Ka protecteth thee, and thy
Image worketh protection for thee. Horus live for your mother, and all who live
on earth will profit likewise,

Now all go one by one to the stela and sprinkle themselves with the scented water,

I am (magical name); son/daughter of Ra and Tem. Horus was healed for his
mother Isis, I am protected by his Ka. His image works protection for me.
As Horus Lives for his mother I will heal from the forces of Seth likewise.

Sun The Boat of Ra stands still, and travels not onwards. The Disk is in the same
place where it was yesterday to heal Horus for his mother lsis. Moon Come to the
earth, draw nigh, 0 Boat of Ra, make the boat to travel, Hasten away, 0 pain
which is in the region round about, and let the Boat descend upon the place
where it was yesterday to heal Horus for his mother lsis,

Neith Be filled, 0 two halves of heaven, be empty, 0 papyrus roll, return. 0 fluid of Life,
return into the living to heal Horus for his it mother Isis.

Selquet Come thou to earth, 0 poison. Let hearts be glad, and let splendour go
round about. Wake up, Horus Make the heart of thy mother Isis happy.

Nephtys Set thou his face towards those who dwell in the North Land the nurses
who dwell in the city Buto, for they have offered very large offerings in order
to cause the child to be made strong for his mother.

Thoth (to the Mothers) 0 ye nurturers who dwell in the city of Buto, let the Sektet Boat,
let. the Matet Boat travel on. Horus is to you, he is counted up for life, and he is
declared for the life of his father Osiris.

Sun Gladness is unto us who are in the Sektet Boat, and the sailors of Ra make it to
journey on. Horus liveth for his mother Isis

Moon gladness is unto us who are in the Matet Boat, and the sailors of Ra make it to
journey on. Horus liveth for his mother Isis

Thoth lowers the dark moon, 3x bell, and the boot starts to move
again, shaking sistra.
Four Mothers hold hands
Ra is in heaven to make answer on behalf of Horus and his father. The words of
power of his Mother have lifted up his face. We protect him and enable him to go
round about wheresoever he pleaseth, and to set the terror of him in celestial
beings. We have made haste.

Boat of Time processes out, followed by the Mothers