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US v.

G.R. No. L-5270 January 15, 1910

H.N. Bull is the master of a steam sailing vessel known as the steamship
Standard. The vessel carried and transported cattle, carabaos and other animals from a
foreign port and Manila, Philippines. On the December 2, 1908, the vessel willfully,
unlawfully and wrongly carry, transport and bring into the port and City of Manila from
the port of Ampieng Formosa 667 cattle and carabaos without providing suitable means
for securing the animals while in transit. Some of the said animals were cruelly torn,
tossed, wounded, bruised and killed. The vessel violated provisions of Acts No. 55 and
257 of the Philippine Commission since it was within the jurisdiction of the Philippines.

Whether or not the Philippine court has jurisdiction over the violation of the
foreign ship Standard while within the territory of the Philippines.

Any vessel that is within the 3 mile line drawn from the headlines which embrace
the entrance to Manila Bay within territorial waters, is subjected to the jurisdiction of the
territorial sovereign subject through the proper political agency. Since the offense was
committed within territorial waters, then the Philippines has complete control over the

The defendant was found guilty and was sentenced to pay a fine of 250 pesos with
subsidiary imprisonment in case of insolvency, and to pay the cost.