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Executive Committee Members (1 to 7)

1.Devendra Lingojwar (President, RESEARCH)

PhD Biochemistry, Post Doc Drug Development for Sickle Transgenic mice Albert Einstein College of
Medicine New York USA. Since 1999 involved in SCD research and also providing first hand training,
guidance in biotechnology more specifically in molecular biology. Area of interest is Sickle Cell Disease

2.Satpal Landge (Secretory, RESEARCH)

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry
Research interest Natural product chemistry. Worked pharma companies and National labs in India and
abroad, NCL, Sai Life Sciences, Emcure etc.

3.Dayaram Karmude (Treasurer, RESEARCH)

M.Com. MPM
General accounting and commerce

4.Pankaj Ghatbandhe (Member, RESEARCH)

M.Sc. Biotechnology with expertise in regulatory affairs for NACO programs in clinical trials.
Worked in National Institues and Govt. projects in India for HIV AIDS

5.Sadanand Gaikwad (Member, RESEARCH)

PhD Biotechnology
Transgenic mice for Neurodegenerative disease

6.Magisetty Obulesu (Member RESEARCH)

M.Sc. Biochemistry
Hemoglobinopathies, Cancer research, Publications and editing

7. Deepak Shah (Member, RESEARCH)

Information Technology and computing

General Body Members (1 to 16)

8.Sarita Lingojwar
Science Graduate and devoted to SCD research since introduction to this field of tribal health problems.
Active contribution in biochemical and molecular diagnosis of SCD. Experience in tribal field work in
different state of India. Trains graduate students in molecular diagnostics for plant, bacteria and human
genetics. Area of interest: DNA based molecular identification, DNA barcoding etc.

9. Lima Hazarika
M.Sc. Biotechnology
Hemoglobinopathies: thalassemia, sickle cell disease and malaria, microRNA

10. Neha Rane

M.Sc. Biotechnology
Hemoglobinopathies, Sickle Cell Disease oxidative damage and SCD haplotyping and severity of disease

11. Snehal Ghatbandhe

M.Sc. Microbiology
Bacterial identification, field work studies, SCD related social aspects of caste and communities in
Vidarbha region

12.Vilas Parkhi
PhD Biochemistry
Post Doc Golden Rice project IRRI Phillipines. Research interest Transgenics

13.Ajay Pachbhai
PhD in Biotechnology and expertise in transgenic plants and seed technology,

14.Ravikant Jadhav
M.Sc. Medical Biotechnology
Research interest: Environmental Microbiology and Hemoglobinopathies specifically SCD research

15. Anupama Devkatte

PhD Microbiology
Antifungal drugs, Bacterial genomics, Bioenergetics

16. Rohini Mane

PhD Biotechnology
Plant Molecular Biology, DNA barcoding and tissue culture, Ayurveda Genomics

International Members on Scientific Advisory Committee (17 to 21)

17. Sachin Deshmukh (Germany)

PhD Biotechnology
Plant molecular biology, Plant virology, bacterial genomics and microbiome studies in sepsis

18. Mahantesh Newati (USA)

PhD Physics
Nanobiotechnology and applications in sickle cell leg ulcer model

19. Harsha Verma (USA)

Human virology, enteric viruses

20. Sumit Arora (USA)

Nanobiotechnology, Cancer research

21.Savita Bhutoria (USA)

PhD Biotechnology
Hemoglobinopathies and sickle cell disease, viral bioinformatics molecular modeling small drug and
protein inhibitors, Protein based drug development for sickle transgenic mice studies