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Nemo Cloud
Improve Measurement Efficiency and Accelerate
ROI with Nemo Cloud
Nemo Cloud from Keysight Technologies, Inc. connects a wide range of Nemo
products into a unique end-to-end online service enabling the remote access and
control of Keysight’s Nemo measurement and analytics solutions as well as more
efficient data sharing between users.


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keysight. Moving from post-processing to a more real-time process creates more efficient operations leading to direct OPEX savings. operators and service providers interact seamlessly with their fleet solution investments of measurement products. Centralized product and fleet control together –– Centralized product and fleet with online inventory management give customers the tools to get more out of their control measurement resources and product portfolio. end-to-end online service that connects various Nemo products solutions into one powerful. 2015. Centralized control and storage enables direct online –– Streamline test and measurement management of data while users can easily and effectively share information between processes and workflows solutions. May 26.2017 Published in USA. Nemo Cloud is the ultimate cloud-based solution for streamlining test and measurement processes and workflows.keysight. 2017 5992-2049EN www. enables remote fleet monitoring –– Improve product lifecycle efficiency and management. online service –– Single sign-on enables direct Nemo Cloud online access and single sign-on provide real-time control and monitoring online management and easy of measurement product fleets as well as improved responsiveness and visibility of sharing of data measurement projects in the field.02 | Keysight | Nemo Cloud . With accelerating ROI for measurement Nemo Cloud. Benefits Nemo Cloud System –– Improve responsiveness of measurement projects in the field Nemo Cloud. and post-processing and . industry-leading solution enabling the remote access and control of –– Connects various Keysight Nemo Keysight’s Nemo measurement and analytics solutions as well as efficient data sharing products into a unique end-to-end between users.Brochure Improved Product Lifecycle Efficiency – Directly Features Accelerating ROI –– Remote management of Keysight Nemo measurement and analytics Nemo Cloud is a unique. with its real-time graphical This information is subject to change without notice. www. project management. Nemo Cloud services improve product –– Online inventory management lifecycle efficiency – directly accelerating the ROI for measurement solution investments. © Keysight Technologies.