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Chief Patron

Dasari Manohar Reddy
MLA Peddapalli General Manager,
Patron Peddapalli.
Dasari Prashanth Reddy
Secretary / Correspondent
SUB: Invitation for Inaugural of Entrepreneurship Development Cell
President on 5th July 2017

Dr. Rajshekhar M Patil

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that we are established
Dr. Sheetal Singh
Entrepreneurship Development Cell in our college to motivate our students,
Assoc Professor, MBA
faculty and people in the region to become Entrepreneur. In this view we
would like to invite you to be the Guest of honor of this Inaugural session
R. Rammohan Reddy and we seek support in future also.
Assistant Professor, MBA

Kindly accept our invitation and guide our college students for their
Faculty Coordinators
better future.
P. Prabhakar
Assistant Professor, ECE
Thanking you.
G. Ashok Kumar
Assistant Professor, EEE

B. Sudhakar Principal
Assistant Professor, CSE