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For the 25th Anniversary of the Ordination of Father Paul Rehling TASTE AND SEE Words and music Psalm 34 by James E. Moore, Jr. With a gospel feel Refrain Capo 3: (D) (am) (Gm) (D) - F Cr Sue F and see Copyright © 1983 by GIA Publications, Inc., 7404 S, Mason Ave. Chicago, IL 60638 ‘Intemational Copyright Sccured All Rights Reserved Printed in USA. Photocopying ofthis publication without permission of the publisher is a violation of the U.S. Code of Law for which the responelble individual or inetitution le suiiacs t crinindiiicaciticn Bat doula encanall ®) (ap) (gm) ®) 2 (G) (DFE) (Em?) (a?) Bb F/A Gm? c7 To verses : e Last time | (Dd) my (asus4) (A7) (D) EF Bo/F cae cr F "lf Last time s (D) (Fem? ) (Gmaj?) (DiF#) F. Am? Bbmaj? FIA’ G ory — 7 + sre pt e see oe a ao ue 1.1 will bless the Lord—— at. all z 2. Glo - ri - fy the Lord with- ie ae To - 3. Wor-ship— the Lord, all you peo-ple, ___ t (Dire) (ATSUS4) (aD 2» Gm? FIA Crsuss C7 —3— Praise shall al - ways be geth-er— on my lip Jet_us all______ praise God’s na You'll want for noth - ing —__ if you (FR?) CFRIA (Bm) (Bm7/A) fF er ee Dm Dive S—— - Fe Zi soul shall glo= ry inthe for called—___. the. - Lord—_——_ who _an - swered from Taste. and see— that the Lord is in — oe rs ig = : Bs: 2 o oer rs = Jos. oP = Pop (G ADD) (D/F¥) (Em?) (A7) 3s Bb P/A ss Gm? 7 ee God. iS God. has been so good to my trou-bles 1 was set we need put all our 4