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Selsun Blue

Custom mugs
Your photos or art on a mug great gifts! merritt morning Please recycle
$ 99 7 300-325ml

Office Supplies (250)378-6882

Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808
Blacks Pharmacy
1951 Garcia St. Merritt, Bc 2037 Quilchena Ave., Merritt BC (250) 378-2155

monday edition july 24, 2017 #3033

and C News, opinion, community events & classifieds since 1996! Box 2199 Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
Come r fresh
u T (250)378-5717 F (250)378-2025
out o tion!

now selling BC interior grown, Wildfires stable Many, many thanks Free Seminar August 1 st
Thousands of people from from evac- We wish to thank all the people who 5-8pm at the Merritt Library
grain-finished, natural Beef! uated TNRD areas were free to go home donated SOAPS, SHAMPOOS, HAIR
CONDITIONER, BRUSHES and many Join Local Firesmart Representative,
this weekend, as evacuation orders were
free of antibiotics, steroids, and downgraded to alerts. more items to the NV Hospital Thrift Don Parno, to learn what you can do to
added hormones. Shop. These items have gone to the fire lower your homes risk from wildfire.
As of last evening here are 152 wild-
victims at Toms Towing where they are Sign up at the library, or email
fires currently burning across the
filling a truck. We have also picked up
province. 9 were sparked on Saturday, 5
of which were lightning-caused. about 20 lbs of can tabs for wheel chairs
Sunday afternoon, high winds blew in for the hospital.
fresh smoke into the Merritt, from near Many many thanks for all your dona-
the Ashcroft Reserve (now Elephant Hill) tions, they will be greatly appreciated.
fire & Boston Flats. A hay barn and pile Please continue to drop off donations of
of hay burned at the junction of Hwy 1 Can Tabs, they are really appreciated.
Fresh, homemade N.V Hospital Thrift Shop
and 97C. It was attended by Ashcroft and
food Cache Creek Fire Depts. Ruth Steffens

Daily specials plus
all your favourites Return to hot
In Spirit Square
w here fri en d s m eet to e at
weather forecast Tomorrow, July 25 The Goonies movie
210 1 q ui lc h en a ave. (2 5 0) 378 -0 3 31 With temperatures forecast to return will be shown in Spirit Square 6:30pm-
Find us on facebook to the mid 30s, BC Hydro will expect a 8:30pm. BYO lawn chairs for seating.
significant increase in electricity use. Music in the Park
Typically, during a heat wave, BC Free music, Thursday 6:30pm-8:30pm
Hydro sees a spike in peak electricity de- in Rotary Park. BYO lawn chairs. This
mand as customers turn on fans and air week, its the Willy Blizzard Band, a tour-
conditioners to stay cool and refrigera- ing band from Vancouver. The acoustic
tion units work harder. trio plays original music in the folk/roots
On July 6th, they recorded the highest
peak hourly demand the hour customers
genre featuring beautiful vocal har- space for your ad
monies, guitars, banjo and stand-up bass.
use the most electricity of the summer at
A Thousand Words opening Tel 378-5717 fax 378-4700
7,255 megawatts, nearly 10% over the pre-
A Thousand Words - Paintings Inspired
vious week. But in BC, unlike in Ontario
by Poets is a new show at Brambles Se-
& California, the highest hourly peak de-
We service, replace, and repair heating and cret Door Gallery, opening Friday, July
mand was recorded in winter (on Jan. 3,
air conditioning systems, as well as refriger- 28, 7pm. All new paintings by Cassandra
2017), when consumption reached 10,126
Dolen, with food & music.
ation units, heat pumps, hot water tanks, megawatts between 5 & 6pm.
Cooling facts: 5th annual Art Walk
barbecues, and furnaces The Merritt Art Walk is on again until
Fans are designed to cool people, not
the end of the month. The works of 25
rooms. While ceiling fans are the most ef-
artists, in 23 venues. Pick up a program
FREE quotes for ficient option for cooling, running a fan
where the artwalk logo is displayed.
in an empty room does keep it cool. 2001
Merritt customers! Window coverings are effective at Legion happenings
Merritts Auto Glass
blocking out 65% of the heat generated by (H)AppieFriday- well most Fridays Specialists
the sun. Cover east facing windows before anyways, 4-6pm. Come and enjoy appe-
Quality Work Competitive Rates ICBC Claims
bed to block out the early morning sun, tizers & snacks by donation. Socialize
Commercial Residential
Call us today to south facing windows during the day, and and enjoy our music and jukebox, crib
windows that face west should be covered games, shuffle board, pool table andair Automotive Industrial
book your estimate conditioning.
in the late afternoon & evening. 2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
250-879-2777 Windows and doors should be kept Nicola Valley Farmers Market 378-4531
closed when the temperature outside is Parking Lot next to the Baillie House,
shine, show
dig dirt

warmer than inside. Open windows in 2250 Voght St. The Farmers Market runs Nicola Excavating Ltd. Site Prep
the evening once temperatures have until October 7th, every Sat. 9am-2pm. Concrete Demolition
& sell cooled to allow the cool air to circulate. FMI
Most air conditioning units have a sin- leyfarmersmarket or 250-571-3470.
Gil Beintema
Merritt, BC
all new park & sell car lot gle fan speed and will cool at the same rate no matter how high it is turned up. To
250-280-3478 (DIRT) Utility Installation
Retaining Walls
Sell your own Car Motorhome Trailer minimize the cost of running an air conditioner, select an ENERGY STAR model. Line Locating
They use 30-40% less energy than standard models.
Skidoo Motorcycle RV Truck
Farm Equipment & more "Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called
No broker, no salesmen, no commission. EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar." Drew Carey
Flat rate $40/month per car "If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life, she
will choose to save the infant's life without even considering if there is a man on base."
For information call Paul 250-378-2337 Dave Barry
2352 Quilchena Ave., Merritt "The day I worry about cleaning my house is the day Sears comes out with a riding

T his Weeks Horoscope

vacuum cleaner." Roseanne
Farm Blended Topsoil
Finely Screened Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
March 21 April 20 - May 21 - June 21 -
Bulk sales - April 19
You've been working through
May 20
The world sometimes feels
June 20
The route you've been travelling
July 22
You're about to discover that
available some tough stuff, lately. Luck
has little to do with happiness...
like a cruel place. It's easy to
become short-sighted. But be-
has been taking its toll on your
time & energy. Your batteries are
many of your material desires
can be more easily satised. If
it's a simple case of cause and fore giving up on your dream, low. This week, take a pit stop. you're willing to nd a fresh ap-
(250)936-8363 or effect. So put your feet up. You look at the gift being offered. It The right time to make the right proach, creativity will inspire
(250)378-9674 deserve this. is exactly what you need. decision is closer than you think. delightful results.
John or Kate Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
July 23 - Aug 23 - Sept 23 - Oct. 23 -
Aug 22 Sept 22 Oct 22 Nov 21
Merritts The New Moon brings the Stresses you're experiencing Someone is pushing your but- Emotions are intensied this
Bicycle & chance for you to soar. You can will change like the weather. tons. They might not be inten- week. Too often, we hide from
add drive & passion, and a dash Find comfort in the company tionally trying to wind you up, but our truths. Express yourself;
Nordic Ski of creative freedom. Plenty of they can't help it. You want to you'll be heard. The response
of the people you rely on. The
Shop people nd your unique, creative bond with someone close lash out, but it's worth thinking will be a pleasant surprise.
way of expression inspiring. helps you weather this storm. before you speak this week.

Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Nov 22 - Dec 22 - Jan 20 - Feb 19 - Repairs Sales Dec 21 Jan 19 Feb 18 Mar 20
You have a chance to make an Find a little empathy for those Every now and then, some-
Rentals Shuttles Guides
Even if your environment feels
Breathebikes | Facebook emotional commitment, but it far from conducive to emo- who may not have your strength. thing reminds us just how pas- may prove difcult to maintain. tional matters this week, listen- Your positive attitude may rub off sionate our working life can be.
1975 Coutlee Ave., (250) 936-9702 Be sure to explore in honest ing to your heart will enable on them. If you make your Look for yours this week. Don't
(Entrance in the back alley) partnership, youll nd the ad- your decisions. Listening to moves gently, you can move for- be tempted to question its ori-
venture is only just beginning. your head won't get you as far. ward in good company. gin - just run with it!
merritt morning market
monday edition july 24, 2017 #3033
Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 Tel: (250)378-5717 Fax (250)378-2025 Email
personal 4 rad. tires 235-75x17, gd cond. 378- 6585 2 porta potties, free 378-3709
93 saturn, 4-dr, 5-spd standard, lw lots of tiles for bath, etc. $25/all. 2
Will pay for Watering garden kilometers (180,000) original owner sell- planting bags. 378-2098
and some potted plantswhile on holidays ing, tires good, always regularly serviced
in Aug., nr Garcia & Clarke Ave. Will for sale - furniture
take max 30 min. per day. 778-255-0675
$800obo Mike 378-5513
99 ford Explorer ltd edition, 200k, gd beautiful espresso-col. square din- ClosedWednesdays
housesitting Mike 315-0023 tires, nw fuel pump, leathr interior, all the ing room table w/ 4 lt padded barstool-ht
OfficE SuPPliES (250)378-6882 1951 Garcia St.
am available to roofers & contrac-
tors for clean-up. Mike 315-0023
bells and whistles. $2500obo 315-7122 chairs $200obo Tom 778-288-4095 Come in for our Friday buffet, 4:30-7:30pm
2010 GMC Sierra, 235k Hwy, $14,500 solid oak china cab $200. Yamaha
PrintinG & cOPyinG (250)378-6808 MErritt, Bc looking for someone to move me by obo 378-9860 organ $100 Paul 936-8196
end July or Aug 378-4007
04 gmC Sierra 3500, 6.6 Durmax diesl Qu sz matt., box spring & frame Tel (250)378-8283 1953 Nicola Ave.
dog walking 315-0023 $100obo 778-389-9365
lost: brand new lawnmower bag on $7000obo 378-0897
Hwy 5A 315-2249 05 pontiaC Grnd Am $1500obo 378-3612 2 leathr barstools w/ bcks. 378-4619
seeking $12,000 loan, excellent secu- 07 Chev Cobalt 2-dr coupe (rally yel- pine diningrm table,4 chairs & 2 leaves.
rity, will pay 15% interest, no penalty or low) 5-spd manual $5000obo, 1 owner, $100.936-8484after5pm
bonusfor early pay-out, and can reduce only 84,520km,gd running condition, all blaCk vinyl futon $75. Indr-outdr
principle at any time 280-0875, 604-751- maint. up to date, c/w wntr tires on rims, patio set $50. Blk coff. tbl $10. Leather
2205, 604-869-9004 2 sets of keys/fobs 315-5118, pls no txts chair w/ footstool $30 280-5116
space for your ad Work Wtd: prof. semi-ret'd gen. con- 02 intrepid 180k, timing chain went, 1920s dining set 5 chairs, table, buffet
tractor now doing handy man services: for have replacement engine with 90k to in- $125 315-3178 Merritts Auto Glass
carpentry, finishing: crown molding, in- stall, car in grt shape $500. View 443 INC.
stall doors, windows, supply & install nw Morgan 315-7284
solid wood 6-drawer dresser w/ cabi-
net door $65 378-7123 Specialists
Tel 378-5717 fax 378-4700 vinyl windows, also painting/drywall & 4 all-seas., gd cond, 205/75/14, neW rectangular table 24x42, w/ draw- repairs, laminate flooring, plumbing & $30/set. 2 all-seas., gd cond, 215/70/14, ers exc cond $25 525-1333 ICBC Claims
elect. repairs, install kitchens, baths, build $20/set 378-0325. brand new cedar picnic table, already
shds, dcks, additions, siding repairs, water pontiaC Grand Am, loaded, a/c, nw stained, beaut. grain $175. Paul 378-2337 Commercial Residential
leaks & more 315-6105, thomsonfami- batt./ whl bearings, p/w, p/l, nice cond Joe 378-2676
Chstrfld, loveseat, chair, ottoman Automotive Industrial
$400. Kitch table & 3 chairs $50.
Caregiver senior needed West Sun- 4 nr nW P215/75R15 tubeless radial 378-8188
shine Valley, references reqd. john- Motor Master tires, rims incl $280 280-0875 2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
lrg upright red mahogany office desk w/
get ready for summer holidays, need
90 Chev van, rel., nw mtr $1000 936-8047 lots of stor., vry computer compatible. fair 378-4531
98 toyota Tercel, 4-door, automatic to good cond. $100obo. Clean foam mat-
someone to take care of your home or small w/ 3 sets of tires $400obo 280-0671
farm? Honest, reliable. Bill 315-3621 tress, firm, covered, vry lightly used/gd
angies tea leaf reading. 4 235/80r16 trailer tires 10-ply 378-2483 cond. $40 & memory foam topper $10,
Anytime, gift certificates avail., will do 02 dodge 1/2 ton pick up truck, level- $50/both. Black bamboo loveseat and Merritts
chair set, grt for patio, vry comfortable.
group tea leaf reading. Future, money, ling kit, 33 whls & rims, boombox stereo,
vry gd cond, 4.7 eng. $5750obo 378-6915 $75obo 378-9452 Bicycle &
love, relationships, business. 378-8326
rubber floor mats for GM car $5 dusty rose chstrfld $150 378-2275 Nordic Ski
employment opportunity each. 378-2777
for sale - electronics/software
hiring servers at Garden Sushi, part reblt Ford pck-up differential, 49-56,
time. Drop resume off in person or email vry gd cond $500 Joe 378-2676 xbox 360 games (24) and DVD movies
to Chev Blazer for parts w/ vortec 4.3 v6 (44) PS3 games (2). $150 378-6567
engine, 2509 Aberdeen Rd., 280-1251
Quality Work services 08 mazda3 Limited, 145k, call/txt as neW w/ tweed case, played couple
FREE quotes Competitive Rates rv serviCe repair 378-6696 936-9580 times, 50th anniv. Stratocaster, beautiful,
loCal renovation company specializ- 93 dodge Caravan cargo, prop., BC- $1400obo, store price $2700 378-5165 Repairs Sales
for Merritt Call us today to
ing in full renos, framng, drywall, paintng
& compl. fnshng. Plumbng, electrical &
insured, rns $400 txt/call 250-408-4016 neW Alpine cd/mp3 car stero $100. Nw
duel sim unlocked cell phone $150obo. Breathebikes | Facebook Rentals Shuttles Guides
livestock/pets & access. Nw rear view back up camera $60. Lk
customers! book your estimate glazing. Icbc insured & registered gst
new unlocked i phone 4 w/ case &
number. Free estimates & guaranteed,
qual. workmanship. Expanding into
7-yr old gelding, well handled, bay.
30 days on him as a 3 yr old & again as a charger $100. Shaw Direct dish $40. 1975 Coutlee Ave., (250) 936-9702
roofng & concrete formng 525-0087 5 yr old. Not ridden since. Dam is regis- 525-2007 (Entrance in the back alley)
helping hands Do you need help tered American Saddlebred/Arab. Gd for sale - recreational
MERRITT PICKLEBALL CLUB around the home with light cleaning, laun- size. Both avail. to view. $1500obo Can
dry,meal preparation or baking a treat, a stay here awhile if necess.280-0524 biCyCle carrying rack fits car or pck-
Now playing outdoors at the Sport Box, Central Park: ride to an appt, etc.? am semi-retired, laying hens 18 months old $3.00 each up $75 Joe 378-2676
M/W/F 8:30-11:00am; T/TH 6:30-9:00pm looking for p-t work & would gladly come call or txt378-4916 mens Trek Navigator 100 7-spd w/
help you. Lorraine 778-870-4737 need to rehome beaut. sweet 1-yr old lock, gd cond. $250. Adult tricycle, bas-
A designated Court with instructor(s) and demo paddles will be eager, reliable man w/ 4x4 trck fem. lovebird, high-qual. food & seeds ket, handbrakes, lk nw $200 378-8252
available for new players. Anyone over age 10 welcome (10-15 & trlr, offering dump runs, plywood/lum- doesnt bite, but not tame, $80, have full set (13 pces) of ladies rt-handed
yr olds must be accompanied by an adult) Its an easy sport to ber deliv., gravel/dirt, Merritt & area, fast cages if needed Wendy 250-320-2054 golf clubs, older set but rarely used. Also
courteous service. Greg 315-7525 20 rhode Island Red layers, 7 wks nw golf bag & accessories. 2-whl push
play, great fun and exercise. FMI loCal handyman for hire! old. $10 ea., 1st come first serve. Prince- cart.$250. 378-6217
Experd in framing, dry walling & tap- ton. call/text 250-293-6125 float tube, neoprene chest waders
ing. Construction/installation of custom adult riding saddle, tan in color, exc (XL), fins & shoes $50.936-8484aft5 pm
woodwork, T-bar ceilings, flooring. Can cond. 378-6588 small teardrop-style trailers $50/
do light electrical. Fair rates, guarantee adult riding saddle, tan in color, gd night, 2300 block Quilchena Ave. Paul
your satisfaction! Call 315-8679 for your cond. 378-6588 378-2337
FREE quote today! first Cut Grass & Alfalfa Grass mix Womens righthanded golf clubs, Lady
farrier. Accepting new clients in hay, cutting week of June 11. Small Palmer drvr, 3, 5 woods graph. shfts,
Merrit and area. Quality Shoeing and square bales, perfect horse hay. $8/bale irons 4,5,6,7,8,9,pw,sw, p, golf bag $100.
barefoot trimming Gentle, reliable, af- from field, $8.50 from barn. No syn- Nancy Lopez hybrid rescue club $50.
fordable Refs available. Call/text Danika: thetic fertilizers, no sprays. 378-2124 315-1008
250-267-9212 Wtd to adopt: small dog 315-2436 28.2 Jayco Eagle trlr, 2006, 4 seasons,
home cleaning service, Sherry 315-5485 3 kittens need to go 280-7474 12 slide, q bd, slps 4, loaded $16,000
Certified tree faller w/ small wood 2 free kittens, immed. Julia 574-3032 315-7087

chipper,truck & trlr w/ all the gear. or for sale - miscellaneous free: Kids bikes, from Breathe Bikes,
just hauling debris to the dump. 378-6431 mostly donated, and most in need of re-

u s e
dakota csa-approv. steel-toed boots,

rv Service, repair 378-6696 pair, 12" - 20". Donations are appreciated

e H
leather, lk nw, only worn 1x/too small, pd

to cover costs for repair & nw parts, ei-

Jpv enterprises: Landscaping

(lawn care, hedging, pruning, gardening), $140, sell $80. Rose 315-5742, 1925 ther by those who nd the bike, or anyone
general labour. Licensed, equipped. On Quilchena Ave. wishing to contribute. FMI Travis 936-
Facebook. 250 280 7077 saga scooter w/ sidecar, 150cc, 39km, 9702, 1975 Coutlee Ave
n$2200, or just the scooter 378-6696 78 vanguard trlr, model P112F6C,
Woodys Tree Services, pruning, top- eggs from back yard raised hen $ 4.50
ping, removal, hedges 315-8087 manual, jacks, free for taking. 315-0099
per dozen 378-9432 nW RV mattress, qn, 58" x 74.5, nvr
dryWall, textured ceiling, painting. small freezer, lrg tv on wheels, foot-
SUMMER HOURS Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066 stool, old sew. mach., lrg walker, misc
used $75 315-1824, 250-706-7774
10am-6pm, 7 days a week granny's House Quilting & Retreat more 315-2436 98 20' 5th whl, 3-brnr stove w/ovn, furn.,
has fabric and sewing notions. 378-3734 fridge, gd cond. 3-pc bthrm 378-9411
handmade jewellery boxes, bird
houses & feeders, bat houses. Charlie hatsan Model 35 S CR pellet rifle.
CornerofVoght&Mammette childcare
378-2839 495 fps so no PAL license reqd, grt
Merritt,BC liCensed ChildCare Family free 6'x14 wooden shed, gd cond. to cond. $80378-5683
(250) Place for children 0 12 years. We will be removed from 2226 Garcia St,back 12boat w/ 14 alum trlr. 378-6585
help complete subsidy paperwork. Open lane. 378-5004 98 20' 5th wheel $5500obo 378-9411
Mon-Sat-. Drop ins welcome. Hours are 2 prs mens slacks, brnd nw, Retreat, 12 sCamper travel trlr, solar panel,
6:00 9:00pm. Located at Railyard Mall. sz 38 waist, 30 leg pd $50ea, sell $20ea. $1600obo Don 378-6421
2172 Coutlee Ave. FMI 378-4878 2-5 Cords firewood, fir/pine, no 1-bdrm suite, furnd 378-6899
525-1333 77 sCamper 15 vry gd cond., sleeps rot, by Sept 1. Plus log splitter
12 numbered & signed Frank Mc- 6, nw tires/lts $2250 315-0197 3-bdrm in 4-plx in Low. Nic, grnd flr,
for sale - appliances 5000lb 315-5174, 378-5909 immed, n/p, n/s $1000+ util. 378-3748
Carthy Western & Native artist framed
beaumark wht, 10.6 cu ft chest prints w/ gallery frame & non glare glass. for sale - tools/equipment bottles & cans to get rid of? I single oCCupant bsmt ste quiet
freezer, Has few cosmetic scratches, but Will sell separate or make an offer on a will come pick up. Mike 315-0023 student or professional only. 1-bdrm
generator 3000w, quiet, used 3x, re- rabbit cage w/ legs under, bsmt ste, cbl TV/hi-spd internet, sep.
clean! works grt! Must pick up, cannot package deal Don 315-5742or drop in @ mote start, pd $1600, sell $950 378-6696 large/sturdy 378-8326, 525-0318
deliver. $125 378-9841 1925 Quilchena (store) entrance, $500 incl util., n/s, n/p, refs
neW black aluminum soffit 21' x 16" Cln moving/packing boxes 315-5002 reqd. 778-928-4844, 250-925-4414
vaCuum cleaner $25 378-8188 glass top bevelled edge tile base cof- $20 280-8563
maytag washer/dryer6 yrs old good fee table $45. 5gl + 25gl fish tanks $15. any type old doors, compl. w/ neWly renod 2-bdrm units $800/
Mtl cd stand w/free cds $15. Fabric of- free: Worx 19 batt.-op lwnmwr, nw cond, hardware 378-2778 mth, 1-bdrm units starting at $650/
cond. $250 378-5790 nds batt., pd $480 250-458-2325 aft 5pm
Weber charcoal grill, used 1 season fice chair $25. mirror for drssr $15. anyone interested in exchanging few mth. Ht /cbl incl. Rob 936-8243
Twin race car bed + tool chst night stnd ryobi router and table, custom con- pails of sand for heavy soil? 378-4588 irvine ave., upper flr only, 3
like new $60 378-3709 tainer box, hardly used $90 315-1824,
Champion Juicer $70 378-5745 $200. 2 twin mattr. $25ea. 378-9860 bike trailer, to carry children be- bdrms, kitchen, livingrm, family rm,
free: mtl childrens swing set 315-0030 250-706-7774 1.5 bths, incl. w/d, all furnished,Sept
lrg laundromat coin-op gas dryer, wrks hind the bike 315-1805
1 oWnronly, 3-whl dlxscooter, no li- 44"x60"h chain link gate $75. 378-5004 1, $1500/mo. + util. nr NVIT, Extra
well Joe 378-2676 looking for bach ste to rent,
cense reqd, music installed, alarm syst., 10 table saw $50 378-8188 ground level w/ parking $600 in Foods, Walmart & fast food restau-
gd size name brand fridge & self-cln good range without having to recharge batt. brnd nW wood burning stove, new town, nr shopping, Sept 1. n/s, rants.Vry lrg yrd, dwnstairs also has
range $600/pr 280-0875 $2500obo armrest flexible. 250-870-1244 $139 at Can. Tire, sell $100. Nw 20lb n/drnker 378-4007 tenants. 378-7378
1000W wht Kenmore over range mi- free: medicinal plant, comfrey 315-1330 prop. tank full of fuel $60. Paul 378-2337 1-bdrm furndbsmt $750incl util.,
crowave $100. Wht stainless steel tall tub xp series Motorino elect. scooter, 4 vintage 12hp Ford ride on mower, for sale house/property shared kitch./bathrm on main flr,
Kenmore dishwasher $150. Both vry gd nw 12v batt., bought Mar17, have re- late 1960's to 1970's. Model 120, hydro- We Want to move to the coun- cbl/intrnt inclDebbie 778-869-3141
cond. 378-4913 ceipts $9000obo 378-0897 static, motor not working, for restoration try. Will trade houses, some cash down, 1-bdrm w/ bathrm, shared
for sale - automotive hobby supplies: Jewellery making or parts. $150 Ken 378-6065 view anytime. 378-8326, 525-0318 kitchen/living room, downtown, cute
supplies, etc., $250/all 378-5745 almost nW Stihl veavy duty electric 2-yr old 3-bdrm 2-bth home on dogs already live here, no more pets,
95 grand Cherokee Laredo Jeep, gd 2015 saga scooter w/ sidecar, 150cc, weed trimmer $90 378-4389 n/s $500 1975 Coutlee Ave 936-9702
for parts, runs $700. Paul 936-8196 39km, nw $2600 378-6696 large lot, all appls. incl., nr schl/Save On.
lrg cabinet shop sandblaster $850, gd lndscpd/move-in ready Jul 15, spotless, aug 1, nicely renovated, cntrl a/c,
06 ford Taurus SE, exc cond., well- roof top carrier $25 378-5790 compl. unit Joe 378-2676 4-bdrm, 3-bth dplx, w/ lrg rec rm,
maintained 378-6767 cute as button $289,900 378-3488
Wine bottles $6 per doz. 378-5691 moving: Sears Craftsman 800 wood mbl home #24 at popular LN lndryrm, plenty of stor., fncd yrd,
12 Chev Malibu exc cond, 76k 936-8297 Quality beads - Lamp-work, hand router (mdl 315-17432) w/ Sears Crafts- mbl home prk. 2-bdrm 1-bth, 1155 quiet neighbrhd. F/S/Dishwasher,
08 smart, auto/manual shift, gas, a/c, blown, millefiori, faceted, bone agate and man router table w/ dust bag & 20 router sq.ft 68'x12', nw roof/vinyl sidng/ n/s, n/parties, n/p, for working fam-
88k, 1 owner $5500 280-8563 stone. Vanessa 378-6065 bits, exc cond $175. Brisco bench wndws/ flring/pnt.10'x20' dck in bck ily as longterm tenants w/refs. 378-
01 ram 4x4 360 klm extended cab, shoprider Trailblazer 4 whl mobil- grinder (mdl HG6B) 6, whl cycle 60hz, off lvngrm.7'5"x19'4" stor., electri- 7005 to view (currently occupied)
long box, motor in exc cond., some rust, ity scooter, nr nw $2500obo 378-1887 RPM 3450, gd cond $60. Champion cal upgrade done, shed in back, fncd furnd bdrm, shared main flr
4 new tires $6500 378-8252 kids Rawling Soccer shoes sz 3 $10. 2000lb winch (mdl 12003) new/never yrd, hwy access, flat site. incl. kitchen & bthrm, cbl/intrnt, utilities
02 dodge 1/2-tn truck, 2-dr, levelling Kids gumboots sz 13 $10. Boys outfit: used) 12 volt, 0.7hp permanent magnet f/s/w/d, pad rnt $373. 1 small pet al- incl., lndry facilities. $500 + $250
kit, 33 whls, Pioneer stereo, subwoofer, blk vest, trousers and red dress shirt, sz mtr. 49 aircraft cable w/ replaceable lowed, rented for $950 + util., ten- dam. dep. Debbie 778-869-3141
air, very gd cond. $5400obo 378-6915 5, lk nw $15. 2 boys vests sz 3X and sz clavis hk, pwr in/out w/ 6 hndhld pwr ants want to stay, pics on craigslist loWer Nicola 2-bdrm suite, $625
06 pt Cruiser $3000obo 315-7611 5, 2 for $5. 315-8158 cntrllr $90. Mstrcrft 9 2- spd band saw ad id 6111950368 $39,500 378-5004 + utilities 378-8223
Jeep convertible top, gd cond/hrdly used, antiQue Singer sewing machine, c. (mdl 5567 196) table mount. exc cond rent to oWn: w/ dwnpayment, lrg 2-bdrm dplx, f/s/w/d, n/p, n/s,
fits 97-04 $600obo. Set 4 ctre caps, brnd nw, 1949, hardly used, exc cond., w/ original $195. Canadian drill press (B26 mdl oac, own your own manufd home, 3- lngtrm tenants w/ refs, Jul 1 378-8383
off 78-79 T-Bird $100obo 315-0074 needles etc. & original handbook. An- 15) flr mount (approx. 60 h), exc cond. bdrm 1-bth, lrg lot in mbl home prk, room for rent, $400 incl. wifi/tv
tique phonograph c. 1901, exc cond. w/ $550. Rockwell 9 table saw w/ fully set up, for quald family. Call to text 280-6916 or call aft 7pm
93 vW Euro van CL. 2.5L, 5-cyl, 7-pass. 320 78s, all archived. 378-7116
205,033km 5-spd standard, green, cd player, blade(s), exc cond $220. 378-7486 view 315-1000, 1-800-361-8111 2-bdrm bsmt ste, nr Central Schl.
beautiful wedding dress, nvr worn, Woodstove hardly used/exc. cond.,
located in Merritt. Grant 250-572-1007 sz 6, pd $1000, sell $300 378-5677 3-bdrm house, immed. 525-0240
03 kia Sorento SuV. 3.5ltr eng. auto chrome handle & trim $500 315-7314 nWr 3-bdrm modular home, 1 bth, dbl Wide 2-bdrm, 1 den, 2-bth,
Want to make Kombucha? live starter for Briggs eng., incl. on quiet st w/ beaut. view, heated wrk-
trans. 4x4, awd, gold inter../tan leather scoby for sale $5ea. Nadine 378-9443 manuf. home fore reitred or semi-
inter. $5800obo 378-8823 sprng/cord/handle $20 378-1336 shp $228,000 378-0936, 315-7567 retd cpl only w/ sml caretaking on
sCooter $300 nds nw batt. Hvy duty Complete solar panel + 150 3-tier 6-bdrm house, 3 up, 3 down, 4
12 honda Civic exl, 75k, auto, 1.8 ltr wheelchair, lk nw, $300. Walker $40. priv. prop. 1-800-361-8111
4-cyl. no accidents/grt shape, loaded w/ fence. Paul 378-2337 baths, dbl gar., quiet area $379,900
leather seats, nav. sat. radio & much granny's House Quilting & Retreat 778-358-9930 furnd room, enste bath, 11k west
wanted/wanted to buy
more, 4 drs, 5 pass., frnt whl drv, drive has fabric and sewing notions. Nw fabric double lot, ready to build on, of Merr. country setting 378-4476
by 2224 Garcia St. $13,900obo 378-5004 from Katja's Quilt Shoppe, incl. some dont take grass clippings to dump, bag in quiet neighbourhood 280-1017 2-bdrm hse. 4-bdrm, upstairs w/ 1-
07 Chev Malibu, 118k, well-cared for fabric for Canada's 150th.378-3734 them & bring them to my place 378-2778 bdrm bsmt ste. 378-6332, 778-240-3721
$7000 378-9453 tobaCCo, reas. price 378-8326 for rent
unpasteurized raw honey: $40 for loW. niC. upstairsste in 4-plxfor
several sets tires 255/60r17, 8 cups, $20 for 4 cups, $10 for 2 cups, $5 reCords, sports cards, knives Tom rural family home in quiet ngh- sngl wrkng prsn, 1 bdrm + den,
205/55R16. Engine. 378-2047 for 1 cup. Locally grown organic garlic, 778-288-4095 brhd, wd heat 3-bdrm 2-bath, refs f/s/no lndry, n/s, n/p, n/drgs, n/par-
four 205/75R17 radial tires 378-6585 $10/lb. 378-4947 snWblWer, gas model 378-8156 reqd. ties, $700 + $350 sec. dep. 378-3748

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