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NABH Standard Checklist (Section - A, Infrastructural Standards)

Name of facility: PHC:- Kukma , Dist:- Kutch

1. Physical Facilities Not Met [NC] Partial Met Fully Met Remarks
0 [PC] [C] 10

Objective Elements
a. The facility shall confirm to the FAR Norms of that particular region as per the State Government Rules. 10 Required certificate
b. For all expansion the space should be acquired as per the standards. 10
c. Land scaping should be compulsory. 5 Required Internal road.
d. The facility should be fenced to guard against entry of animals. 0
e. Main entrance should be easily identifiable, welcoming, well lit and with mattress. 5
f. Emergency Exits should be provided. 0
g. It should confirm to the covered area ration vis--vis the size of plot. 10
h. Adequate circulatory space for movement of traffic including trolley and wheel chairs to be present. 5 Available only after merge with Prasuti Grah
i. Adequate ramps to be present to cater to the requirements of immobile patients. 5
j. Accommodation (Semi-Full furnished) facilities (as per grades) for the core staff i.e. MO, Nurse, and Pharmacist to be available. 5 Require new construction.

k. Laundry, Housekeeping, Security and Dietary serives may be out sourced as per a MOU with the provider on certain quality criteria. 5 Laundry & Dietary Service available

l. There should be 24X7 availability of electricity and potable water supply with identified alternate sources. 10
m. Arrangement for fire safety shall be present. 5 Partial
n. Attendants lounge (temporary stay facility) should be provided within the campus. 0
o. Adequate drainage system should be built-in. 10
2. Functional Plan
Objective Elements
a. The building should have a functional plan having ear marked space for waiting area, OPD, Labour Room, Minor OT, Major OT in CHC, 5
Sterilization Room, Pharmacy, Dressing Room, Injection Room, X-ray Room, Dark Room, Patients Wards, Store Room (for drugs, linen Requirednewconstructionofsomeroom
and equipments), Counseling Centers, Administrative Office, Toilet (male & female) with running water facilities, Nurses Room, Cold (Storeroom,Attendantlaunch,Garage,PM
Chain Room, Immunization, post-mortem facility with capacity of 2 bodies platform. Laboratory services should be as per IPHS Room,staffquarters&needtomergewith
guidelines. There shall be rooms for other state run programs like TB, Leprosy, Ophthalmic, ICTC, Sickle Cell Anemia, ANC, FP, CNDC.
b. It should adhere to the requirements as stated in relevant IPHS standards. 5
c. CHC should have Blood storage facility. NA
d. Facility should have VIP room, furnished and equipped with hydraulic cardiac bed, pulse Oximeter, ECG and Central oxygen line. NA
e. There should be a dedicated room for visiting doctors in OPD. 0 Available only after merge with Prasuti Grah
f. OT, Labour room and dressing rooms should have tiled (glazed) walls to height of four feet to ensure easy cleaning. 5 Available only after merge with Prasuti Grah
3. Equipment and Instruments
Objective Elements
a. The facility should have adequate number of equipments along with instruments as stated in IPHS. 5
b. The equipments should be in functional order and have an up time of 98 %. 5 Required documentation.
c. All equipments should have insurance cover. 0
d. There should be appropriate mechanism for repair, maintenance and AMC of all the equipments. 0
e. The instruments used should be adequately disinfected, sterilixed and kept in good working condition. 5 Requiredautoclavestrip.
f. Utilization of equipments should be monitored on regular basis. 0 Required documentation.
g. Organization should have resources for ensuring skill based training on use/handling of equipments. 0 only demo not proper training
h. There should be simple yet effective Condemnation Policy for equipments and instruments. 0 under process.
1. Physical Facilities Not Met [NC] Partial Met Fully Met Remarks
0 [PC] [C] 10

4. Man Power & Staffing

Objective Elements
a. The staffing norms as stated in IPHS to be maintained. 5
b. Roster for doctor and nurses to be displayed. 0 Require display
c. Emergency call, Roster to be available for the core staff i.e. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists.
d. Organization should have resources and be able to demonstrate following trainings : 5
Managerial / Administrative training to MO / Head. 5
Programme implementation training to MO / Head. 5
Induction training to staff at all levels. 5
Job based skills training. 5
Special clinical skill training on minor surgical procedure, obstetrics care, new born care, basic life support and local anesthesia 5
Disaster Management. 5
5. Drugs
Objective Elements
a. A unified formulary based on workload, essential drug list as specified by State Government to be maintained. 5 No as per workload
b. Availability of drugs and surgical consumable to be ensured. 5
c. Availability of drugs to be displayed along with expiry dates. 0
d. Medical Officers to prescribe drugs based on the available formulary or essential drug list. 10
e. Medicines dispensed should have clear instruction on dose and schedule for consumption purposes. 0 only orally
f. Consumption report of the drugs to be submitted to the district authorities of the particular district. 5
g. Minimum balance and re-order level to be maintained. 0 6 monthly.
h. Lead time of sourcing the drugs and consumable to be maximum of 1 week. 10
i. Drugs shall be stored in well lit and well ventilated rooms. 0 No drug store put in male ward.
j. Certain drugs to be kept in the refrigerator. 10
k. The Temperature of the refrigerator to be maintained at 2 to 6 degree centigrade. 10
6. Transport and Ambulances
Objective Elements
a. There should be at least one ambulance. 10 only in 108
b. Local network of ambulances should be outsourced and linked to PHC / CHC block. 10 only in 108
c. Driver for the same to be available all the times. 10 only in 108
d. Ambulance should be in working condition all the time. 10 only in 108
e. Emergency drugs to be available in the ambulance. 0 only in 108
f. Basic resuscitation kit to be available in the ambulance. 0 only in 108
g. The Stretcher trolleys and wheel chairs in the ambulance to be in working condition all the times. 10 only in 108
7. Communication Facilities
Objective Elements
a. The center should have adequate stationeries for written communication. 10
b. At least 2 telephone (24X7) connections to be available in the facility. 10
c. An internet connection to be available. 10
d. Arrangements for a public address system to be available. 0
e. Organization should use Signboards, Posters or / and wall painting displayed the activities and services (along with timings) at the 5 Partial
facility and the important contact numbers at prominent sites in the campus as well as in all villages. These should be in local language.

f. Campaigns for National Health Programs should be displayed in the form of wall painting or boards. 5 Partial
g. Lay out map of the facility and signage shall be in vernacular and symbols to address the needs of vulnerable patients. 5 Partial
17 27 17 61
Percentages 26.98 42.86 26.98