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An activated Blackstone Fortress[1a]

A Blackstone Fortress is a massive starship of unknown origin, first used by the Imperium as a
naval base, then used by the forces of Chaos as a weapon of mass-destruction.

Six Blackstone Fortresses were discovered by the Imperium in the Gothic Sector around early M33.
Initial studies dated the Fortresses between 17,000 and 300,000 years old, however their exact
construction process is unknown. Most the Fortresses' systems were offline aside from the main power
systems. The Adeptus Mechanicus retrofitted their own weapons (the weapons batteries they were
given far surpassed the firepower of any ship in the Imperium) and life-support systems to the main
power grid, as well as a number of hangars for smaller craft, turning each Fortress into a primary naval
base for Battlefleet Gothic.[1b]

The Blackstone Fortresses were remotely controlled by Abaddon the Despoiler with the alien
artifacts Hand of Darkness and Eye of Night. Once fully activated, a Blackstone Fortress is capable
of breaking the barrier between realspace and warpspace, creating a beam of pure immaterium to
destroy everything in its path. This power can be linked with other Fortresses to create an even more
powerful beam, as was evident when Abaddon used two Fortresses to destroy the planet Fularis II,
and three to cause the Tarantis star to go supernova.[1b]

The Gothic War was Abaddon's Black Crusade to capture and activate the six Blackstone Fortresses.
He succeeded in taking three, but was defeated by the combined might of the Imperium and the Eldar.
The Imperial Navy and Angels of Redemption tried to recapture one of the Fortresses, however it
self-destructed, along with the three still in the Imperium's hands. The remaining two retreated with
Abaddon back into the Eye of Terror. [1b]

These two would reappear, 800 years later, supporting Typhus and his Plaguefleet in Abaddon's 13th
Black Crusade. They would later split up, each sent to reinforce the attacks on Cadia and Kasr

The Blackstone Fortresses were originally created as Warp-based weapons that were used in the first
war by the Old Ones against the C'tan and the Necronsknown as the War in Heaven. They were known
to the ancient Eldar as theTalismans of Vaul. To capitalise on the C'tan's vulnerability to warp attacks
the Fortresses were equipped with a Warp Cannon that could create a devastating rip in space and an
eruption of energy out of the Immaterium, powerful enough to destroy entire star systems. They have
since fallen into the use of the Imperiumand Chaos, and have influenced two of the most recent Black
Crusades of Chaos against the Imperium. It is believed that all but one of the Blackstone Fortresses
has been destroyed, and that fortress has been possessed by the essence of the Chaos
God Slaanesh since the end of the 13th Black Crusade in 999.M41.

Viewed from the top the shape of an activated Blackstone Fortress has warped to resemble the eight-
pointed star of Chaos Undivided (this is somewhat ironic considering the fortresses are of Old Ones'