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w@macnrran Aucaanta MRM ir t 5 + THE FORTHRIGHT SPIRIT by CHRIS MARKER Trae from " ALLAN. WINGATE 12 Beaschinp Pice, SW.3 Rooooo osoz § entrain Asani Me Part One ‘oe Acton ating. i gute erally noting. ‘There's the moet jst dove, when the alt Teves the ronmay, when 8 eetain quality of ena, some ‘hing tate abot the ght all eand It ses t lomotiie tt make of peeing foun Co ‘might «Bred angel slp aan of hil send Tedoe South, so rs bandage pot owe the es of & ‘cenaed an) and th tome sera, we {Be agora oy more ns ae Huck te er Tomtont grachopper + crue Betweat te two ‘omen now, you'd be ey to wea, hatte met whe tho tert Ie the roneay you were expsing the ecient, and ta ll the et a ae flint of sr Spin, ad yy ett mara oe ipa goa dep oder Sei ‘etn at to prevet you have ely to saya wort ch oat «Bad Sait takes So precatons. You are rosa throghoat the wile perfomance, bt ssn ‘ou ar able tors on toe stage, ope he dae. ‘wih fale Botta, ell at from the tse of (wate Teal hand tttovad with oddly tetasepheee {nto ceed bu, the mapa in ale far ay, aPmacen ie Gremanr5 ieee iva ther perfomance doping ote aude. And eres boing song. 8 pases them, thy tm Sake no mite tt th eng of wag fort toda Van Hen, Ho asta in very of er fccdent, You alae ave ky a every momest of | sae cre oe of hse Buren ad Ate fase very mio ite sayeth ett comet tnt the TRS crcl rund hi ike ans Thre so in nporant om But as som a he arab keno SILI heey bt tet hata cin of too 2 the moment ha Peed widostsnyciog Sut us Bena between ad hata | ing wg, th bundge dt oar ee ‘Fete eal ovr atthe cod of he Be, and ie | Shain ctetasinent undone down ts ns nk. qb hes opm om the sea of he scent Kom You are ave, you fg your dem. If syne fs Sst ct a my fn Hen aly ouyou wee appre, You deny; ge ney. xing he fall wight. Weer the news “Tie ment ofthe sees emeting fn he ps SEIMEI pe he's ove tly Forth ober sornhing st. somthing that ta Conga, sae abet pager ab sno mote aoe of hi 1 the {eng a wi oom forever. Tt a at moment Hass Sis dette with cath now ove, and ith im ht oe ito ow moto, that wo ea oes wil know asin me boat Bat Vaan Soa eet sys tht tee ight al ache Ee’ ote it le eat ja aboot fo fhe accident being oid, lege tine for paver, ‘ite ioc toa the ctor death Ont be one ‘The cambed aca merge nto the boundary of he Sete tke up hat Thi great sel of death . sic simmering Inthe sn. Noe aad ovement, ——_ghic all ofa sen ast ted every an o he Seaview ers SNS ices , Ei Eidinrsnmr deiner ms | bree en | SSRIS - Soho | MEER irewiemets 0 | BiSea tattered Sap ced me et reece remmnemn ea oh er i, at > Redcat amarmicnres AE ASE tin a Saye arene ere Pi mimic hee | SSSA See yt mat Smears eran socio c taiodic } RL Se Sire rian dw tno | ESS Reree ior mmr pop aa teock Van sen vagy mcs crowd of ropes ‘mutaneosy with the stapor ronght on by the ‘adned, vgged, urea! wot. The trek ate het lin wich eadened the rounds aoond Hin, he lr rrr fais mad phys! exataton, The scat ad spied "ef srs th ray tte bed one wing ed le rete ang former. Ths ng creed {he sing tet that Van Hien wall open av it ‘ret suopbagon a at tnt tome! The ise Seach jy hte im at every sie would be Stsoyed. Ano fw ete and tel ape, ‘nen og etwen hope ke cet ba site hlneteé hed, tyke t baby, al de by sla of unit on the mica, sein t move under the gt sally ving te Van ce pe fn tthe wing, moving and speaking” and the words Soke the pt th mst dle, te werd cae to We ‘again, warm and re, i Van Helens a Noting cane etween Min’ sad ha lft agin’ ih eet, hos en who eroded rand is {id barnag inte ant the a nv! they ceretly beled ut heck who prince! ‘Sled tnd sid: “Lag broken, tats ale ‘not or te ching ex f the tk say the wounded. plot One ofthe mee” aeked Atxbmly: “Sue yoo art cnyuhee cr" The Bt roped up on cao, Otyapan, Od nt cen form Ms ted, "Tc t know whats weg Aer A, i the thd ine ve broken i Avaya te same Hrs beng + tf ad fe Yn Fbea’s Bent. Aad Van Helen luge, pry by ‘ay of ecaowitpment oe pst. snd Prt) to sh (Oe acident tat ba’ pte ot “Te sade of the acs. Lowered ins, The typhi eat ovr thir machines, pecking a te art of the ‘por lke woodpecker, With one quick gest, thy TR ravenna Kurc rer Gt rr ees ni tee es of paper to ater wo Van Hs pe ah le he dy, oe Clrnon Ata ring tea vino Seam Slit, «poop ef wit sihoetes conned is fw trier The bby Orpnton eine Nao i pan Soe Yn Hen A ce ‘ovuine fac, "t bar Lager ered en ‘Yan ious si,“ oting broken, exept eg.” Tide tmgped er sho gy. Van Helen tow tints stag of Kon nb wie beng the laa al at evening A pt eda kt ‘San tat Ree wad a gf agin oor "No docin's boro takes abost replacing ti sich and Van Hobe who fat cde parol The we aba is vein” Tle" Hine mid "By the wap, we gt a snewege yo Soe ted eWay ‘Ding na the Contest ins? Von Has dt soem the nae Thre wat mo Sone he con ik os "bir Jery Stn,” ad Hee, roe preci. Vas Hen walled slowly ito som, Jot no, cms wy otf he ered lat tga be fev alvncing trad the soony’ Uns, rage Tenn nd stdin hn, Pad ged a ache tarot he comclores i surrey had {Event sway. Now wth he peo ery was back Guu it's nw and ovevling fie Th mage Sed sents sce wh eye Teciveds apf war hs own ein a he ai owugh Joy's jn at Jey ad en when he Bed ‘onthe fit to arve bei is plese, the "Lady Sorpbo" (Van Helen wae no Joga an, bot there ‘wert crn order inthe anqoeot of hits). And ow thre was no sopping The ‘michgey ck ory, ea opt ging bt if to bake wat der way, moving fot and faster, cen aed pds Stand then ordre, gathering. at tp seed, People bd events of th or repo Kid, ct ‘eng of remmblanes an soaace sete Jee, Van ben, fret sve yer old lt sad ‘ar her, beglaing to saertand, a he Bost vo Fight says tat the ine for Besing ents sd ine fret ttre bt thes, stig his ck ‘amping an itpepred wear, and laning po fn Atma Bath, fn rom the daeig sy the Tear the woods the fewer. The marty tose taafomed tats hepa Aad the tee ‘stoning youngsters, Jou, Dani sod ery, ada: ‘ly wraping him op la he dank of thir myeogy, thir own fate, hi gre aad the taf ‘A continaoas ge Wie grown-os lay witout Feng it, mini ie exetl Here Oyht ‘erate Pasas Pipe oo te top of brad, he ewe ‘coral tho past of he Utaly Tre whith she Jay tothe whole ng te Sentry sees smtking them aware of With the tne to belp in, ‘Van ten eter ita te gut, aadcroed ade tot, Jeny called up the dad wth th td ol opal gis, tod of Dail, who ated then woot Stan a tay append. Pyeoene, Wace Waken Abraham Ligon. And Dawn, Danette (eres short ogi’ toe place in Van eben smear, fr be wanted to remember 0 mare of ber {Bon ht fc, th Mae of br tet). An Joe—the rane rig th per ied hm —wbo evoked ‘Theat grap of dead tthe pans Bac, Coops Ditech" Gie me the Continental ‘Aer alee ae only te thing ase i be Hee Van Helen, ce fn mal serie’ te face tl Davy concern not to aggravate Ue Gel, ond ‘hee at had etre no Rim hongh i wea save hin, "Temp “Happy Chrismas “Yogi a igen?” ‘hee al word, ie’ “ben an guages yo agi, you an? What ze you ding?” Gp an agent, casing my Brag acing the nytrn of te ets Keep fw fr me ‘Am you fe fortis evening? Cate and die in the mew" ‘What ithe fo diner ‘Don't kan Couldnt care ol, Whe thre for dene” ‘Don't be a fol Tl nrodsee you t an ext esdany pe" : BLT eat et Bi, Whats fr ane Eiht clock in th al Service mse. Dow ore, son o ty pli, He's eae Ka ‘Yn oko f yout plot Tike Bid ots, do you bet decor, Deeds nests” "Yan listen pt bck te mse and sted vp. Or rater be unwound inl ew sake twas Jory won, who had aicknamed hin thy pythons, Jos clot squanly the things that men bull and only = In tim he Flying Dutch, Van Hen leas de Suc ae foe thoght of M. Je Diretat, The withthe en iatodaring Kn to Tory Keb wat ‘ye tnge broke ty single aod ange aly srry to bes mame ofthe Unoly Thee war af (oe the town, The Koper oft doubt, Wang {Bose rac often, Fortis rae o ilove, wich Afait was mop ts brow and ses In the dance ‘wil go any, is capable of anything, ele in SESE Deeacar's white shone im the lp Bay ‘oy, ada in dest, whom act to be trindow. Van leben ses inthe distance douse Ignorant of hat ti hat nosso fon,» Kid of Repeated ie Black agent 2 white wall He ‘eperianocnc. From te iteray exe of Pe to the {Bins “Doubs haope” doe Mle Die. nd (ptm des of Sion, Van Hesen hed ee acre 8 foctic Be tks in each, be mes Bot the do ‘oseand stp to tate the stb of thi ace Tome keeper, wio ie an aoouth, igooaat flow, Gt en, cae, te ale fe Bats goer (howe ak 3, Ye Dieteor) ot seman ‘havior, In vain; Dawn Joel apd th tof th mpeie Tn any i, Me Deter has disappeared ‘rman inital, Ute Kain, Would bebe hereby {ithe bay window He as Bada sudden de > {gh The wether wa all rit. Van Hchen picked sp Shake bat withthe expe ite eon whee ae {Bee coprts agin. Vish Far, Windal The ent ‘it Anna inept tates Light of the Date "lane pane at bur oc tes which le is se sglyipernent, Bot be Toure. onthing fr Toarae,..“Whet's the ts owl gees, ‘There's a lt of eos work form for Touran? ‘mang is pcre te, In tesco place tees "One ames, M. le Diets ‘eum trent ie woe, even in tongs ight" Van Halen breathed igh. Ose moment. Rade Dist, tack in he Dict’ chat, bei He loka at the map abstracediy, then oot of he ‘ating the es opors again, (9 ot a good example ‘dow, Mle Dect king at th tap sd roagh Tel apres eros ‘Be window. Salty evening afer «ae day: Saigon vale wih et, fanned only By the movers ofthe ‘ekshews wil ce nee Eke ects vague doings ong 33 was cating twelve days! march fom the hing trogh the torpor. Mle Dior exes ie ante vlage the suet male wile, tat =, ‘power, To thie drowsy stmcsphec, i gored fe {eth wee plonty of enenpnents round aboot of rong ind repost repose fr te mal, OF nes whe wee nore or lest sobdedy ore ora {be Sec, for tt allt ly wold that a0 ae ‘iste, bu twa ner to kp te at iste, Van Soe, a wo peopled with ester acanges with oad ese had but anemergeacy landing rod thre ih ‘oul and sow, ze gor, seed fg ‘ici tihng and at to goad Thre had ben TrAmac TT 1 Awe ATTT {he re men ino yar The iat ad sapere, ers sapped tat he had edo wach te age eh a nd nt ith ad ‘et some charming epi or 3 pay of "han ot inva sor cua tv's are any evapo ‘ppt nt srt fay: The ond hose ‘sp maak with hsb fa ceases ot clea ‘ton, te reer bad wim ny case, es wee Sor ste edie her, Age te, had bon stoabaing for tre than ses nth ebuilhat.The ‘at apply ‘ane had ped sy fo onthe Beto, A ne then he fev bad cm wt whale bot tl, toseson for no dae compl seat oo the aio Suge, wich seni fo ins toe about ist, Aspe ed ovr a aren tact sland «pk ectaage ono ape a eed Gagne Tobwabetomumove fre at ene had wants ore hag that was hole to ie alten The 2 a wt oaodary igh, iy baste te bce et {ve hin the rrr But he dat dae toch thse Smee edo ish be mea ‘enenber that he war sbppeed to be loin aes tte Words dar and pci, th achat te of wich bad bee forge, ly job and ecfend S {is memory. Fr two monty be End ten epesing to ‘ia he convertion be ba Yad with te at at {>and therethe list oan cnt he ha Ea ‘at rm th hp seam f th reo lc ‘Bnd sever, Now be con no Inge ae ase te ceneratn. I had psn By to ee ie was ike «mechan oo of coi, He hed ‘rete ood Ba be fat can centate on it any are He cule fallow i. Fora Sear Ate Se ined a prey to ecieopeia, And nowt {a tis conversation, he wes oo longer here He wast ‘3 sod wae of Hs pln, is oma wordt ‘rs no longer be who prosened tg, ben longer ‘lonrced than with hina I wae sate who Bed eppedoot of the shadows of hie mind and rested ‘nentoooly the words Age knew be tad open, Siany of eter Son bo would esti conta! 0d saeaiaglas dogs tht was always with Min He ‘ould sor th pl, jv and sweaty, iting in font kth stove, seaing it he soe, napa at Sk ke a ages then opage. Tina be would se « ry ‘Shadow tr bck to en and spent the ple {ep taking a ages fom the shadow, fe shadow ‘ecming vel tered ap white Dod Heh (co te bobact, moles, and te het meweng lh {he fret, elythe convertion eal the convertion Ccusecly repaid, let abd lew coerce mops tof, oft on off et tl of, the convertion ‘capi hi ikea wot ah the shadow becoming Sek, {he shadow bocoming Agyre none and es, te ‘Shadow becoming bone, Ayre tring bis back on fuoher Agye chang avd laghing withthe pst ‘other Aayre tal in Goto he Age wh sine, ‘Aer of Shand lod, with mind, ory a8 Sead rel eye, Jey lake round the son tcl sa tat wat hi ath Bedroom with an ir of stuctonArong the ‘al cbjece of his tavelsthe tater ded erate raving by Niclas Mana the ted bnardresod in tage simpy andthe raclevring machines be had made et of saying at al of mates aad om Savings rota? suons Jn Slgon Made Seeding caveat, paying iu of paper make ‘heap china, ie jade and rey ures, ak ‘Slearednewspeper,enbreidere ierpton Ia wich ‘ch ehaacte lead ike th imp weal the ‘Mle thing confoming at nays posible to the (tee stndard of te baer for Weslo Deane they ek veybing there "> pctarsqe™ This scene of Hoty gare if a0 ato sme been e Boat and a sant, aad mingling sy with tes the etome ofthe don al wh ha et Jey’ be in te eaty hae of the ering. Siting ‘side tho Bera, Jey trned over in hs tid the (te ha elect’ for artes ft i aly nd ‘ghtySzcuoos be bad bad saves aval ety ‘courging for my ede he hgh, a hat ie {tozend yea’ tine the Ameteais bebe te ‘eves, try may’ beg to get an inkling of what Ana bit ction sept On the eer baad ty be peiod to know tat nt eps of he Ind Chtse (he Jape esl compete hartaiane "They oo etc thn you ae," had been the cornet of th Worthy Lu Alcanmest a ad wall be ete, ‘Azd that ase Ate ly I shld ti Jol hs {aoght me ing fo abot ne, iit ui, but T uadenteed thing, sbetely nothing, of what Shey played me the oor igh eacpt that it ar ctl he previtone of Ms ey when she's Sronk And the wry = st smig! "in toosnd year, Me Stone, th American wl Dg dental” And the Frock?" "A Ue oe, ‘waly” Nataly! Th som of Bht Abd te {ihe filow wits ema "Can you repeat hs te ford, Mew Stones MA" "Right ML" "No, Me em, th’ ot. You ay 3 Wal Ma” "No, fas ME and he peo a, cabing ‘ih nies and compliments: "In a thousand yas, Jeon, na totuand yar you ear wl bei get efi” MAA? No, MA Ay Mi» Stones aboot es men can't have rcch pit in is county. Any tow thats oe ide ot What abot heros The Fest al the sly rkarbras he azar fox Wesem tonsa, te ivory sta tought st Chal wih a "Made ia Geonany "trade mar, and sth’ gi, vot er yen arate aad be aia te eso of (afer who ld te te story of ber cod {EeBrun, Tints he Oe, Nevermind we'll eal fiat Betton el pover aad eal fret, Btwn the ‘day beh of Annie ciation ad the power of tie Dosa, etn the bet poverty of te cas fs the deans of Americans, re se Pes. And ihe eof the Pos, declase ery at 08 bly 00 ‘he bedside nap, Tlaning Bt sem beet om Oe fot [So form sound each cen a wold fis own tat ha to connection wth tho wel, Hee se false soe towns they bl dating wart to prot thera 006 ‘Tats how the gromiae want #. And trogen Jerry cea oa ost anand hse With i une frit om hi hed enchanted it everyting. Saigon yng tothe sift, witout seta, and Jey Thibngs toe sy te ght, i kona of nap ofthe ton, th weight fa unk of mei, the prospect of undirtandng everything ina thew ya time the falar remit, th wie ed, ‘Be body of» pety gi severing the company fn aide pt = And beside, Van Hise hada't {ci him what thre wold for dine, Pethape tere realy woud be iret Wel, what aout that eport?” Va Helen raed. ‘The thump of ito he able ward en ot is serves mee ce edge, toogh bv had't noted the ‘hang omiag- He did't wast n work Bel opin 4 te of ancy but he Kaew hit own tact to ‘hing Thre tba sara sews He sensed it ‘wih evry ere, 5th every ie f is bing, That ere? Ta ly sir mopped is ones, hel oat «bande of doesent, ti he wee linge Pep The Tern et ae 7. Tagine 3 an oar om he prt ofthe ret pope” vr. sounded By iocmpetest" Van Helen ‘marted. "Pytowike, hie right Baad darted at fenely Monin fe Dist “Give te the ber eps “Hore tay ae, Mone le Dit Water fae Wester tne, Can, Sh wind. Sight wind No wid. Steph mind Way sil? Bier hori vt. Stght wind, Moderate wind. Lok ont its cing... The stay ted fo rake blast ot Wind a at Khong, moosiar le Dicer. So that Tel Thats foe, Tank you. Wind si. Theor no danger ove Toren, a afte nes. = Wind Bn Hees Rew "Yoo the oan who's nil) Yo ve given se hs rng report. Dida't yolk at the tine “Te seaty prayed with ll i Beat for some colton tat might gv im te chance tat ight of ‘Sving ie Discus Baby fom cei det thas ‘ang hi to rpin hi etsm. Tre, he ft rey Clpebe of saving snyone rom oti det abd an Se Mle Dieta aati, ie Direc was himself sre! at sang. Te torte hme tee was stm,” Jol ued say. ed nd pate unde our" Tie wlpbone. Repel for Kong ad uk" The cretay id tose hs hnout by aing toward the de. “You stay bit eld Van Helen sory camly. A et of coal alr see though the rom. At these Inoment at att etry wae toring Bi forse, the dctor® fet enaied owe even ote TWlniy onthe Sk he python swore by al he eal ‘Svs and shook the pone, calling dow at at ‘ihe be beast the alert "ale thie dwn! ag narast wind, Celt leas" Van Hen aoe shale te word A). at fra orthwarde. Tha’ al ak yt” ie hang op "Is nt clear enh” oem yor ald he suru, leskng word ' Yo He lode thin with empty He taew aay tn a ee Win bs Soe pn aah ‘nay sae ed nt th fo Sir hee pee asd Bat Sore tics Dad" eats yet tee meses Ap Sop ‘Snore ec gee «tae SSPE STi alee ee or Fine bus oe woe, aes, fen ae ne, Yi ae alts ae va of sh en sep ‘Sess tg te eg Sat They tnd Serhan co Gra intestacy cen tie ‘ciety asd pdr et "Di ie pon {he weney wn sug wnt evi, Saya cle, “otra eRe a id nk a dol he et A aap ele fa ne SSCS Sry fetes ws St Jeng tncelng’ macnn snd ‘tite. Since midday, no earir.... Stil, storms had vio up mae sd thin tha An oped o8 he pute met ppl, Baars ict fe trod hit rk on the ap. He Anew Kobo's teaucy el enugh 1 her wan anything wrong, be (SST Wile te Sge rn Bat eB ea ge aie, You nnd he ars ot of rd, tn. ordre No, he antigen (pci atten why dt Keo ell p iil, Geren) An onigh pts. As vei ob Be erst tae naan ret oo Ket past. AN Oe ep he prt tn metry. An overt on Gols fe probaly hs past norm. An Xi charg of EES tears cet forte eatin of aoe? hate bau to get ng. Tnbece, Co ta hr to contact HE at oo nfs was Keo Te totone tl ein sing Cj whch the cent fire i th wie ge wth pacer ont He casas roots in al ie ‘ant alent tence, "That about Touase? What te bell ae 00 o's ely Me Diet. Listen your” Poppins td ence. Croing ed Hay me Tyres nothing we can do, 1x probably the ta strat” Van Helen sted Sem, fa of bls Uke a8 id it of ath The tehing cf und At the end of is cate of = Soom sic tnt “-Tosrae? Wl, whats he wether?” sh ‘Van Helsen without any preamble. _ “Viet som” Tie ede wre gue a. Th sce we een ctl ed Sta rt angen, ne “By Be mek, a en tao Neh ie Wt stat ew Paced bts 4 te og. oehng Vin Hehe bebe sph eet Dut voce std "fecha be at Hat by om" {estan Eaily tke ap ith hong of Kes, seep a me 2 Rope Ka SS Ab, Sign, Haves ent No, oe sed ay. ing hig ig ew Fora lng tne sow Keko ad bee oking a tesa. ‘erween the pre coast y the forge of te ing sun, and he Eecaroud of gy sy, Tay ie ake Fucker sot thongh wth dite moving Bae Te tendo. He loved thse dk Tandinge when tbe Scat an he on sted together. Aor of eave (Sim ait or you on the gros. All sounds ate ‘ene The pope the ronway Dave thee Work slay, af your retara wast the fom ‘ine obiguton, For one eveing, the, sine pit ‘ana ae lure, wd eae of te eave ICI! ihe ueeepoceas he adopts e working fine ‘ER a te town cr, the schoateacher andthe shop. TORE te tne fo Knock ofr hin no ess haa for {ieponce at these, ofthe park tenant He irom werk tat all The ds mas the ed of Sage intesade of ett ot ke toe moring LER, The night soar to Bea stage in tet. ong Ehime aw; Bat the end ofthe rad, the sal PuR a oe ook back over the whee oorany. Tt Sri ements, won be found Minself most hay inica wih te ptm of oer peoel's work that Reo hd th ng of having fos fo lear. “kad saa wa cen He ft tin it ‘acta barman betwen the very eae of the pe trenng and wn thoughts which, tgs ‘Sik pp weber aown abn ia fr Tee. Yfom, be thous, And be sng tly thins Uefa a outers ot oy. mth negro aes, We iseene or fot the RADDA Ther was jst on iy tat te hy might nd wit anyone being EeTatc edvntage od, to cof, by her es lve of ean amasty Oat fhe ce TEESE of quitcnn wot they be wasted AL HEL" sinely theagt onder and nos, come Ee Ns ods “Dow he, Only, dont 0" He TEE s nme a be lobed In ut, wel wash ‘magi Mees wth 2 wer in his atone, TREPET Te baclikeehe pe in thes, whee that eee sob Tans gil was wang forsee SE polch op my left honk Wiener 4 dhagreabi Femary seared ts ea, elo trata ok ge |e hog of wlens jot ab ba Gn ie lence to ccpe the nrg poe Fin buh. Van Helen's nite eto dine tht sls oe pay. We gr end Von cs tod en ft ie er ord fem wal te tees Abit of lk A Bo ak far i too Wit nas ony 2 guaton of hn ing Bom I Wk Vdhave Lilet him by sow." Don't Oddy, don Be vies duces, bathe Gy Taal the Dc commer aact if he mand ay setogapl be Sgt cant hve ret ms" Don a The emary that nies ded th al fot fo Kes apy fod. These eveings winnie exly thing et tater the joy of ng iss, wel- eed nd all tsar nots, Ones by aed see teen {> tnasoen el, tome ngs Ae dos of the Inacaton and he sel thick Srna mak om eatig od wich one a to value above evrything ce A Tapp aierece esha oe I therein ofthe pps goth here {est manors it nln the bay wei Sng 2nd, for he mana ce os opened elo wach th at fling. It wa for is that be ad ed he li tw th had os stems tly tht he bd ded Nef th fe radaace of the poplin ine sm To oltre the sordid mercy of Soh, the ang of et ‘hil To gin stud he ght of a a at se ng He tte te csi of aby TENG pe ell A oop tat boat and le aed wp spect ow oe ‘pon ise ut bd mh Tit a Beivarmat be ast Tiegh heey, $20 ted og sce craic he rl guy of wa ‘Tog eed int ht a tin or, 0 recede eae by seeps i, Bye Fos ert, bcksho pop Hoo lad grove OP Tak ceyh ofa pr ont stein omar tt ‘Hu Er thee woo oop a ES ow rst had be ed vest ad Cee oss at var nota eat Ions ST Lae Rtas sonal t pie of omen. To Soi a ton re In SOr‘Gur ind ter pear ee io Seto gy, ud tei ero wal Ofcom Soc pote a sot hw endo ‘Sunbelt, fmt Yor ma iba ors ie boning op hese ot Tie put ut tb ad a He cont ‘Stealer hi lf pc dead elite oof ‘Spon rca sly Rt wit eee ‘nal mod be eter aia ones orn cnc, ian te pul gt oo no ly ag Set ovn ant by ig he net S22 Pana nt Ret wet ep Be 2s Wing hat het ale es ty Tea Tian then etd ed he wt hoe Traete a Tier T me Ven fon. The T Slots de atte. The ope fe P oe ‘Then the ll aga omer then the sla Baga to Instat Hakan then the sy sve the seat are ‘tied aod poy A ston tht nn den ses or nfl wing wih gest oar of fares Grams. Kelso hardy aoe aa eyetiows he headed for ‘Tare wat ony one thing that had ne st i ely for Agee te fret. Iwas fl of strange shadows of ‘maginary teat sakes, telnet wat, but fspecly Sof cptantHephans, at's petty ‘2row. No forests without ephans, veryaae Kaows that Ty ive at ese among the rare tha wate ‘Aged understate fst cen Be ad ost the ange Hardly was out othe eet, rly tow than te fund Hine the md of ‘tao coor ke a thon thst we the ‘alls peop of fret dene a pled wp eget the ‘alls he pb gure, And lst of ter foes {skzown tte town wore ere, exvestoppig. ing | wal, ptnt, ready to ebterate Jour tack, t ead youn after wim, Bide yoar semi, stk {op svay from ender your fot. Nota ges, aot ‘nee Betmyed them, tat ewig, prose sence othe ng, broken ony by th ing wound of ht UE dash, Now, cut fg hi sy poner of te feat wih had eloed taconite dex estan, gyre knew ht hs fe was tld a hat {he depen dnb spt of Be ong, would ete erga of dn 1 ha ae ae ASEUEN tout Who! He tld have son soak SeBEhe cue om es Age Heth gested Tipp pore. Wins ee wen ye flu?’ He tian’ wnt, por chapy that x Cath eae tk ince pnd om hn by te fe by te ‘So tat sone, Made fwd it De se sere ft ord, at pyr of Te Teed towed lott eal see = oti or agunt he at and heed AE Soni Ba with oy, Tho’ be ely fo ped he Tae res te plot hr im the soe. SES ee owe woe king Aye see {0 ger tha ely Habe 8 Ho could ee, ‘San he ess nerd ayy ae Ppa be tats wight 0 tn epatpst. SUE al eng aunt the Bk, Te ter Seve nee ing ti, a wes (io red let eae sme fa Patil ey te ver pedis eles. "Ran spe and he ou be tre Toy wel Best Tn jes dens bu vet i fot and alld at Stung, enton alin Tay mt be a aie bo Eyes cee, Age wale ot ‘Slut en igs te war an ary Aa seat era ino ete win oan, ie anit eat uu Hep. tn rin he EepSite po dotherag tying etal be ‘shal ise id hy det, Tot tesa, be nage fo ih hs exe ering fo woe He bed opie The a elt rth a hat wt sing tae Rn Sey. He had walled He ws saved Then be opened sje a ood ht he was war ett fale, ‘in cacy the to scfm thet, wilh the ts fers al tling tote pt an the ad ‘here was a0 raf. He wes ace, planed tthe ‘Pound ping and going whenever be epee ae South, beter call unger nen ease be ‘Sal ne ogee ia. Hepat in ed eke sina of sept dnc fat of ns He ss tere a te tne set wee te cept sold ‘uh hi, bead to bead, song a aan toe, ‘tht thaner ofa hasan sq of cea ‘ah tt pct ase ais Arta arm. They thong hy edhe tore ‘it tat ceived abd. Tt mt dls obs ta ya the hr onthe mon. Te rw sekng uh ‘Te cs was coming once Ske aprechng nie nly it war he herd ht ws coming, pt ony Svancing. Tre fing oma thc tea enced ‘lots ding hen eh embrls te goed the They a gurl ne on he tp of had ni te eur eats fo. Ths octnds of fe de te ‘ch gon. They aval Boog Ge din Tey Stampa. And the two tote seed thre tle ‘intag 8 we 2 stm Hallo” sid Jey, examining the sky fo ie Dateny, "ping fin HK as wane, Me Distr. He's in he fom, tat opt ow cveyhing’ OK. W's pectin Touran." Tsp i tah wih Bim, Sigal Be paon every spare of 39 boo." "Yan Hien a jst ave in Indo Chin, avg wun cll there by someone he had pawn nt wa. Ho poet for rane Paie sine wick wold hie Astra and North Atma aad are te wale ‘be Far Eat rae going to sak ist can betwee SJepen tthe os set of Annum. Aad th mal = YE pow, in ater exoingstmorpere of slander nd ony. venting ws aginst, ‘Dio, etd ott sapeson. Everything Was ‘tice pint giomacy, competion, the mow om, te gh of lf deternation, th sae te ‘Bal and potion! serey The apparent nndesacy ti fgoent of oe, wow iglesce could on ‘ope be judged again te peeve of he wise [oft st wb Van Hele an purpose, cpm i fo ily. The mpeg as con ‘Toei by soe se Teh, by fhe cle. by (Gite smoltonation at Anglo-Saxon, and by toe rh iran w Bahr On i at Pot ‘Vanes spat nth be USS, wih tov conceal aah Be noid ative partspation ia foil and ete aio he Comintern aget who ECD Sen cad legally id at rake ngs a9 lt To site ofa iy, Van Helen went on ving ‘plane, baling aid, and tabling bse In ho wis, taping tem with fancy names which wae geste to the ear bot wh pony tated the ‘were that, I ass in Suge tat he had bad flere Yor za emergency handing ground fy “lemetes orth of petty ste Peach bre nd th technics roared wth Lge, ot kong tat the French Sl, which war pret scat fe arent fypn, would be nese forthe fourongined maclors Uae Va Hen intend forth tip tn Spey ten yea’ tine. And when tat moment came, wld ‘ease for hin fo elt i Bean to organi = "os sri forthe passenger. Hs option for smadae now well eblabed, bo lerged test, ludlag” speomets, "quelling istgue ooking for se "Rd who was van tro year nerfs nortrn (hing, fad come tot i witht eoting fom 8 ews ayer. "Porte ft te Jo Sago # Matas the ‘ecdtyngBideman” And thee wat on enoucing otaprap showing ths Mackaon banging by hi fot from & spew atacod 0 Hghy aprotble ono plane." Bot wht pt!” Rody Rado We dot fran any clowns in or aioe" Van Hen bad Framed is reps. After nhieh be had lowed nel {2 be drgaed to th sleet deter ‘Sered heel othe dation of he ple Tel ‘tthe plot od indeed inp Ii." Whats the ep in toach with im. Van kn hi ad on Se twephooe, smeared i all Hs fit sgh of Kel, In the sin bud merely flected tim pony, Even 1s lading, bse Ike & Geat Dane's is boys ac, sdb a, ha ot mmole ‘Mim He ha ha sh angen wth Renesas ay ‘nd ques: Ionan who dieaned of taking he ‘ice as lot and reproaced mn fr bee beping foo ist "When Mar brake irae el by fae way. «Kelp defend hin oping in fhe sume ots aera eying hse with in ‘eaiody impesive way: "Iles only got to cag fe, Tow down at that momest, Tal 1 know ‘tad the tne be ng on fo he erat le were at of cnt, Van Been ws sanding Bde the flag sod ad pled he hand on the ovat. Te soa god" the ly he baat pet he (geass And the was art of afertate othe ‘Tins be had ened t Kolo dif. That sol was the soll of thn alle ia France woen al the Bi rit were ke tis one wlngs vibe sod anit ‘ew, webbed between the ain The beri ys whe ue spent o's tine Ss warm hangar ting the ‘il eapnesmoantod on tet tie Hinds Wie ote the aerat tated sony inthe est. ‘Toe shining, pimp, inet lke ftdagey the cass sured over the Woden seta, ered unbelevahiy Tah, mircslooy ingle ke aaked bay, and poe. ‘ud in teste way of tenga seed bend hem. An spe prod, itapatd and snaundenn, 1 pov eebected vt tly in hoy agains ad poplar wed, with ther tse oto se ‘at wit farboyant mating agin cal he, And ‘Ever tine of gat expt, Bray day a aw ror asset up. Quaties of ba erste were dasged Cer it a. fan, conqueror ofthe sy the dean of Tears, nity tyoor band eal, Wher wall so snp ma al conten hat one sl a at stout incne and he fre ofthe lg 2raple Between man aod he godt in which bo ls never Tri over Tousne, M, fe Dicer.” HK. Va Hen bad looked a he figure of Keb smerng withthe sienng. ld ached cra an Be flowed the Wall of that fongoten sel eng a Sage fem the pat the ving image of hms just Toe the ast Sr, te aoe Ut hd cared Bit SEeward ke a ave and had broken on th ore of Yrasoua Pipe. twas Mo own tap that be ete, eh ‘rooght him bck to the very spot art were, where he det someting. Now fa he others a 0 30 ute youth standing motile tht, tll iden Under the shadow of the wing. Van Helen ew tht ‘eto wold fad He was gute cra wi ee ‘jon all presgalian, hat els maton be rege of (betas adentre, that be, Va Hen, bad cme tere {weave im, Ua be bad he ph tet ing. Tay rere by den, othe dete Beach tngnge tig the dey and wih the nk of thangs tense ‘Sado. Van Heenan his youn brother bide the fhe cated maciae, and Van Hen at te pon, «A depart sympaty poss in. ‘Aeey be loted at Ren a teagh ty had had ‘trags,achievement, jy in commen, a og he ‘epew evrything about his He el tat he oa pak to hn ono speaks to those wth whom each word tbe sae common chor sis up private allan, ‘eore that bave brn sare tele, Pom ten eveything wis pe a8 saga ee renaibd was aot of soprano ak aboot rence el generally pling hm inthe etre, which Dey ‘rou ent inf for he fon of, thon Being taken [by ke finds who’ ply a Being tanger, Hie fo spe exchanging tice passwords oat af ae Sirs, baring sncopsoed one another «long tie ‘ore. Rody tad soppd forward "Taisen yong lotto." Thbeveing a doc, i ye Van Hees tad say snd) ring tarde Kes, ed hin fo Ue fast tine "And i you age, Intex ola, Kel se tere i root of hi ia sete ale, hale dba, spell oneal, Van Helen tad looked sa tem fee, tose wid Tl eet He won nevi be ale o test tat Sf yoangter as mere tl od the ck wae et Van {idles would never at iat he ndcipgnve ay fe any ht ben wesking with Him. but be died Snpesng condone "1 ake es” Kelso loked Stim sare, is epesquesoning, = ite on Ge ‘hiesve Van Hen lanched out You ng & ‘isles Mi bat you're earing money and you's {nich you wil aye be under odes and in Which athe one who gives tam. As forthe fate, i ast + big question mane. Wo'e got pactealy everybody tai oe Tomorrow wo say Sd sive eos, ‘Our rote aren't fed yt. Aciets and deaths wll Catal modieatons "Wat do tT wan fo ay? ‘a yn te evn of ess stab, one tan ‘noon only: Sl whch wold ta, for Jou Stating tan atch aga AI Oh ys you as ‘ae gh arp ou fn eat aba in 1a ke his we cat ony oat what we re. The "Van ten ge ore oid * What 1 wast i soins bt i te troehoy. I Jou've {ny Ids of wit war, youl tadesand me Kel teed, wining is Yeehad Van Heben Gough: "If b's not ety what | gine Bi fo bebe tm down" Keo at stayed Hoye ad been leaving fac In th sch ‘The lator fad exzuaped him te th ove. Van Helen ang tia ise ad been seceding the as had flere hr 2p. Mu ad ele "You snr, Miter Van Holo, at my age. No offence mea, ‘Mister Van Hse. Van Hen tne, What uated fr Ma ow, wa hat rent ph afer ach prrmatce, hati ta of vaty povided bythe it of five baad pope caning thr nek, Without is bie wold ave been emptied, woul ve appeared ato gulp apt oe fa alt ‘ry tne be eft he cack, war 2 hoe moments that he war rely hist aun hte entered ate Xm, lod owing bk to cramped iA fot Ae ish mechan, he bad bon ett He tng the ‘acs of tr TodbChins nate fo Kal, be went {tof is way fod hw sermmodaten, ae {oe te ramp ggg = aly be a Mae ad efor Arica Keto ted te fet mai lane {em Chins Van isin bad son fhe serv ng fSape, opposton scene, vidary speach. Woy Rady” "Jat wat re Be” Rly ‘os ny. Te vas abot hs tine tat the ews ‘Browne he death of Maclabn, the sel sot i snraft d stald and pan "an Hee reared al hs ih Bis and on the tetphooe At tes be had Tepoacbot Maal or is {Beadp wih Rao. kw al abot the spremaey tf te wt the da of eg, and of the way ih the mind adopts ane dacs es of afc, Tom sg ots fom choc. So what was te {odo aking co newt, aking coef mote ver Str oreoer that wes ot is les He was asi, (ute conay to mini aera dane tween ‘Scteage sth Not on of ty pide, any feng of sort. Hla mtoes wis bt at of the Hens cit who coclempe for is men bea Sid with sper family Re ae ais fom 2 thie fr ecclesia rfl to reveal thence emai, For Van Hela knew tat on Gat ‘Ev even cole oie ad xcs. Te wld {him wiht soto dane ty know atone oft taltguen having aes mistake, should babe © Sap TT know Va be a eh» 28 wal eng Fe to him a wens oat Pt if oe bu opt eden, eos shold roves ealy that gat of obs {Sates the ight fe weld be a to xo [aint ate sorb so of mpasonp, to walow dine nu communal tth of belle of Chae, {Srchangsconason of wean, However datos: ng semi yo ak down o xno you iad aa deo it tn ob no i mah athe toe tens ok fc fede wold Fake ie vrei. Va een Ise to anh sito te oer who neal {ay feria wth he hoops, cts cen then, back inhi oir Stes pone sia Howe of te toga acon othe men "Whit seat in?” Tht well evryting Ya Hen thought Te oly je ht whe totaly areptd. And ot lo ad for iags so comple avng no feeds. ty "ep Tonia me pci tannic hey hae oat toate Ao fore, mo fed ne cm inn Ando Van Hon op i fo bt The pe Sn compan. man wb cotatly ing on trek your on th hem wel pee wit sntinenta Hi wor ec tne eras Tic ten thos ying hoy hs wou pu n,n te bye, He dt tk for er at seni, inthe Pups, nag rare set the ata es sae: cho aa in he ‘ice wih Bisson hy Inmet enh tye, fin sb Deoa, shah ray tat SEs soot goeion fe sumed te cay cnt wth im, at dn toc oo ie oven ‘hin pond tin sad whch be dt Knew what Sp stot wich bon ot fn ad suck al vps tite tmetage tht» nd a might el out fascey at he might hw at wha tot [ecard te fo one be wld hi meshes win the innocent Wey ae ¥ cao presred bin fom bu. He pled the ma Sitoe"tnongh al ots of eater wth he ane Eemeotd face, thr sme shy cary gh, The oly {ingest the Stk, and at fear fie Min plnge st sigtying, dean nto the alors a: tan wih arf beg a torts Spe Fr nt single tang Zw egeds puted by danger Un te faroved mark SSE redo ta now ste ta np. Ven isdn fd ren watching tale, He rad Kel's fice nist ora 5p ashe might ren = et ct The ous war there stvng almys t Bont ‘Blo He over it to" Van Holm toot rhe dent ale. He ibs b's solving Be free him” Aad be wood ek to im geal, Stooges wounded comrade. In hima, detected Sips news rt of gt nie te Hs was ovine by thn presence which war eso eval own a ol Riot, wh Sts aot te contgoed to rogers and fos. For (Sia be wer svave tht one of i pio exited at fejond all he ropor and cash Boss, he was ee {eatin ints beings histo. Tats Matt mat be He bsvag on, be ugh witht Tg Ante he hanes fs cs nd eons Vn {Hdbn avaye fk one ene spot a uring, Sng on ores amines are et win knoe a uvane fon movement 00 ‘Bendre bo portorns ton any fing of ad ism il coma a is wt ower be foot toy Thin puss And sway execs mes uD ‘Boag tor. Thtagh Reo be dnc is orn aman wekaet, he cick nis ove aon, tn hana by which He sey epoch i Sei for tienda, Bt witht nich oon At Toto, be we rod fas of only wenn, He sured fort he et action hate hve frit {rar vi, the ow wich Inks nt te cary ‘hich ses hem om pero. Throw Keto, Va Hee was boagt down tothe wordt oe en who met tosng td dik tgs sen wp pln. i athe sesso as, en who Opt eed Stet mes wh ae taken to vat Snowe an wan ek Kat's fn sel Bis tpn Bate exited. Onset ere was ely te aa, Ko itoaced'a tir dinenon, ‘And then, there had bee he epson fhe Cine isa teptone, Mc Dice. The mal plane as and ‘Goal, Thanks. 1 the weer ligt up thew? “Yes fae Me Dict. Ith Seah at vt al ‘Van chen anced pat te map. The Chinese a ‘The speng 5. he orng in which a vice 1a fal rein’ Sewn bad bun ih tae Rody who ans ron oth oct Chin ce Yad cashed and ied Rell the week bere, Va Hen decedent wth Rest ‘ine They cover te ceo al by ures whe Songs inerptr wine Keo cleared Tare Bouin. The mere ang igh ower county tat wat trey and wits linus Bese ew ow in SS emp ky, one fo te sting othe rove vse in tn ease Shae ies mas re ym tre rare se ee ae wa eal ala dane EE OS Pe mer tt Cn a SSeieToeteenv ever AL int hing SE ieiac Senger a ae eter oes Min ia a ‘Siz fnew nnd, The nin ha now ge Se Sasi sg cto ie Tact ease eed sone uane har ee gt re ett the eng ‘to splatter. Clesr-beaded, motionies Me eee te conic aig hapa Sears Racameeretoat octane nena tarts slag every nerve, ping hie whole by ito the tort tthe neat fying sit a Wel eae aod the Steam the ee. cone wa ingly he lag tap. Tepe oh on ey ae {2 bit, The ground ced ay es ee fuer td ft, ete Bt hr, Motions ak Bekiy abet by the teins iuchete ey ‘ste he ml hee, coatr Beet ey {ere wee grat appry bone, fal of as ine wi ow ab ale tapi” “Wee hed {esis mee ele ho enti th wens Yas Ten was now put fguent ut ang ext. He was ovrone by dof tipo, anne het of ath, Thre ms ing to be des ‘ad mtn bin snd es peg ot etn said hing tn pled wa nite ‘Ya Hetan sw te rae ucla of te lores ei ofthe tat Hi yee yrs Beye Ii Ana seen, stetoy aco tnd ead es lest laneage, ting wie Sin taeda, ‘Be lain. At enc, somthing ated a ais Nis: be wat hist aun om det be acd eho, peel his meth isa it aga when ee piso lm" ceurd iat ois te i tet ene on cnt Aichsce, inte seat bgen to op, Alt ft spurt om he a Bete et towed ham eee may ie soso Gnleay Van Heian peeied at Deal had rec for thn thst dats wan apa the down atthe ery fsedey offs Magen Me ut fhe nt at be led in the war, Now Be te slenforhsnd a shargned: e wat feonay cetera tote." were ping, what ‘endo? But be was expend eapgh Rao Tattoo fuene «pst ach re mea sl aking ese angi wae ‘ces, of Be breaing. The seat war ata ight tf peng hee habe ft when th st Das of i ware up In foot of then. Heb, whoop to then ed bee pag with all is steng, sed to eo ctzy, 0 ty to prepa th cident by Blagg the Aint at al sped twas he growed Then evry {Bing ane siaed op! Van leben ft he machine ‘at upra, back age owe gala.» Aa ib Set ash pa that was under tbe wh Aon {i wor plchog abot Sghiy, the Simoea came Sen treated the wie So a ses ad roy evga elon wake inthe white gr on Die ploughed ld ner she-vas pled sp sr. The freplor went on tring ore eon ene fr snc "an eben leaned oot ee wor end them, moth and ining ie the Back of gat ns ers tend in water: The cls ase byte aat wee Sable ttwen wo ches, ping etree he ih TRinelous satan Te sghtetdversan, andthe lao wold have ep Del you do to pupae?” bo asked Somes afl tb ped bya low,” id a ad ry oth Bogan ang, Keto ania ‘he rio fr a meat to Indes te positon and “Welt have tale the rout in th pt” ‘They ad spent engi in te ert weaped op 'n Dlaniats. Van Henin slg it: He mar sing (ns snow landiespe, hing ofthe men wh ive vac, who each night can open thle windy tad rule ‘ove familar domain. The nght wars and stare, Fe thought vagy that Keto fad avd se, cod alo tht he had wove rniy teed a hey would ‘Inte ay bur th ering the stars speared lke ships retrang to por. inking nerteat cal sigs and sgl The rete “lane bad landed ia te "How did you manage to land here stoi pit, "Wo tok the Wine Kelso si, Thre was « sl on ifn, the sae ut Van Helen bad been ‘xpcting, But tat noon had eve ee on him before ‘Gaetan onthe teptoae, Van Hen tener “Keep in toch." 1 war wha ade to hep in touch ooh withthe earth with Bin oe pi of ‘rfact wit the ert, the very cate offe ath a ac that was now ectplag bm, ht va athe som, inthe alg at was fling slow emand fet Aowe Tare iked the ‘he ain was fling ated on Hong 3, aking & role th acting of evening dns stably ‘tho hadn't soon aaa fra year, wat shang Inod. He lad doe le id to state some fase tee tse bi a he dates tere him that teeny, hs skp tad given Bh o wmen wo Be Sit somo pie tat we in wha magoet, To eter ey came eur ey ‘Sond ont be, but Be oo them noe the ha, ft espe tin een is emory-conld act cape ‘Gea They wee oor’ Not de they would have uta wat hs, Tne gon, they Bad Sed, they ee repaid ity Ba la thee eeghtn of te ight. pled, Gi and nore and ‘egy aN eas cue eer dene frre icine. And he tk tht com, Artal, fe ear tant whch new coe they ght become fen ike Then be wold al, exh. Now Bie ‘Sted bala reed Bim even the. comolatin of ‘ean, Neb read io exept tenon. Yet, Saco a epg ae nda bay to carp. afer raped to ts own {hina patisason? Age ay guping on is ol ‘ad tuchhing wh x tte poe The feof woman slog way of tose np sree {Eero severberting though te snaras eaves of ough, cling sp an age of ower, an mage of erteaces, Iveta bimnite a wound betwee the ‘Ror hat be ool peter toch nor fg. The ier cole is, Hke fae Gat sight be be fcoce of tonal tht might cary Bis eases Om ‘herbi stances, weving He gat tatparent hands ales A fame tnt igh ck way as far a {Se temperite lands beneath the moon, wich perbape ‘Tu whew tn woman wus Sagng Abe vols came nd ot atte Didi of he Sr, ching a the fees fay of street armed Sot wrbd,srking to espe a cate ha had ce nen hin strepng toe, sof «Duron Shia aveded the et Shadowing on oe cling iro larger an tron ne fo ne Shey rcp ‘Sate Apne ump onder ey ing, Soceive lee tng tbs pote every objet and every oreent In icheig tages withthe aintd hyn ot ca fin. Ayre wan sare o hs oy y fs aad ont Gradualy he cad Mosel up, sting he seed our of the Ameean metic, the hema hel Elst o teat, dying te gee Agye ced ein de o eater atngc boeken | be ‘Sone fat foertcontrion that ales aa ot ‘on a pb and iets hn he Sow to the Spl th Th ce ot wa vc ng Titian wan coments nd nn ta, Tie vce ofa woman, a log vay of prvading is ‘he eng lig cos eA le wich could’ ge ers Te Mal Serie Sino bed abd yamed inte stem, Lasko or tee. Tht as Ke pe ‘oompton. He romamberd exo fadng te san ‘coins wince gs a gh whch eo he atl oe tee He ab ocd Bee EAE Fn a ih a sa he ly Soraing win sh the rie Apt fa {Ec ere Rn A ly Of stot tn bee te ce he bad Had to pay to cre him tis wees Once ag ag, i Landon, when be had Seen teste up staple station, he had marveled at {Seat tht at te Bow Tater be had exe {p vara tht mon sete a stong proprtonate {othe era tht even fea ol brings a Kd of fesse oadening ofl he wer, that spenge fm She ike tn fie skvering, for thir protection. ‘sty: at ely tat epg ea hen Mae ‘Tes pevorming bias unde the era pigs Trym te unkaveny fran antpatn of The reac of dangers tits nd ls fear. Pie ‘Eze tno ach i hy tne hi tiation ‘rome Keln's He Bad played te plone fir yar, Pet duced a im wath vey ble in he thet, eery ance exchanged ith «pase, every fine ie ead’ hocing om a als nd every ay ‘Soh Sow tht ered to ie ede ee ‘Dontny ted see mak for tim aad Reso 08 aes ding he hae by ht Toot have pase Taorane Theo bao was very ow, and ght as ling, opera i hing Takes tenth te sate ie trad to limb (© fecle Cound fet where st woud be cam. The ‘Stonun shocks th ain whipped along the fvlge Ithuted withthe plangag univ. I exist st fed, thing th ut ease om Cases ‘i raings eb om ator be ced fhe sence ofthe rm shouted tere teach fbr ef the sy. Keo drove ito an anor bore ‘To aerated wp ads cane say sve o Sight The weight of eaey pagan sky bang ove it Ive i ata Mt tof wpa A nce th ight war cmp, cngh in ie ough {2 oi, saan, seed eae bee hot ‘ough wi th of fat-thower: Only te enc Big stl lon. 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Thay onl vale Ht fact. forte ie aise ie hope in the nau deta Whereas be, wither be edit ont {longed tothe ether amir, whet heen fhng be rk co's ack, He would hee liked to seats them, bot be knew iat he wool! be ube tt the Atal, tat he wos be Yoo dct oo fant However dup bis yeti, hs was eal se {hing betwen heaven The we int ave ie te ‘meso of precpativen, Bat te ely expos ees involved in were tee of he amateur; he wae sot io wan alady doomed, He Bad eee that pet ssid regan where the lod dies up and the imag, (eticslte state of esd teem mony. Thy ht of nto pst oe, which war pre why tye et iS epee Fran thi tnt apts between an deat, Kao ‘ane ont igs, intenaly pra, sammed sp ack Staged by a how sless eae power an i ‘yr a sting hme oe eck ‘toe, Aad be bg fo be neous af Keb, © ow Bin by hi abe, a ‘Ax tr woo td gt up. 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All the Back men of ESE tee tae, ching thes a geal as pose te ro hn eve of the Delp of fae sae, Sake, ‘tateed, wounded in te a, Kean od is eye ‘ibe The yloweyed woman who sare coutnonay. asf bd eave my eye Wid al this paling ck en he sick, I onght fo be at twelve oma fet Stat of ll tle Shean to ok at me and ing Te ra of charging ul Legions eoaped ao SSE ap agi nthe sows. Choristers of te i Monette of he ight, whore te wind cores t ask oe Miler Kncking aed impiing. Cordors of moss. ‘SE cbt ters he monks a woven together, Tptcsng i Eh vlog lst inte the Hymn of GOSind. woof tt shptern, ying with great Sing ets over the iso suse thi owing he aE ie tron down, shee where the rw was jing ar brs open on all fr sides andere to dist the cope bos Bacto tthe ower of te amped tests enepocing sept ar ample ‘pon, op of sone an oil crn te eninge Ske wort sce desinggown, faded and ended, Seth. Sako, might have bts ene ofthe winds ee ‘Scio, Chuds ead together, but toe enone oes ‘led coe another” op." 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Head spol of the tei ok on be fe hen they ase love Petape sb put too mach fary ino i Perhaps she responded teach fo ison angus wen se ‘lap him a thoogh i was «vin he had not Searved, The bales obvi gave hell ealy, pny, witht misgivings of er este, ene ‘ied calm ber and af te se tne someting ad it up ined er, mkng her ahve aod term aay er eye H's Jol? Van Helen sake. Very wel tpi ta th twin who war aking hin by Sat te el neice Ig oi dering rom oe mang is ay tears he plano. You know bes pling today at rere, Jey dT ha howe, sad Vn Heb, 1 tsk’ tave lied you to dane: ave tne wo {be comer over the ra. "Wet probly lf ‘Seay and be trond om te ig Hosea tt an Gri, capa of taping eveything onal he Cre of the atm th spots of stone ote ota of optound ape IC Keb delay 2 tua Providence t alow met sen Jot Vor Helen sud." 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Agyre ood and ped up the Cat, satondy and with aly wl, the one of those big ‘stat cnnigly ene the ba fa tap waht eng the ring ago fo devin heb ‘The operation msooed, The tevsver wat fo in ‘Agjn's hands and othing bad ove. He tied he ‘amber round, and wih bead beat lightly forward is lps moving, aety chewing te od oad fe, he walt forte ater He fred all he ‘tan ito the tp hs a al be disel pwer tt hie ess converged and darned the, Thee mas ‘ow sothing int of him at th viglnt es the cola ‘eal of the: Cal bad already ted the ands that ‘Spe abd he ate at teen of which sang 1 bad injected a steam of feng ion tag tie bandoaed body, making of it am tnfting pnw ot moors abo fos the sce of i traced tote watctnns nnd wvaiting Io ede se ets ee sconmeh ane ecm ace a ieee rete ‘Tatuoe cose ont, isobiting hi onthe AP te rhaens oat to ena ES caie Sw intention sled, oe fame more, Bot this time the wea had been deft Debind. aera ame Sine et See haere Tie iaseeicmne Erne wore ta ae ‘ng, A moment ter the oprtor handed ost a mosage: "Gan 1 get bach." Van Hen tae te paper ov szrbied's Ene, and ave it tack to he open. impoxble, doecting yon ner linking rome ‘Te epi ints tar mar ondosed into ope ound ‘Van Helen, roming to the mp. adaed over he Sone Sgn it Vas Hen Jey ted owe Set e's ght mot by ett slags in the {our dinenina, that ater dare, tht ind che in seh seat aoe Gere mash eS ewan il too tear the age at which tons cients, ‘uniusee snd teste of nth ae common eateacy adend op alway for th bt pol god tte hte. He hay heap of exsaton, mbes, nt. For ‘im daager mt aecrly exe minor peels, Thi ote sulering te scold int end No, om tie able sores” iaptsonneny Phas Prisned arrows net aterfe But esd wat Sale to make ay ral contact wih he dng Kaleo facing, he Mea of raed abtact sd ae, Tn te face of hs adventre te mae of agitive ‘agent that bad sesame ned bene ddnly deprived of eveything that aly peasy, Ia made te ery Seumeware of iT war i ¢ Carency tat bad sony gone ov of ceation, At this meent, perhaps Jery was ving hs ft ight anode mar the vag we food fs ‘rows unl he sudely coe fear among hi Spponents weapons. He wold now pata bare ‘este hb em, Wo famiacee Rims with sksowa ebject. Th ton brongt.nathng with Eitan nae avi, Th nit ato lt i mae gown cose, It was fl teat, Jey ‘is concious oy ot own penry He was beng ‘PNenertand tat Kel’ pasion nar tha At renoredwithont is Kooning St tbe mysery of *denptn; bat tough he a esatinent a tas etd o dd ot yet ow what it wi founded Tear ato operator tought Kelas reply back ‘Foam, thas the way i Petr dive ot Vib nn pve asc anh end shoved he rege te ery. i carta ee Tks on epson, Tet walt satin scene which he oder ws to pee Tea Van Ticsenroidy conscod the state of te ‘hag, ng ten ing vo Smaneiy foe tore han ve hous. acter meas: How mach etl” TS Ginsu ch tho Lae ord had bre ited cut for ong dine fying But Rel mt be nay ‘nage ot by tw, Van Hatem dtd the ea of EERE ound ary woul bo ticky bsine wer ‘Sah Sem, If nly be el each aslo Bese. EE icuen thvoght of mown. owe’ snag Bo Fic eto, taking each poet with ee inset ts tae, eat thee, flowing Soe act wh te cane fay, exact te se Sabre he was no gun of svi beers the BaLbeue ne nly ce roan, round tha eat (Sd on Bt Vu Hs Sh edo ee Lippe ts sence epetation. Kaloo had ales SESE ae ous bck seady, Van Heo wn csp {ng hi sods and aghing. it the manger ai, Belwss syings "Weer on" Aad i i es Sack font danger oot in at wuld est Ha vat do mange ny? "Hea lat Ne The py Hal on hw at mo Van Hen thoupt tors monwat, There cold no longer be ay queen of tale bw: The Sages woe We 20m fed oly one foal cl fom Tost oe sede okaow Kebo's exact poaton, Sees ET iio pear removed is eulonn sted a ce ‘aut itetionon he backotscat Te toot So pert, easing agit he wall wre eat fs {S00 th map and found telson eh de tang tHe atendats nt maser, The es ite down ed Sry ee an rs fuming aay when hme Ma tm ad at ee isonet ight become an eee aoe sed withthe ave ingaece latinas Sa of hon of asi, hat cane fas i Senter. Everything bal nel a nga gt is he momen whee he eae, islam cart "Wn dow tey et sae oe Gots mio," Van Heten gba ie tetra {ete ttn gaps sap vin a et ft sounded by cope Te ateck Joy he eto pray the mt nt Stage ori Mea ould hae fo be a dock Eeking. Bet seog ag Shoe aot th al eect dock wor ate ‘yt tale bl oo nara by wah ean tig ln cal fen Tonaoe, ne ane ted that waking as npn: War pe shout that tha asta? sot of ancy, vast Freain absurd, reenter moving of Staking he greson tt Hc lt ints. tat te were now cased tothe lpn el ome Tear that W sone could eles ee mt spe Jey oul hve led to beak than pects sme ito i mind He sid ong Ths ay hed Steed, snd hs brain ese a acon, The ee At etl mann oy soe an aolarbe Gsy Gun, Be er hed teste: pst of nd sd and he indo fun, ‘et tom ose tthe other, cuting gent hes Hs Aad hes was oer: te tlphone had rang, the snr od bv and he gra ie ck wie ad dled gent Te rata {pertor tapped ay try, ng Ko is pos fe. Jery, ho ad fond hl sing spe of Sentara by th ecient of fy neat lene over he map Bode Van Hen, ee by tt le in which fea dled hese fot the ip of nr tthe wl fds tt soa 2 Siam of captive wave Tie honenon fh ad fod aly ong he wal; hn whe rom tl Sin and era the ig ngs oc Van Tica, with is ace eto heap abd wo fags ‘Bedhead ely fora inna pak age ws here, oferag ip fo Bm. He ed an ‘hee a hb of wry in hi ae Switch hin to Hong 33" ‘ the landing son. Por he st ten mloue the radio pert t Sagon at Fouace fa ton repeting “You're thre” an be ed contined to tor, fing mthng tees wheels tut he dndowy Se he qeveting mst at seas the forest Bot be was tiling tse his ily face expt In acaowlegest olga t Br ad lsd. He fed goon on ting sat saddenly cht of all tat had precapod him fr hous fatigue, iste had taken the tesae of eat, “Ta pil we Tne ot sod soon wuld come the th among the eon, ke th psoer ingen 1 ea ad death o mods ine pte a he eld sed bestiden fret Fo th ne ce the einige reg eae in nis cheat ‘nn hone, te gonwingy far Het ben fore expert aa anyng ee by he sor tat ie tate hi ef cote, ah by th way in whch ‘a kept on Sading hms ore the ae Te mn lke sone rds frst a gone on og Bat he Ind kw tat he old til kop in the i tates fe had the wont of bad ack be ol be ete nd fide wo salety..- And now al he ete eins Ets: a0 on cl 8 aything fhm. xg the oper of the landing graced. Bat evdatly he wast ste fo ight fre ater smh hes runs Keo bad ingle hin tng inten. etovng In pees. fags to “lane's we ccngy as poets to Fel Ais rome Keo to gues He fad edt cal Simon the radio, mpestng be callie, to wat rely The earn mst have dete the st” And ‘En, high show im, a wie ae ad Based outthe tino, forage ay though fhe cows, foing ace tht an ce badly coed by be tot [pd king fal ever the fra alow cascade of Fight He foatag powieraod Kelso had rested) ore fain, Ls Up of the move, te decd so of {be landing goon boul stand at cay agit te Sin dimne of he ee ‘And soi id, As the iad ated wp agin, Kelo ceoght sight oft mumbo gteing mirow few, ‘Sie ad rogue agra, He ow acon the Geng oan tac inn win, checked hs bet, 2d ‘Seed Sng fat be wo abst ad. is ear Bad icin, Nothing bt the wil to suzoed posed Nm tv. 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Ought tf have spelen?) in tose Boks {iat they would end one anoier a of which with = ‘rondo ea forthe st’ Ieee one ‘Winton wat cad be rtd to themselves, exting ie cops love au hoes exalt in ale of ar festa tint bed. (Abe, tit be ver iy 0 (Gat Team goad tay nal in or bey nd cep thee, op thereon i) de srk her: there ‘fold have foe feral Boor wea be os in bay Teg ths ting, resting conan apd adic tem thes wi mou hn se wae inked wth thi thing Se woud Ten toto, embsraied ke someone tela tengafuisted for something they Have dane (fot ts manton tne who wl rene Yo act th ih ptng std by Bente Be Sit TSS SESE ay ve oni at he ho TB ne ata dopa. (Wasco T ‘eet a ion serene? Tey ung aging oma ty went pe te ely to anew wn Go SEPT Go ean ov ony Bo ee et pat gif meet hi, be pes ech ne a Ded pes mh hd ene ang er hn bey. ts By RTLD pe, nda ie, wl ae we erat my ery) Pale me wie enc oO ters bat He pane se lain own Lae mies ute SESE DO we, ton a tn oe ed Catia ne Res aig me er Tee pens of eons el iy St cates hd se ty ck i ins ho ty, Sse 7 a eda iene te a fe gradually cessing to exist. “Its the world that fs SESE ic hrc) "He mit at he ce cnet ie eed, eve eet enh th ny To fave Set i mmo ho ae a Tana momar wth att To ep ie nig abe ie oS St noid ave dre Sa of at 2 ee nn) To mes Sed tn bot Se et tod wat One te ote ag a gh Tog e's hem i my sm yt my Frerieneepearweriearioeme gon Set cy sho reo a ed ‘a aoe te yr eee aot ae Ce el ‘itt aneca rmsd” Soma wal Se me woh ey mg de ‘patina gl send ow he guard ae oy on ny mo Fun, will bra tw gh Einepla her teral ranceel pe ie ‘emotes that tine would uy and habe Crgh her pe be mee Tome ne mete oslo i a od @lere"To trek with Reso" (Was it E who wae, damm fm gt tan Seong a dat i eg a je Sin Eemints ante by ae oy Sinn eee Weep SS y eet ay ens eve bt alc pu of ly oe iy Ti th se me tara ovo nn Haina en at Slevurtsaure bade oe tae gp hr Sen “Tt ety et Seng ie arp ne akc Elan ela anes eto ttants sy Ra snot ay why ton ‘poy ven ton ay tig a he Mite eamtiger Bane th og ed Sala cl ap ed ae wo says on dy, Hise tought. Kes {Si tht be would Be fra it he coud be cutter 9 tbat aera the Helen ws tng ‘3Fesion on his ce andes no 1m the ok of German oan Zan with vary Tht oer and an open cotar et Hotae did't know. They were ting i ee Je via was tal even rial wo he pase Yan Hels the prwe of s French vite foot © 1 ce gu mew a itp" Mare boasting” sit Van Helen hay, And be Jeoke at Kaho by sand sary, beeen poy ie She's ey lovey" Jey ald hey lhe ror Yeu sid Van chen" She bag ts 72 Probably th Gt tine dad plots wile heat Aime 8 tough T wars guest bo hanes oe ‘ac be batly looked at meatal The so a ‘esponsie bat even entered fe Bend ot sot ‘ign, snd you. 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Ne Bios fom ee ate ck eh a ‘rth is arm as though to 1ub sabehing Siowe 4 ply Comate. gee ey ip at en He’ ote ad ee Geren ri ba sor te Ses {ons Ins sure tat after is tan om Hong 34 SSA et ve ec of pee et tegete,ngartcd them, aad ead rp Ben Iter al cael la Joh erat raul, onthe « «Yen, you ot twenty a yur ‘ents Bvercde Fore ee. Suled athe Univer. By of Lenaene Teter direct. Fovign tov, Stated at the Uaivetly of Lawanee "A fevers pea arte tort ‘Agyn’s taped iy, pon tat faded ie ft ‘nese trough he vated ome ofthe maga, thotgh the sewage ad the ky-aretd corios ofthe oral Van Heken wae taht, Oo Be setars from ong g3- be was ony wo anuou otal bis fe sry, fo joy Bil to end he cause ofthe fw yes thi tal th wave tad io hi wp nd ‘ria hen to Tn Chinn with ht woman Woable nd {Er vmente feting for stn, and ad Hen related Incas bend rack bind onthe bench. Ox wry wow fo th pz of the angels condemned ‘lary conc fl the end of Soe, De wa aking Siar tempt o explain him to rocwe bis sory {rm contemptasis cvin,t eazvince tos ine {Sh jrom, De ving tat the adbown arethng ote {S'iie Gan Be words oo 4 form, a5 aso come Tiutted ene he ad htt someting ose than ply. AP tat remand of Age pow centel oo thon nb wer faking abt him, I eeched fem f Ten to time keoctd at the door Wen outa, fdmsing ait mylun They ot ber i they {posed thoage in Ike ke. These ive Blows ‘Bre open tw wounds ia Ty tel long ne, tag” Van Helen ot coume my senate a Bong ne. My sep fatter ws che Tote poms forthe wnterly ca See, a TS aa ete sagen a ns i, from wenk bealth Dy Swit aa a a ee a Sei ent at shots mney ey se ge an oat in te Oe ae ee ‘ogy, Ste eights of th Store that sve pause what becaTee of Pe A yet ony feted aed Go snd ten ep ck ay conto the age {har they do infra fade-nt he Scimpaninent omy weds, and yu ae the te Univer, te Pardo Ramin, long up I a stan ont the fog, Hewes winter: sgt ee fling tnd pov tid fit to tha inoiebdng which noma ook tuber ike «bag tablaknet. {bade ear Lass te bp em ay mr a ach mig sel hing ng are "icing motirite, Then Thad ben fo Davos fo do soe se Het th Cea ot Teo foand eth year, elsing that oly the song fe ‘Snters woul eer enable set what happened Se gn of King Sug 8 i wig already begun. With iti mine’ amp beside him, the (rem wa eign of tein ted toe Uyoce On he seen, hte wae sat fl poping font ap oe le ovespws, pcg with aroxn tbe rounded on fom te Beteh Mam. The care: ‘ese Ted nn et eu Suing shadowy fg at he oter end. The hgh le ty mong een» "What a pty.” erry sa. Thee ought atleast to te = ptotaph of ber "Sea agplsing pay. Cn eager: 1 neve Sing te th ing bere. Ta updemtand ‘Mat hud iepponed to mes She appease ot 10 bare TEN a ote ny wspetacton. tater, she Ol gba ved ing. 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