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5/23/2017 The Various Registrations One Needs To Do After Becoming An Architect

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Required To Be Done After Becoming An Architect

The Various Registrations Required To Be Done 0

After Becoming An Architect

Architecture practice in India right from getting a degree to seeking

employment weather in government or non-government organizations or
self- employment deals with various professional bodies, regulations and
laws. Those who wish to seek faculty positions in architectural institutes or
employment in government/ semi- government sectors, own architectural
practice should register with the following agencies

Income Tax Department

Council Of Architecture
Registrar Of Firms
Profession Tax Authority
Service Tax Authority
Enrollment With Local Bodies (Municipal Corporations, etc) 1/4
5/23/2017 The Various Registrations One Needs To Do After Becoming An Architect

1. Importance of Registration with COA

Laws and regulations main motive is to maintain high quality practice with
safeguarding the interest of common people who cannot distinguish between a
qualified and non-qualified professional. So every qualified professional architect
must register with Council of Architecture to use the title Architect

If someone without registration is found using the title he/she can be subjected to
fine or imprisonment. A person who wants to register for COA can fill a form with a
copy of diploma/degree and send it to the office with an yearly fee for registration
and renewal after every year for the same. The registration number indicates year of
registration along with serial number (CA/98/1212).

2. Registration of Firm

An application in a specified format is submitted to the registrar of firms along with a

stipulated application fee. The registrar then issues a certificate that bears the
reiteration number of the firm. In case of any dispute with the client an architect can
take advantage of this registration and can sue the client for non- payment of his
fee and take advantage of the facilities available to registered firms. Whereas non-
registered firms cannot get legal remedies or sought out problems through

3. Registration in Civic Authorities

It is similar to the earlier process of submitting your details , COA number along with 2/4
5/23/2017 The Various Registrations One Needs To Do After Becoming An Architect

your copy of degree/diploma to get your enrollment number . An Architect should

register to the Municipal Corporation for his identification and as a proof of an
Licensed Technical Person.

4. Registration with Income Tax Department

Allotment of Permanent Account Number (PAN) can be done by applying to the

Income Tax Department in order to obtain certain tax concessions . Once PAN
number is issued the Tax payer is required to file a return of his income every year.

5. Registration for Profession Tax

Every professional who is self -employed or employed by someone should pay

profession tax. It is collected through sales tax department by state government .
Every professional must apply to the Commissioner of Sales Tax in his city for a
registration number.

6. Registration for Service Tax

Every Architect must collect prescribed service tax from his client and pay it in
Government Banks. He must also file for service tax returns . It forms a part of
central Excise Department of Central Government.

Professional Conduct Regulations: 3/4
5/23/2017 The Various Registrations One Needs To Do After Becoming An Architect

These regulations are for the guidance of Architects. The Architect has obligation to
his client, the public and to other related professionals. He must not take part in any
competition which is not as per the guidelines prescribed by the Council of
Architecture nor should he act as a member of jury.

The following are regulations that have been framed by the powers of the Council
under Section 45 of Architects Act, I 972,

1. He must provide professional services of a high standard to the best of his

2. He shall inform his client of the conditions of his engagement and scale of
fees which will form the basis of his appointment.
3. He will ensure that his professional duties do not conflict with his
responsibility to contribute to quality of environment and welfare of society.
4. He must apply his skill to the creative, responsible and economic
development of his country.
5. He will not pass on the work to another Architect without prior agreement of
his client.
6. He must act with fairness and impartiality when administering a building
7. He must compete with other Architects in a fair manner.
8. He must uphold Conditions of Engagement as prescribed by Council of
9. He must not prepare designs free of charge or for reduced fee.
10. He must not accept a project which he knows has been given to another
architect before he makes sure that the Architects appointment has been
properly terminated and his dues have been settled. He must notify the other
Architect before accepting such a project.
11. He must not take as a partner whose name has been removed from Councils
12. He must provide his employees with suitable working environment,
compensate them fairly and recognize their professional contribution.
13. He must not give or take discounts, commissions , gift or use other forms of
inducement to get a project .
14. He shall not advertise his professional services nor shall he allow his name to
be used for publicity purposes.

He may exhibit his name outside his office or at a building site provided the lettering 4/4