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The trojectory of o projectile is represented by (a) 80mfx (b) so,6 ms-1
y = Jix - g*'/2 . The ongle of projection is
(c) (80/J: )ms-' (d) 4A ms-t
(o) 3f (b) 4so
(c) 6d (d) None of these
9" A particle is projected from point O with velocity u
2. The poth followed by o body projected olong y- in o directian makinE an ongle a with the
oxis is given os by y = JI* - (ll2)x2 , if g = tO horizontal" At any instant its position is ot point P
m/s, then the initiolvelocity of projectile will be ot right anEles to the initiol direction of
- (x ond y ore in m) projection. lts velocity ot point P is
(o)zJto mts (b) 2^,f to m/s (o) u tana (b) u cota
(c) loJT m/s (d)' 10Ji mts (c) u coseciz (d) u secd
3. The equotion of projectile isy = l6r - 4 10"_A particle P is projected with velocity ul ot on
The horizontal range is ongle of j0' with the horizontol. Another porticle
{a) L6 m (b) 8m Q is thrown vertically upwords with velocity u2
(c) 3.2 rn (d) 72.8 m from a point vertically below the highest point of
4" A body of moss 2 kg hos on initiolvelocity of 3 m/s
poth of P. The necessory condition for the two
porticles to collide ot the highest point is
olong OE ond it is subjected to o force of 4
Newton's in OF direction perpendiculor to OE. The (a) u, - u, {b)u, = 2s,
diston"Le of the body from O ofter 4 seconds will
k)", =+ (d)u, = 4s,

(o) 12 m (b) 28 m L. Two seconds ofter projection o projectile is

(c) 20 m @) a8m travelling in a direction inclined at 30o to the
5. A body storts from the origin with an horizontal after one more sec, it is travelling
occeleration of 6 m/s2 olong the x-oxis ond I horizontolly, the mognitude ond Cirection of its
m/s2 olong the y-oxis. lts distonce from the origin velocity ore
ofter 4 seconds will be (o) 2Jn mlsec,6o' (b) zolimtsec, 6o'
(o) 56 m (b) 64 m (c) alqo mlsec, 3o' (d) 4oJi mtsec, 3oo
(c) 80 m (d) 128 m
A body is projected up o smooth inclined plane
6. ln a projectile motion, velocity at moximum height (length = 20Ji m ) with velocity u from the point
,s M as shown in the figure, The ongle of
ucos0 inclinotion is 45o ond the top is connected to o
(o) (b) u cos 6
2 well of diometer 40 m. lf the body just monoges
u sin? to cross the well, whot is the volue of v
'wJs) (d) None of these

V. A body is thrown at ongle 30o to the horizontal

with the velocity of 3A m/s. After 1 sec, its (in m/s) (s
(o) toJV (b) TooJro
4Om +
(c) loo1F @ J4o
8. A projectile is fired qt 30o to the horizontol. The
(o) +oms (b) +oJims-l
vertical component of its velocity is 80 ms-l" lts
time of fliEht is T. Whot will be the velogity of the (c) zoms (d) zall ms-l

73" A projectile
fired with velocity u making ongle 0
is (c) return to the ground
with the horizontal. Whot is the change in (d)At some locotion other thon those mentioned
velocity when it is at the highest poiint above
(o) u cos9 (b)u ** **** ***
(c) u sin9 (d) (u cos9- u)
L4. A body of mass 0.5 kg is projected under gravity
with o speed of 98 m/s ot an angle of 30o with
the horizontol. The chonge in momentum (in
magnitude) of the body is IMP PET 1997]
(a) 24.5 N-s (b) 4e.o N-s
( c) 98.0 N-s (d) s0.0 N-s
75.! particle of mass L0A g is fired with o velocity 20 ;'1,
m se{1 moking an angle of 30o with the
horizontol. When it rises to the highest point of its
poth then the chonge in its momentum is
(a)Jits*r""-' {b) U2 kg m se{1
(c) Ji ttc * ,""-' (d) 1kg m se{l
76. Two equol rnasses (m) ore projected ot the some
ongle (0)from two points seporoted by their
ronge with equolvelocities (v). The momentum at
the point of their collision is
(o)Zero (b) 2 mv cos9
(c)- 2 mv cos9 (d) None of these
77. A particle of mass m is projected with velocity v
moking on ongle of 45o with the horizontal" The
magnitude of the ongular momentum of the
particle obout the point of projection when the
porticle is at its moximum height is (where g =
occelerotion due to grovity) *
{a)Zero {umv3/$J-2c)
(c)mvj/{iis} U)mrl/zs
18. A body from the ground with some
is prajected
ongle to the horizontal. What hoppens to the
ongular momentum abaut the initiol position in
this motian IAilMS 200A]
(a) Decreases
{b) lncreoses
(c) Remains some
(d) First increo:es ond then decreases
L9. ln eose of o prajectile, where is the anEular
marnentum minimum
(o) At the storting point

{b) At the highest point