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Collect it, bag it, take it away

The DISAB BagVac is an electrically powered suction unit, mounted onto a rigid stand equipped with
retractable legs for the removal or reclamation of spillages, waste material and general housekeeping, on
an industrial scale.

Whether you need to clean up or reclaim anything from fine dusts up to 50mm debris, this unit can easily
pull over long distances, both horizontally and vertically. Its reliability is such that even in really tough
working environments it wont let you down. And most importantly itll take care of your team, with its fully
enclosed recovery system contaminated debris and airborne dusts are removed quickly and efficiently,
deposited into a container of your choice for easy disposal or recycling back into process.
The DISAB BagVacs high suction capacity, together with its flexible discharge
system, makes it very useful in most vacuum cleaning situations. With its
retractable legs the discharge outlet height can be adjusted, to fit any size of big-
bag or container. In most applications the machine is used as a free standing
suction unit connected to a 3 or 4 flexible hose. However the unit can also be
connected to a fixed installed pipework system with multiple suction outlets.

Collected material is first separated in a specially designed fall chamber hopper with
inlet wear protection. In this section all heavier/larger material will naturally fall into the
bottom of the hopper. From this section the air stream will continue to the main filter
system, where the remaining fine airborne dust will be separated.

Material is discharged via the automatically operated balance valve at the bottom of
the hopper. Discharge is executed parallel to each filter cleaning sequence, which
normally takes place every 30 minutes. The filters are cleaned automatically and this is
executed by a filter cleaning valve (ATM) located between the filter and the vacuum
pump. When this valve is activated and opens up, a counter flow of air is sucked in
backwards through the filter bags, knocking off collected dust from the filter surfaces.
Cleaning intervals last for about 20 seconds after which full vacuum is restored.

The ATM valve also ensures that when the unit is activated, it starts unloaded and
vacuum load is introduced approximately 10 seconds after Star/Delta sequence is

All functions for the operation of the unit are controlled from the built in electrical panel.

The vacuum producer is a turbo pump of side channel blower type, with direct
coupled motor. Pump and motor are mounted on an anti-vibration support and to
the steel structure of the unit. The vacuum pump is equipped with a spring loaded
safety vacuum valve, which prevents the unit from exceeding its maximum
operating vacuum level. Inlet and outlet silencers ensure low noise when in
The filter compartment contains a cassette filter with flat filter bags. Filters are made
from specially treated polyester needle felt. Filter Surface: 10 m
Type: Conical hopper
Hopper volume: 0.4 m
Bottom valve: dust tight balance valve, 250mm chute for discharge into big bags
Discharge: Automatically, at filter cleaning
Filter class: L.M. IEC EN 60335.2-69
Electrical: 16.5kW electrical motor 400V, 50Hz with protective switch and direct
drive, running off a 32Amp supply, including Star/Delta-start, motor overload,
vacuum meter
Maximum sound pressure level 70 dB(A)at 5m
Maximum air volume is 1100 m3/h
Maximum operating vacuum is 400 mbar
Dust inlet: 108 mm
Dimensions mm: Steel: S 235 JG2
A}1430 Painting: Class C 2, colour RAL 3020 red
B}1680 Easily manoeuvred using a standard forklift truck or crane
D}3390 (in operation with legs extended) - Other voltages available
Weight kg: (empty) 1130
- Level guard alarm
- Filter pressure alarm
- Safety filter
- Other type of discharge method
- Customer specified paint scheme
- Adaptation for suction of combustible materials (ATEX explosion protection)