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Elastomeric tooling system

Rubbercraft (Long Beach, CA, US) introduced at the recent SAMPE

Seattle 2017 show a new non-permeable elastomeric tooling system, which
is now available. This new flexible tooling product was developed by
Rubbercraft for high temperature molding of complex structural aircraft
composite parts where a bladder or reusable vacuum bag is required, to
provide higher surface quality and improve productivity. This innovative
new tri-layer flexible tooling technology improves part quality by reducing
leaks and avoiding surface porosity. It also provides an extra layer of
security against leaks due to punctures or manufacturing defects. Because
the tri-layer tooling system has an integrated breather layer, it can be used
as an elastomeric reusable vacuum bag to infuse complex parts where it is
not possible to use an internal breather. Additional benefits include: 1)
reduced profile, improved fit and superior surface finish on part inner
surfaces; and 2) easier and more accurate leakage checking by simply
applying a vacuum to the breather layer, with no need to use a specialized
test station. According to the company, the elastomeric tooling works by
having a fully integrated central breather layer which counters gas
permeation onto the surface of a molded FRP composite part during
production, even at high pressures and temperatures. The integrated
breather layer not only allows the removal of trapped air between the part
and the tool, but also acts as a gas barrier from the outside. This integrated
breather layer counters the inherent permeability of elastomers, such as
Viton or silicone, on the high pressure side, while removing unwanted air
or volatiles on the part side. Read the technical white paper about the
technology online at

Mold heating and cooling specialist Mokon (Buffalo, NY, US) is exhibiting
its Full Range temperature control system, which integrates either a water
or an oil heating system with a select chiller, providing a compact, self-
supporting heating and cooling system in one unit.