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University Marketing & Communications integrates marketing, communications, creative services, & web
communications to tell the stories of Winona State University. Want to communicate your story? We offer
services to help faculty, staff and administrators meet their communication goals. Whether your audience
is on-campus or off. We can guide you through the process.

Marketing Services Web Communications

CONTACT US University Marketing creates and implements Our goal is to create a WSU website that is more
clear, relevant, & tailored strategies and plans than an information repository. We're utilizing
Office that support and strengthen Winona State. the web to showcase our diverse, dynamic
Somsen 210 . . campus, and to build an online community of
507.457.5024 As a part of the Marketing & Communica- learners improving our world.
tions team, our services effectively work to To accomplish this goal, Web Communications
Creative Services support the universitys values, mission, & offers support in the following areas:
initiatives. In addition, we help inside and out- Website Conversion
side entities coordinate their marketing efforts Website Consultation
Office Hours
with those of the university. Web Promotion
MF 8:00 4:30
Summer Hours Social Media
Training Workshops
MF 7:30 4:00 Other services include Online Resources
On-Campus Poster Distribution
WSU Media Contact We're always open to hearing your ideas. Please
News and Photo Archives
Andrea Mikkelsen, don't hesitate to drop us a line:
Photography Services: Photo
Director of Public
Consultation Available; Media
Equipment for Check-Out.
Requests for Publicity: Any student, em-
Creative Services
ployee or club may request Our creative services team can help depart-
publicity for WSU related announcements, ments and programs plan, design, & produce
events, developments, activities effective, professional communications bro-
or achievements.. chures, mailers, videos, & electronic cam-
Submit Announcement or Event to paigns that meet University style and message
WSU Update
standards. Depending on our workload & the
Submit Request for Photography
scope of your project, we can either use our in
Submit Request for Tab Graphic
-house team or refer you to outside resources.
Media Relations
Source: Chad Kjorlien, TLT

The graphic above is a Wordle analysis of more than 2,100 different hopes and dreams
responses from faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends

Good Design Makes a Difference

We design. We dont build curriculum or schedule
appointments or process room requests.
WSUs Creative Services is focused on creating
distinctive designs that represent their custom-
ers and Winona State University.
A few of their recent designs include a game
Communications Get Web-Savvy ball designed for an out-standing player; a ta-
We are all familiar with the frustration ble-top display built for a new program; &, a
& Marketing graphic Identity designed for young alumni.
of trying to make our way through
Alumni chaotic, information-dense websites.
Do you have a project that you have been
Request a transcript Web Com staff are available to help thinking about? Are you wondering how to get
Connect with career you create a user-friendly website business cards printed?
services that is: We want to work with you to find a graphic
Read Currents well-organized solution.
magazine relevant
helpful Creative Services can coordinate all the bidding
Learn about alumni
and receiving processes, if your project would
events engaging
benefit from external consultation or services.
Community Members optimized for search
They will support you from concept to comple-
At Web Content Guidelines Work-
Attend an event, tion.
shops you will learnhands on. Or,
Reserve facilities, Contact us to begin your project or request
use our down-loadable guide:
Take a non-credit information. 507.457.5025
Web Standards & Best Practices (PDF).
Employment Skill:
opportunities Once you have a solid understanding Profile Cristeen Custer
of the theory, you're ready to put it Assistant VP of Marketing
to practice. The Teaching Learning & Communications
& Technology staff will teach you They say we all have the same
Current News how to edit and update your pages 24 hours in each day. But the
using WSU's Content Management
Ib Tsev Neeg II myriad tasks, projects and
System (CMS). .
(One Family II) people Cristeen manages to
WSUs Hmong American View the workshop course schedule, manage calls into question the
Student Association will and register for a course at: very concept of linear time. It's
host Ib Tsev Neeg II (One tempting to suspect that she
Family II) at 6p.m. Thurs, has an invisible fleet
April 11. of handy worker-elves at her beck and call. She
Community Relations doesn't. She just works hard and earnestly. It helps
WSU Celebrates While we continue to manage the that she really knows her stuff. Custer has the
Inauguration exciting Umbrella Tours com- competence and decisiveness to lead the Web Com
Join WSU as they celebrate munity relations program, we also
team effectively. When you work with our team, we'll
the inauguration of Scott advise units looking to create or
give you our best. Custer would accept no less.
Olson as its 15th president boost awareness of Portland State's
That's a good thing for us all.
at 2pm Fri, April 19. programs and services to external