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Short note – Macro/Fixed Income Research – August 6, 2010

Analyst: Gudrun Egger, CEFA

USA: Labor Market Report, July

Today’s labor market report fell clearly short of market expectations. Non-farm private payrolls saw an increase of
71,000, which was lower than expected (90,000). At the same time, the previous month’s data was sharply revised
downwards, from 83,000 to 31,000. An increase in private payrolls of around 90,000 per month (on average since the
beginning of this year) is not sufficient to bring the unemployment rate down. The unemployment rate remained stable
at 9.5% compared to June, which was slightly better than expected (9.6%). Average hourly earnings increased slightly,
by 0.2% m/m (expectation: +0.1%). Average weekly working hours grew from 34.1 to 34.2, which was a touch better
than market forecasts.

The markets were clearly disappointed by the weak situation on the labor market. Within the last few days, we have
seen rising evidence that the economic recovery will slow down in the US. 10Y yields reacted with a pronounced
decline of about 5-6bp and the USD has continued its weakening vs. the euro.

Labor Market Report

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8 0
7 -200
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Change on private non-farm payrolls, ths r.s.

Unemployment rate

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