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Engineering Case
Faculty of Compu9ng
Universi9 Teknologi Malaysia
Case Studies
A mental health care pa9ent management system
A system used to maintain records of people receiving
care for mental health problems.

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Mental Health Care Pa9ent
Management System (MHC-PMS)
A pa9ent informa9on system to support mental health care is
a medical informa9on system that maintains informa9on
about pa9ents suering from mental health problems and the
treatments that they have received.
Most mental health pa9ents do not require dedicated
hospital treatment but need to aNend specialist clinics
regularly where they can meet a doctor who has detailed
knowledge of their problems.
To make it easier for pa9ents to aNend, these clinics are not
just run in hospitals. They may also be held in local medical
prac9ces or community centres.

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The MHC-PMS (Mental Health Care-Pa9ent Management
System) is an informa9on system that is intended for use in
It makes use of a centralized database of pa9ent informa9on
but has also been designed to run on a PC, so that it may be
accessed and used from sites that do not have secure
network connec9vity.
When the local systems have secure network access, they use
pa9ent informa9on in the database but they can download
and use local copies of pa9ent records when they are

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To generate management informa9on that allows
health service managers to assess performance
against local and government targets.
To provide medical sta with 9mely informa9on to
support the treatment of pa9ents.

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The Organiza9on of the MHC-PMS

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MHC-PMS Key Features
Individual care management
Clinicians can create records for pa9ents, edit the informa9on
in the system, view pa9ent history, etc. The system supports
data summaries so that doctors can quickly learn about the key
problems and treatments that have been prescribed.
Pa9ent monitoring
The system monitors the records of pa9ents that are involved in
treatment and issues warnings if possible problems are
Administra9ve repor9ng
The system generates monthly management reports showing
the number of pa9ents treated at each clinic, the number of
pa9ents who have entered and le# the care system, number of
pa9ents sec9oned, the drugs prescribed and their costs, etc.

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MHC-PMS Concerns
It is essen9al that pa9ent informa9on is conden9al and is
never disclosed to anyone apart from authorised medical sta
and the pa9ent themselves.
Some mental illnesses cause pa9ents to become suicidal or a
danger to other people. Wherever possible, the system should
warn medical sta about poten9ally suicidal or dangerous
The system must be available when needed otherwise safety
may be compromised and it may be impossible to prescribe the
correct medica9on to pa9ents.

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