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Merit Rating Prerequisites

Area of Expertise Resolve Raise one Specialty's die bonus to +2.

Once per chapter, roll Wits + Composure as a
Common Sense
and choices.
Danger Sense +2 bonus to detect an ambush.
Keep perfect track of your relative location a
Direction Sense
Eidetic Memory Ignore rolls for recall or memory. +2 bonus t
Roll Intelligence + Wits to recall useful trivia
Resolve , Occult
Eye for the Strange Roll Intelligence + Composure to identify ev

Wits or
Fast Reflexes to Add Fast Reflexes dots to Initiative.
Good Time Academics or
Make extended action rolls in half the necess
Management Science
Roll Wits + Survival to substitute woodland s
Holistic Awareness
Medicine, unless the patient suffers non-bash
Indomitable Resolve +2 to a contesting dice pool or resistance trai
Interdisciplinary Choose a Specialty in the corresponding Skil
Any Skill
Specialty Skill, except unskilled rolls.
When you roll the selected Skill to uncover c
Investigative Aide Any Skill
successes. Add a bonus element to any clues
Investigative Wits , When you roll to uncover clues, you uncover
Prodigy Investigation Prodigy. Clues from extra successes never ha
Language You can speak, read and write in a chosen lan
You have a cache of information relating to a
Library to
extended rolls.
Your library is vast enough to contain useful,
Library , Safe
Advanced Library to topic per Advanced Library dot. Every story,
you consult your library about that topic.
Ignore environmental and wound penalties on
, , or
Meditative Mind Resolve + Composure rolls for the remainder

accumulate one success.
You can speak conversationally in two chose
You obsess over a given possession relating t
Object Fetishism to
from your obsession, and spending Willpowe
Patient Add +2 to your maximum number of allowed
Suffer a Persistent Condition which prevents
Scarred Integrity 5
particular breaking point.
Tolerance for
Resolve Ignore Resistance rolls from witnessing biolo
Wits or
Trained Observer or Take 9-Again, or 8-Again with three dots, on
Vice-Ridden Take a second Vice.

Virtuous Take a second Virtue.

Physical Merits
Merit Rating Prerequisites
Ambidextrous Ignore offhand penalties. Character creation o
Automotive Crafts , Drive , Raise maximum modifications to a vehicle to t

Genius Science Specialties.
Covert Wits , Dexterity ,
When launching an ambush, deny 10-Again to
Operative Stealth
When not taking any non-Drive actions, add y
Crack Driver Drive attempts to disable your vehicle by your Comp

once per turn.
Strength or
Demolisher to When breaking objects, ignore a point of Dura
Dislodge joints at will. Escape from mundane
Double Jointed Dexterity
aggressively, penalize your attacker's overpow
Add dots in Fleet of Foot to your Speed, and p
Fleet of Foot to Athletics
Giant +1 Size. Character creation only.

Hardy to Stamina Add Hardy dots as a bonus to rolls against dise

Athletics , Wits ,
Greyhound Succeed exceptionally on three successes in a
Stamina or
Iron Stamina to Ignore penalties from fatigue or wounds up to
Whenever your Defense is available, you can d
Quick Draw Wits
Firearms Specialty as a reflexive action.
Punch Drunk Willpower Spend Willpower to preserve your last Health
Athletics , Stamina
Relentless Add 2 to the successes needed against you in a

Roadkill Aggressive Driving When you try to run someone over, Knock Do
Seizing the Wits , Composure You get the Edge in the first turn of a chase, an

Edge calculate your target successes without their S
You can take a Larceny instant action reflexiv
Sleight of Hand Larceny
your attempts if they aren't specifically looking
-1 Size. Take a +2 bonus to hide, go unnoticed
Survival , Iron
Survivalist You can resist Extreme Cold and Extreme Hea

Social Merits
Merit Rating Prerequisites
You wear a history of violence on your sleeve
Air of Menace Intimidation
Willpower to pick a fight, but social maneuve
You have influence and goodwill with a chos
Allies session, you can call on your Allies for favors

in the Merit. Favors in excess require a roll of
You've laid groundwork establishing a false i
to documentation with two, or an airtight paper t
identity, or +2 with three dots.
Anonymity No Fame Penalize attempts to find you by paper trail or

You can get in anywhere socially. Penalize at
Barfly Socialize
to Manipulation ,
Closed Book Add dots in this Merit to your number of Doo
Cohesive Unit to Presence Confer +2 to teamwork. With two dots, confe
to Choose a group or field for each dot of Conta
gather information or dirt from acquaintances
Gain bonus Willpower to spend on protecting
Defender to
Contest Wits + Empathy against Manipulation
Empath Empathy
which can open Doors or ease breaking points
You're known for something, locally or select
Fame to No Anonymity
universally with three. Add Fame dots as a di
reputation, and to rolls by other characters to
Fixer Contacts , Wits Obtain services as if they were one Availabili
So long as you keep up with your fellow hobb
Hobbyist Clique Any Skill
Skill, and a +2 die bonus to extended actions
Inspiring Presence Roll Presence + Expression to confer the Insp
When you spend Willpower to contest or resi
Iron Will Resolve
usual Willpower bonus. If the roll is contested
You have a guide who expects something from
Mentor your dots in Mentor. Choose three traits out o

session, your Mentor can provide aid that fall
You can spend Willpower to attempt to negot
Peacemaker to Wits , Empathy
Maneuvering. With three dots, you can attemp
Pusher Persuasion When you use soft leverage, improve your im
You have disposable income proportional to y
procure an item or service with an Availabilit
Resources reasonable number of items or services whose

You can acquire an item or service with an A
of reducing your effective Resources by a dot
to You have a mook. Your underling's dice pool
purview, or equal to their Retainer rating for a
You've secured a place from intrusion. While
to rolls to break in by Safe Place. If you have Cr
Safe Place
+ Larceny - Safe Place to avoid lethal damage
contribute dots to a Safe Place and share the f
Small Unit Once per scene when you coordinate allies, y
Tactics die bonus to a number of allies up to your Pre
Manipulation ,
Spin Doctor Using Tainted Clues inflicts an additional -1 p
to You have employees corresponding to one Sk
success at relevant actions using one of those
You have influence as part of a chosen group
Status use of a relevant Social Merit lower than your

bonus to Social rolls drawing on your influen
Your appearance is noteworthy and memorab
Striking Looks to
benefit from your appearance, and to rolls by
Support to Choose a Social Merit to represent supportive
Social Merit
Network weather a breaking point, using this Merit as b
Sympathetic When you engage in Social Maneuvering, you
immediately open two Doors.
Composure ,
When targeted by Social Maneuvering, you c
Table Turner Manipulation , Wits
action of your own.

Takes One to When you investigate an incident that resonat

Know One penalty, your roll gains +2 dice and 9-Again.
Choose a Specialty in Crafts or Expression. Y
Taste Crafts
about the nature of a work that falls within the
You have an unbreakable bond of friendship w
True Friend your detriment suffer a -5 penalty. Once per s
interaction with your friend.
Manipulation , You're a smooth criminal. Rolls to investigate
Subterfuge turn up Incomplete Clues.

Supernatural Merits
Merit Rating Prerequisites
Esoteric to You've collected enough
Armory Rank up to your rating i
Living, two Mental Attributes , Occult
with specialty, two other Mental Skills Access a sorcerous rite f
with one specialty
+2 on rolls for the Clairv
Rune Caster Occult
a Cahalith's Prophetic D
Sorcerous to
Occult, Ritual Sorcerer Access additional sorcer
You're a medium in one
Svikiro Resolve , Composure , not a Sleeper Claimed, and sense and
Conditions, depending o
When Fettered to an ent
or Svikiro its powers. With three d
Willpower and contestin
Svikiro You're both wamasikati
You're conscious and ca
or Svikiro three dots, you can temp
contesting the entity.

Fighting Merits
Merit Rating Prerequisites
Staff Fighting Use a hooking pole when grappling to instant
Body as
Stamina , Brawl Unarmed strikes add one point of bashing dam
Boot Party Brawl Attack a prone target at -3 to deal lethal dama
Street Fighting , During a fight, you can reflexively contest De
Cheap Shot
Subterfuge opponent Defense next turn through dirty tric
After a successful Hold, add the Choke grapp
Choke Hold Brawl
knock unconscious for a few minutes.
Clinch Strike Brawl Use the Damage maneuver instantly in a grap
Defensive You can substitute the chosen Skill for Athlet
Brawl or Weaponry
Combat currently equipped to make attacks with that S
Dexterity You can substitute Dexterity for Strength whe
Ground and
Brawl Take the rote quality to strike a prone target w
Ground Wits , Dexterity ,
Deny close combat bonuses from being prone
Fighter Brawl
Headbutt Brawl Gain the Headbutt grapple maneuver: inflict S
Iron Chin Resolve , Stamina Don't suffer Beaten Down from bashing dama

or (Martial Arts or Street Confers half your Iron Skin dots in points of g
Iron Skin
Fighting) , Stamina spend Willpower to reduce half your Iron Ski
You can take an instant action to size up a tar
Killer Composure , Wits ,
to action. When attacking the target afterward, e
Instinct Medicine
Defense, or convert a point of bashing to letha
Phalanx Weapon and Shield ,
Wield a spear with a shield, substituting it in W
Fighter Spear and Bayonet
Wits , Brawl Reduce successes on a Control Weapon or Di
Street Fighting , You can conceal a 0L brawling weapon with
Shiv or
Weaponry detect it by your Weaponry.
Weaponry You can pull blows with a weapon to deal bas
Transfer Intelligence , Wits ,
to Cross-apply a Brawling maneuver to a Weapo
Maneuver Brawl , Weaponry
Trunk Gain the Trunk Squeeze grapple maneuver: d
Squeeze contesting rolls.