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Strong medicine from Victor and Bindu GUY MUSE

Choudhrie Guayaquil,
Guayas, Ecuador
I grew up as an MK in Ecuador.
For the past 23 years my wife
Linda and I have served as IMB
-SBC missionaries in Guayaquil,
Ecuador. We relate to a
network of house churches.
We have a son (18) and a
daughter (14).
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One of the honors we had last month at the Antioch

Gathering was meeting in person some of God's chosen
servants from around the world. One of the most
delightful was Bindu Choudhrie, wife of Victor
Choudhrie of India.

In one of the sharing times, Bindu reported that in May

of this year, they witnessed the baptizing of 300,000
new disciples. In passing, she mentioned this was
"considerably more" than the previous 120,000 they Create Your Badge

baptized in March, and 100,000 in January of this year.

It is mind boggling that they are aiming for 1-million
baptisms this year! To see family and ministry
photos click on our Flickr page.

One day as we were chatting, Bindu asked if we might 19/02/2010
The M Blog: Strong medicine from Victor and Bindu Choudhrie Page 2 of 8

be interested in her husband's book, Unreached People of the Day

"The Apostolic Gardens"? The book is
their attempt to "help position the
ekklesia to finish the unfinished task
of discipling all nations in our
generation." Anyone who has been
used by the Lord to see 500,000
baptisms in a six-month period, is
someone who has my attention. Of course I was
interested in getting my hands on a copy! Please pray for the ...

Bambara of Mali
Population: 3,110,000
There are 131 pages, and just as many subject headings.
Language: Bamanankan
In a sense, the book is a church planting manual coming Religion: Islam
Evangelical: 1.13%
from an apostolic point of view rather than a pastor- Status: Unreached (1.2 ) More ...

teacher perspective. The apostolic knowingly and Get Unreached of the Day by Email

unapologetically thrust the sheep out amongst the Provided by Joshua Project

wolves. The pastoral, by nature, do their best to

nurture, teach, and protect the sheep.

In the chapter, "Are You A Failed Pastor?" Choudhrie

questions the seriousness of anyone calling themselves a
pastor and not starting "houses of peace."

"It is not necessary to go to church to connect with

Yahweh, especially when your city is going to Hell...We
must pray to Yahweh to take to heaven all the
Reverends who compel us to come to church instead of Related Links
letting us go fishing." (pg.118) A Foreign Life (my wife's blog)
Church: Where the Home Is
What makes the book fascinating is that it is written
Commission Stories
more from an Eastern mindset, rather than a polished
Ecuador News
logical Western argument. It is very direct "straight talk" (Ecuador Travel
to men and women who are not sitting in church pews,
but out in the harvest fields making disciples. There is
Facts about Ecuador
no beating around the bush. For example, Victor writes
on page 7, "Most of the 40,000 denominations are Guayas Mestizo Team

suffering from senility and out of date. Tens of International Mission Board,
thousands of their retail outlets (churches) have
succeeded in keeping two billion Christians of the world Join us in the task of reaching
Ecuador for Christ
unengaged and condemned to sit in the pews as cash
cows until they are ready to shift six feet underground Muse PrayerNewsletter

in the church cemetery." OUCH! Musica del Ecuador

People Groups - Ecuador
"The ekklesia exists, not to protect man's traditions (Joshua Project)

which are costly perversions, but to fulfill Yahweh's Resources for learning more
about S. America missions
plan." He goes on to state, "Traditions are like the 19/02/2010
The M Blog: Strong medicine from Victor and Bindu Choudhrie Page 3 of 8

Indian curry with hot spices. They add nothing to the The Best of Ecuador
nutritional value but leave your palate on fire at dinner
and lost of sound and fury at the other end in the
morning." (Pg.6)

Commission Stories
Choudhrie makes statements that would get most of us
fired, "Churching the unchurched is the bane of
Christianity. Yeshua taught us to allow the yeast to
leaven the whole community. We need millions of
Crypto Christians who stay below the radar and quietly
catalyze their communities. Churching them leaves the
rest of the community not only unleavened but hostile."

"Yeshua never said, 'Go to church.' He said, 'Go and tell

others what great things Yahweh has done for
you.'" (Mark 5:18-20)

"Revival is not for churching the unchurched and

The One True
increasing membership and money, but for unchurching Church
You Can Find the
the churched and sending them out to be fruitful and One True Church
multiply and fill the earth." (pg.82) Christ Founded in
AD 31!

"Churches that cater only to Christians need an urgent

audit. The ekklesia exists to finish the task of discipling
all nations."

"How can justice roll like a river and righteousness like

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a mighty stream unless Christians take their butts off
the pews to go and deliver people from darkness and
translate them into the kingdom of His dear Son?" Good
point, if you ask me!
Most Read/Commented Posts
Are we trinitarian in theology
Still not offended? This next one actually comes with a
but not in our missiology?
warning from Choudhrie, "CAUTION: All drugs have a
Can a woman baptize?
limited shelf life. Similarly, a generic Christian has a
Church planting lessons
limited pew-life after which, like the out-of-date drug,
learned along the way
he must be buried six feet underground." (pg.78)
Church planting with
"We are training the wrong people, with the wrong
Conflicting visions
motives, in the wrong place, by the wrong teachers in
CPM: Babies teaching babies?
the wrong traditions." He goes on to explain,
"Thousands of unemployed youngsters, driven by How house churches get
started in Guayaquil
economics, are being trained in Bible schools to be
cultural misfits...Millions are being spent to train and How to change traditional
churches into New Testament
support them, but despite triumphalistic reports, the
return on investment is just peanuts...They know the 19/02/2010
The M Blog: Strong medicine from Victor and Bindu Choudhrie Page 4 of 8

scriptures but not the mechanics of discipling or Is 'security of the believer' a

1st tier matter?
ekklesia planting. Entry points, bridges from other
religions, spiritual warfare, mentoring multi- Is breaking the law always a
generational disciples and other relevant topics, which
are powerful predictors of CPM, are not taught." My call into missions service
On being called 'Rabbi'
"Tithing is a Stronghold: The purpose of all our wealth Pagan Christianity
is to fulfill the Great Commission. Hence, all money and Prophets and prophecy in the
gifts must be expended for apostolic purposes. (Acts church today
4:25, 27; 5:2) Money must follow the apostles and not The church in your house
the other way around." Things God is showing us
Things I miss about the USA
"The NT model of clergy-free, building-free and sermon-
Those questionable churches
free churches will free up billions of dollars, empower being planted overseas
millions for the priesthood...and make world Top Ten Einstein Quotes for
evangelism a practical reality." (pg.80) Missions and Church Planting
What are we doing here?
I could go on quoting page after page of similar What was Jesus Intent?
statements. I can pretty much guarantee no major
When can we be a church?
Christian publisher will be picking up "The Apostolic
When is a church a church?
Gardens" any time soon! Quite frankly, though, Victor
Who has the authority to
says a lot of the things I would like to say, but cannot
due to my not living some of these personally. I wish the
Why after 2000 years we are
book were made more widely available. It is the kind of
still not even close to fulfilling
strong exhortation that a passive Western church needs the Great Commission
to hear. You may not agree with everything Victor Why are we so afraid of NT
writes, but I am quite sure those coming into the house churches?
Kingdom by the thousands through the ministry will be Why Do So Many Of Our Church
most thankful come Judgment Day for their being more Plants Fail?
concerned about bringing in the harvest, and less what Women church planters
others might think of them. Women shepherds

Dr. Victor Choudhrie studied medicine at Christian Medical College in
Blogs I Enjoy

Vellore. He married Bindu Sukhnandan and went to England for higher Alan Cross
studies in surgery. He returned to serve in a tribal village in central Alan Knox
India. Later he served as Director (CEO) of the prestigious Christian Alyce Lee
Medical College in Punjab. In 1993, he and Bindu, committed Amanda Parmley Wu
themselves to Saturation Church Planting Movement. Since then God Bryan Riley
has blessed this ministry and thousands of house churches have been Colorado Negrito
planted in India and in many other countries.
Cultural Dichotomy
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ecclesiology, evangelism, global missions Debbie Kaufman

Dion Peachey 19/02/2010
The M Blog: Strong medicine from Victor and Bindu Choudhrie Page 5 of 8

10 comments: Ed Stetzer
Frank Viola
TKB said...
Hand to the Plough
Very cool...want to read that one! Kevin: SWISA
Thanks for sharing! I love books about going for the
La Guarida del Perro
Les Puryear

9:18 PM, November 29, 2009 Linda Muse

Michael Browning
Les Puryear said... Michelle Fowler
Guy, Mike and Leslie
Missionary Blog Watch
I must admit I don't know what to think about this Missions Blog
book. I would like to read it because it is way far Missions Misunderstood
out of my comfort zone. Also, I would like to read
Neil Cole
it to see the context of the statements you've
listed. I'm not convinced about their biblical
Rick Boyne

BTW, I'm mailing you the Burleson book this week. SBC Voices
Tales From Middle Earth
Les Tim Patterson
Tim Rogers
11:16 PM, November 29, 2009
Wade Burleson

GuyMuse said... Wes and Ellen

Wolfgang/Mercy Simson
TKB and Les,

I think you'd both be blessed and challenged by {missional} space

Victor's book. It is not your everyday run-of-the-

mill kind of book. I personally think that all of us in Blog Archive
the West could learn a few things from our Eastern
► 2010 (24)
brothers who are heavily involved in bringing in the
▼ 2009 (151)
harvest. After all, when was the last time I
► December (14)
baptized a half million people in less than a year?
▼ November (14)
We may quibble with their interpretation of certain
Strong medicine from
passages, but it is hard to dismiss the outpouring of
Victor and Bindu
the H.S. upon their lives and abundant fruit of Choudhrie
their ministry. Learning by analogy
Critical transition points
7:45 AM, November 30, 2009
when planting new
Stan said...
FBC Dallas launches $130M
Where do I get a copy of this book? Building Campaign 19/02/2010
The M Blog: Strong medicine from Victor and Bindu Choudhrie Page 6 of 8

3:21 PM, November 30, 2009 Why the emerging global

house church movement
Les Puryear said... can ...
Radical, immediate, and
costly obedience
Reports on the 2009
There is a facebook page for this book at
Antioch Gathering
Why Denominations Cannot
Gardens/199867240203. Complete the Great
Les Dying to self
Our changing roles
3:51 PM, November 30, 2009
Rad Zdero's 'Top Ten'
reasons for planting
GuyMuse said... house c...
STAN: Did you see Les's link above for the Facebook This 'sect of the devil'
page? Looks like you can email them at known as Baptists
The Trip How to get our churches
interested again in
LES: Thanks! missio...

► October (11)
8:55 PM, November 30, 2009
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John Marklew said...
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► June (13)
► May (15)
With just the extracts you supply I feel that stirring
► April (9)
in my stomach. I love the way our brothers outside
of the West just say it as it is - Lord deliver us from ► March (12)

Western pc stuff in your church! ► February (11)

► January (13)
John (UK)
► 2008 (112)
► 2007 (135)
2:15 AM, December 01, 2009
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GuyMuse said...
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Yes, the book has a way of "stirring" the stomach   Dublin arrived from on "The M Blog:
juices! I found myself doing quite a bit of squirming
Strong medicine from Victor and
during the read. Whether one agrees with
Bindu Choudhrie"
everything Victor writes, or not, there is little
  Stafford, Texas arrived from
denying that we need to be making fewer excuses on "The M Blog:
for our passivity, and expend more energy DOING "Pagan Christianity" by Frank
what Christ commanded. Viola and George Barna" 19/02/2010
The M Blog: Strong medicine from Victor and Bindu Choudhrie Page 7 of 8

6:37 AM, December 01, 2009   Cape Coral, Florida arrived

on "The M Blog: Message from
Ministerio Cosas Nuevas Cosas Viejas said... God to his people today"
  Chesapeake, Virginia arrived
Hey Guy, Lee from Arequipa here. I would love to
on "The M Blog: Message from
share in the work alongside you some day! I
God to his people today"
appreciate your zeal for God's People and your
  Maraval, Saint George
personal honesty. Amen to pretty much everything arrived from on "The
Victor said. If your ever in our neck of the woods M Blog: What is my role as a
you've got a place to stay, missionary?"
  Chesterfield, Missouri
--Lee arrived on "The M Blog: Message
from God to his people today"
4:20 PM, December 01, 2009   Chesterfield, Missouri
arrived on "The M Blog"
GuyMuse said...   Arlington, Texas arrived on
"The M Blog: Message from God
to his people today"
  Abilene, Texas arrived on
Would love to visit Arequipa some day. Thanks for "The M Blog: House churches as
the invite! sending centers"
  Miramichi, New Brunswick
6:43 PM, December 01, 2009 arrived from on "The
M Blog: Missional Renaissance by
Post a Comment Reggie McNeal"
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