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When Lebanon got their independence,

they adopted their flag with red
President of
symbolizing the blood of martyrs that had Lebanon, Michel Aoun. Elected Oct. 31, 2016
been shed in the revolution of November
1943, the color white symbolizing the snow
that appears on the mountains of Lebanon
during the winter meaning a symbol of
purity and peace, and the cedar tree that
had been derived from Mount Lebanon and
symbolizes holiness and eternity and Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution
resilience of tradition. Lebanon is a Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei
democratic republic and has a
parliamentary system of government that THE PARLIAMENT
includes a President, a Prime Minister, and The Parliament has 128 seat is
a cabinet chosen through an electoral divided among religious groups:
process. The structure of the government is Muslims and Christians. Hezbollah, a
based on the constitutional principle of heavily armed Shiite Muslim group
separation between the executive, the backed by Iran, holds 12 seats in the
legislative, and the judicial branches. Parliament. Its political bloc, March 8,
holds 57 of 128 seats, which means
that Hezbollah has a significant
amount of influence inside the
government. It is very hard for the
parliament to come to an agreement
on certain topics.
There was not a President in Lebanon for
over a year because the parliament cannot
come to an agreement on who they wanted T HE COU RT SYST EM
to lead the country. Michel Aoun ended the The office of the District Court Administrator was
two-year stalemate in 2016. The 1943 created in 1974 to decrease the load of
administrative duties of the Judges of the Court of
National Pact entails the president must be Common Pleas. It provides technical assistance
a Maronite Christian, but because more and administrative support to various
Muslims live in the country than Christians departments of the Court Other Court business
includes receiving applications for the 10% Bail
now, presidency has become more of a Program, personnel, fiscal operations, budget,
symbolic role and its power has decreased. jury management, scheduling, public relations,
and liaison functions with various groups and
The Taif Agreement made the Council of agencies.
Ministers and Prime Minister take over most
of the presidents duties.