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Tender Pack Contents



Conditions of Tendering
Invitation to Tender
Conditions of Contract Contract for Periodic Supply of Goods with Installation
Specification DEWS Lockhart River
Appendix B - Lockhart River High Level System Architecture
- C0591-000800_B.pdf
Appendix C - Lockhart River Solar PV Site Layouts
- C0591-100200-C.pdf
- C0591-200200-D.pdf
- C0591-500200-B.pdf
Appendix D - Lockhart River 30 kVA IES Solar PV System AC Single Line Diagram Typical
- C0591-000300-A.pdf
- C0591-000301-A.pdf
Appendix E - Lockhart River >30 kVA IES Solar PV System AC Single Line Diagram Typical
- C0591-100300-A.pdf
- C0591-200300-B.pdf
Appendix H - Lockhart River Council Community Capacity Statement for Civil, Construction and
Community Services
- Lockhart River Capacity Statement July 2016.pdf
Appendix J Lockhart River Temperature & Irradiance Data
- Lockhart River NASA SSE Satellite Data Monthly Averages.pdf
- Lockhart River Synthetic Hourly Solar Irradiance and Temp Data.pdf
- Lockhart River_Nasamod_SY0.xlsx
Appendix K - Lockhart River Ergon Energy Interface Requirements
- Interface Requirements in Isolated Systems V1.0.pdf
Appendix L - Lockhart River PV System Roof Structural Assessment
- 2017-04-03 STP17-0286 Inspection Report [P1].pdf
Appendix M Working DET Facilities Special Requirements
- Working on DET Facilities.pdf
PHOTOS (for information purposes only)
Council Buildings
- IMG_3011 council workshop.JPG
- IMG_3014 shed 3 sub board.JPG
- IMG_3016 Shed 3 underground supply pit.JPG

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Tender Pack Contents
- IMG_3017 Council shed meters.JPG
- IMG_3018 council shed sub board.JPG
- IMG_3024 Council shed 3 to boundary.JPG
- IMG_3059 council workshop internal.JPG
- IMG_3061 council workshop sub board.JPG
- IMG_3071 council workshop connection.JPG
- IMG_3088 Council workers camp.JPG
- IMG_20170221_110830 council shed 3 underground supply pit.jpg
- IMG_20170221_110839 council shed 3 panorama.vr.jpg
- IMG_20170221_113923 council workshop meter box.jpg
- IMG_20170221_122432 council workers camp meter box.jpg
- IMG_20170221_122508 council workers camp meter box inside.jpg
- IMG_20170221_122540 council workers camp supply cables.jpg
- IMG_20170221_122720 workers camp panorama.vr.jpg
- IMG_20170221_122825 council workers camp north side.jpg
Lockhart River
- IMG_3028 ergon station from north.JPG
- IMG_3068 ergon station from council workshop.JPG
- IMG_3097.JPG
- IMG_20170221_124709 barge ramp.vr.jpg
School Site
- IMG_2941 School building 6 admin.JPG
- IMG_2942 school building 9.JPG
- IMG_2943 School admin building 6 stairwell.JPG
- IMG_2947 school admin building from north.JPG
- IMG_2949 school meter box.JPG
- IMG_2950 school meter box.JPG
- IMG_2959 school admin building locked storage.JPG
- IMG_2960 school admin building near meter box.JPG
- IMG_2963 school building 3 resource centre.JPG
- IMG_20170221_091906 school admin building main entrance.jpg
- IMG_20170221_091913 school admin building driveway.jpg
- IMG_20170221_092806 school admin building.jpg
- IMG_20170221_093320 school covered walkways.jpg
- IMG_20170221_093333 school building 9.jpg
- IMG_20170221_093345 school panorama.vr.jpg
Environmental Protection Requirements
WH&S Requirements
Insurance and Indemnity Conditions of Contract
TENDER SCHEDULES (Complete and return all schedules)
Tender Response Schedule
Schedule B1 Pricing
Schedule B2 Rates

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