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Scavenger Hunt

Introduction to Spanish
This scavenger Hunt is designed to give a general introduction to Middle school (6-8
grade) Spanish 1 class. It will allow students to view some of the areas where the
language is spoken and some cultural aspects.
Directions: Create a google doc to answer the Scavenger Hunt. Search the internet to
find the answers to these questions. Write the question, the URL of where you found
the answer, and write or copy the answer onto the document. When you are done,
share the document with me:
1. Name the top three languages spoken in the world and how many people
speak it
2. Find the name of the top 5 countries with the largest Spanish speaking
population Write the names of these countries in order from greatest to least
3. Name the capital of five Spanish speaking countries
4. What country in Africa speaks Spanish?
5. Find the name and nationality of two actors from two different Spanish
speaking countries
6. Find the words to song in Spanish and a site where we could hear it
7. Find the name of three Latin American presidents and the countries they lead.
8. Find an article about a famous Hispanic singer
9. Find an article about a famous Hispanic athlete
10.Find a picture of money in three Spanish-speaking countries and its value
compared to the U.S. dollar.
11.Find out What is Nobel prize is and name 5 Latin American Nobel prize
winners, include, their nationality, year, and what category they won.
12.Find the flag of four Spanish speaking languages
13.How many languages are spoken in Spain? (Name them)
14.Find the recipe of a Hispanic dish.
15. Find the name of two tourist sites in South America.