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1. What does HTML stand for?

a) Hyper Text Markup Language b) Home Tool Markup Language

c) Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language

2. Who is making the Web standards?

a) Mozilla b) Microsoft c) The World Wide Web Consortium

3. What does CSS stand for?

a) Creative Style Sheets b) Colorful Style Sheets
c) Computer Style Sheets d) Cascading Style Sheets

4. What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?

5. How can you make a list that lists the items with numbers?
a) ol b) dl c) ul d) list

6. Choose the correct HTML tag for the largest heading. a) head b)h1 c)h6 d)header

7. How do you make a list that lists its items with squares?
a) type: square b) list-type: square c) type: 2 d) list-style-type: square

8. Which property applies a color to text?

a) text-color b) foreground-color c) background-color d) color

9. Which of the following attributes of the tag displays alternate text for the image?
a) caption b) text c) alt d) identify

10. The common element which describe the web page, is?
A heading .
. D All of these
B paragraph .
C list
11. Which of the following tag is used to mark a beginning of paragraph?
A <TD> .
. D <TR>
B <br> .
C <P>
12. From which tag descriptive list starts?
A <LL> C <DL>
. .
B <DD> D <DS>
. .

13. Markup tags tell the web browser

A How to organise the page C How to display message box on page
. .
B How to display the page D None of these
. .

14. Web pages starts with which ofthe following tag?

A <Body> .
. D <Form>
B <Title> .
15. <DT> tag is designed to fit a single line of our web page but <DD> tag will accept a
A line of text .
B full paragraph C word
. .

D request
16. From which tag the descriptive list starts?
A <LL> C <DL>
. .
B <DD> D <DS>
. .

17. The tag used to create a new list item and also include a hyperlink is
A <LI> .
. D <UL>
B <DL> .
C <DD>
18. Which of the tag is used to create a number list?
A <LI> .
. D None of these
B <OL> .
C <LI> and <OL>
19. The latest HTML standard is
. .
. .

20. What is the correct HTML for adding a background color?

A <background>yellow<Background
. >

B <body color = "yellow">

C <body bg color = "yellow">
D <body bg ="yellow">
21. The body tag usually used after
A Title tag .
. D FORM tag
B HEAD tag .
C EM tag
22. Which tag creates a number/order list?
A <UL> .
. D None of these
B <OL> .
C <OT>
23. The web standard allows programmers on many different computer platforms to dispersed
format and display the information server. These programs are called
A Web Browsers .
. D None of these
C Internet Explorer
List structures
Lists often appear in documents, especially academic, as their purpose is often to present
information in a clear and concise fashion. List structures in LaTeX are simply environments which
essentially come in three types:

itemize for a bullet list

enumerate for an enumerated list and

description for a descriptive list.