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Word Forms

Verb Noun Adjective Adverb

1 offend offence, offender offensive, offended offensively
2 consider consideration considerate considerately
3 complicate complication complicated -
4 expand expansion, expanse expanded expansively
5 detect detection, detective detectable -
6 - efficiency efficient efficiently
7 promote promotion, promoter promotional -
8 amaze amazement amazing, amazed amazingly
9 invent invention, inventor inventive -
10 privatize privacy private privately

1. Offend
a. He is always tactful and never ______________ anyone.
b. Peddling drugs is a serious criminal ______________.
c. The traffic ______________ was given a summons by the policeman.
d. She was shocked by his ______________ remarks.
e. ______________ by his speech, the crowd walked out of the hall.
f. Her neighbours used to play ______________ loud music at night until they moved away last
2. Consider
a. He ______________ the job offer for a few days but turned it down in the end.
b. Her boss gave her less work out of ______________ for her poor health.
c. He was ______________ and turned down the stereo when I asked him to.
d. When he saw an expectant mother board the bus, he gave her his seat ______________.
3. Complicate
a. Changing jobs now will ______________ her life.
b. We were thankful that there were no ______________ after the surgery.
c. This is such a ______________ cake recipe that few will try to make it.
4. Expand
a. His business has ______________ enormously over the past few years.
b. Her bedroom window looked out to a flat ______________ of paddy fields.
c. The company is employing new executives in preparation for its overseas ______________.
d. His ______________ waistline was a sign for him to go on a strict diet.
e. She welcomed the foreign guests ______________ and ushered them to her living room.

5. Detect
a. This type of disease is difficult to ______________ in its early stages.
b. Her cries were barely ______________ from the locked room next door.
c. I don't know how the errors managed to avoid ______________ for so long.
d. The ______________ has found traces of poison in the leftover food.
6. Efficient
a. The ______________ secretary was praised warmly by her employer.
b. The factory was operating at peak ______________ throughout the week.
c. He gathered all the documents and arranged them ______________ in chronological order.
7. Promote
a. There was little chance for ______________ within the company.
b. He was a ______________ of greater understanding and cooperation among the different
tribes in the community.
c. The ______________ items are placed neatly in front of the shop to attract customers.
d. The school distributed pamphlets to ______________ good dental hygiene.
8. Amaze
a. He never ceases to ______________ us with his magic tricks.
b. Much to the ______________ of her family, she left college to pursue an acting career.
c. It was ______________ that no one noticed the new car parked outside the house.
d. We were ______________ but relieved that no find was hurt in the accident.
e. Our dinner at the seafood restaurant was ______________ cheap.
9. Invent
a. We found out that he had ______________ the stories he told us about his life.
b. The light bulb was one of the most important ______________ of the 19th century.
c. The ______________ has turned his ideas into a working prototype.
d. My mom has ______________ ways to use leftovers to create a new dish.
10. Private
a. We did not dare to interrupt their ______________ conversation.
b. She gave the gift to her friend ______________ after all the guests had left.
c. He composed the song in the ______________ of his room.
d. The state has been urged to ______________ its waste management system.