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There are different sorts of remuneration as indicated by which the compensation or the wage

earned by every individual varies crosswise over various doctors in the Bangor family. A

portion of the occupations give coordinate pay or wage regardless of the endeavors or time

dedicated by the laborer in the employment and a few sorts of occupation profiles of Bangor

family are a greater amount of motivating force based. Along these lines, keeping in mind the

end goal to break down the uneven data and to examine pay arrangement of the occupations,

we will accept two sorts of position profiles which depend on the impetus based installment as

opposed to simply pay or wages paid. In the given case, there are four models of remuneration

which have been discussed. These are

a. Net income model

b. Revenue model

c. Base salary plus productivity model

d. Multiple factor performance model

In each of the given models, profitability impacts would be significantly higher by following

motivation based pay framework as the laborer's efficiency can be effectively measured by the

measure of pay/remunerate they are winning. Higher the compensation they are getting in the

occupation in a specific timeframe, higher would be the laborer's efficiency when contrasted

with the immediate wage or pay technique. The hazard factor would be too high on the grounds

that if a doctor in the Bangor family turns out to be sick or tired amid a timeframe, at that point

clearly his endeavors would fall around then and he may get less measure of cash/pay in the

frame remunerate. The impact on doctor's ability to participate with other doctor would rise

since he may require the assistance of his colleagues to build up the relationship. For instance,

if there should arise an occurrence of protection deals delegates who may ask for their
collaborators and their relatives to take the organization's protection approaches which would

build their offers of number of strategies.

In last two models, the quality is that the specialist's turnover would be decidedly identified

with the measure of endeavors they are putting and the business volume of the merchandise or

the administrations they are offering. Along these lines, the doctor might clearly want to put in

more endeavors in playing out their occupation.Yet, it would not endure in the majority of such

motivator based employment profiles as the occupation profile would be more worried about

that of the deals or the race of accomplishing the most astounding rank.. It is additionally the

best model which can be utilized by the Bangor family. The seniors can screen the yield of the

doctor by taking a gander at his client's relationship audit report and by examining his chance

dedicated in making the requests and interfacing with the clients. Because of proceeded with

increment in use rates of the doctors in different fields and ranges, changes in the work routines

of doctors who work for more hours when contrasted with other more youthful doctors.. In this

way, guaranteeing access to social insurance will require more than the normal enlistment

(HRSA, 2006).

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