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Pendulum Divination, also known as radiesthesia, dowsing, rhabdomancy, or water

witching, is divination by utilizing human sensitivity to the subtle energies
emitted by any source living or inert. Some folks believe that their spirit
guides act as the source of energy in revealing secret information. The history
of this pendulum divination can be traced back over 5,000 years to the ancient
Orient. The pendulum is the main instrument used for this area of divination,
although wooden rods are also used. This practice became very popular in the
Middle Ages and was a favored practice of divination through to the early
nineteenth century. The practice lost favor after that but then there was a
great renewal of interest in the twentieth century. In 1933, the British Society
of Dowsers was formed.
The pendulum is a simple tool. The basic design is a weight of some sort
suspended on a fine chain or a length of chain. A dowser is a person who is
sensitive to hidden information and uses an indicator, like a pendulum or a rod,
to intensify that sensitivity. There are a few different ways to hold your
pendulum while working with it. Most dowser's will hold the end of the chain
directly between their fingers.

Just about any small weight can be used for your pendulum. Some people use a
pendant necklace, or a ring on the end of a length of string. Coins, crystals,
roots, or keys can also be used, as long as it is heavy enough to act as a
pendulum. Quartz crystal is said to make a powerfully accurate pendulum. Some
commercially produced pendulums are hollow and unscrew to give access to an
inside cavity. You can place in here what is known as a "witness"- this would be
a sample of what is being sought. For instance, if you were looking for water,
you would put a couple of drops of water inside it. The recommended length of
chain or string is approximately 20 to 30 cm.

It has been said that consistent use of your pendulum helps to forge a
connection to your personal energy. It does take a bit of practice. However, the
material that a pendulum is made from can increase particular energies that
contribute to the power of your divination. Pendulums made from semi-precious
stones or crystals bring to your divination the special quality that the stone
or crystal provides. These special qualities can assist you by increasing the
positive energy during the divination process. Below is an example of some
semi-precious stones and their particular qualities:

Amethyst - soothes the nervous system, balancing emotions. It helps you to feel
more in control. It is good for relieving physical and emotional pain and
overcoming addictions, dispelling anger, fear and anxiety.

Citrine or Golden Topaz - a highly positive stone that can guide you in a
positive and creative direction. It is good for dispelling insecurity and
negative thoughts and for attaining inner calm and security. It is motivating
and helps you to achieve clarity of thought and resolution of problems

Clear Quartz Crystal - a highly spiritual stone, quartz is good for psychic
development. It is purifying and creates harmony and balance. It enhances the
qualities of other stones and can be programmed to achieve just about any goal.

Rose Quartz Crystal - the love stone, rose quartz creates harmony and balances
emotional states. It is the stone for self-acceptance and appreciation of all
things. It brings peace, compassion, self-love, happy relationships and
receptivity to beautiful things.

Sterling Silver - brings clarity of thought and enhances your ability to deal
with intellectual problems.

Tiger Eye - strengthens convictions and brings courage and confidence. It is

good for mental focus and for promoting energy flow around the body. It is said
to attract the people and things into your life that you need to achieve your

Chambered Pendulums

Many pendulums contain a hollow chamber into which you can insert an object of
significance to your divination questions. Chambered pendulums are usually made
from metal and have a small hinged lid that opens to a small hollow chamber.
Objects that are commonly inserted in the chamber include small crystals or
stones to increase particular energies or a hair or piece of clothing from
someone central to the question that is being asked. This makes chambered
pendulums a very powerful tool for use in pendulum divination.

How to Use:Charge Your Pendulum

To charge your pendulum, place it overnight in water or salt. Remember that some
crystals will degrade in salt, so be sure to check before you do this. Another
option is to leave the pendulum outside overnight in the moonlight. First, your
pendulum should be cleansed from previous influences. This can be accomplished
by either submersion into salt water, or by permeating it with the smoke of a
cleansing botanical such as sage, hyssop, or sweetgrass. If you can't find a
ready to use incense, use loose incense on charcoal and smoke it well. If you
use salt water, leave it submerged for 2 to 3 hours and wipe dry with a clean
towel or paper towel. Hold the pendulum between both of your hands until it is
warm, to charge it with your energy.
Next, seat yourself comfortably at a table and start out with simple yes/ no
questions. Fix in your mind the direction of "yes", and the direction of "no".
Most people consider it yes when for vertical movement, and no for horizontal
movement, but do what feels right to you.
Hold the end of your chain between the thumb and first finger- right hand if
right handed; left hand if left handed- allowing the pendulum weight to be
suspended about an inch above the surface of the table. Resting your elbow on
the table, let the weight of your pendulum hang comfortably and ask a "yes" or
"no" question. Although you attempt to keep the pendulum still, it will start to
swing either vertically or horizontally. Dowsers will add other movement
interpretations as they become more comfortable and use their pendulum more,
such as swinging in a clockwise circle= yes, and swinging counterclockwise (or
widdershins) as "no".
Some Dowsers suggest not having your elbow on the table. I don't recommend this
as fatigue and unsteadiness may unduly influence the motion of your pendulum. It
is crucial that you do not consciously try to make the pendulum swing. It should
swing of it's own accord like the planchette of a Ouija board (Talking Board)
moves without being manipulated.

If you are having any trouble discerning an answer, it may be that the question
asked is too ambiguous and need rephrasing. It's also possible that the question
cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Consider the wording of the
questions carefully. You do not have to speak the question out loud, just focus
on it as you begin.
After you have worked with your pendulum for awhile, you might want to determine
more than yes and no answers. This is where things get really interesting. A
variety of things can be used in dowsing: maps, a calendar, pictures, there are
even Talking Boards to use specifically in pendulum work. You can buy a Talking
Board, or make one of your own by putting the letters of the alphabet in a
semicircle on paper, and placing it on the table. I used a calendar to find the
accurate date that my grandson would be born by laying a calendar on the table
and suspending the pendulum in the center above it. Maps can be used in the
same way for a number of questions- like finding something that has been lost.
Some Suggested Uses:
Finding out the sex of a baby before it is born
Determining the date of a future event
Locating lost objects
Finding the presence of ghosts/ spirits
Confirming a change in environmental energy
Can be used as a complement aid to help in diagnosing health problems (always
consult a health professional first)
Water Witching (locating under ground water for wells, etc.)


Pendulums are an excellent means for communicating with the spirit world,
checking the accuracy of other readings and divinations and many other different


In a Room - hold the pendulum and ask where the object is located. The pendulum
will swing in the direction of the lost object.

In a House - Ask the pendulum, room by room, i.e., is it in the kitchen? yes/no,
bathroom and so on until you narrow it down. Then go into the room and section
it off.

On a Map - Start by asking if the missing person or object is in the area of the
map. (For missing persons, it is helpful to have a photo and an item he or she
has touched or worn). Hold the pendulum in the hand you normally use to divine
with it and a pointer or pencil in the other. Point to places on the map, until
you arrow it down and go from there.

Ask - "Am I facing the right direction to find... If the pendulum swings
foreword or backward, you are moving in the right direction. In circles, move
with the circle slowly, until it swings foreword and backward.

You can also draw a floor plan of a house or building and ue the map method.
Try using a map at first to pinpoint a good area. Places where Ley Lines and
other energies on the Earth grid intersect, are powerful spots to perform all
kinds of rituals. The pendulum will circle so fast when positioned over these
areas, it will nearly be parallel to the Earth. The stronger the energies, the
faster the pendulum will spin.

You can write dates on separate small pieces of paper or cards and space them
out, evenly on a table. Ask about your past life and the pendulum will swing in
the direction of the paper with the accurate date. You can keep going back this
way in time. You can do the same with continents, narrow it down to countries in
which you lived. People you now know and their relationship to you in a past
life. Put on separate pieces of paper- lover, friend, spouse, family member and
so on. Name the person and ask the question.

Ask about each area of your body or ask the aura of someone you want to know
about. Keep narrowing down the questions with each answer you receive from the

Be careful here, as mistakes can be costly, but you can take the pendulum to a
casino and ask if this is a table or slot machine, you can win big at quickly
and easily. The same can be done when betting on horses and so on. *It pays to
be real experienced before you start going for the money.

A pendulum can tell you all sorts of things about other people. A photo or
personal item of the person in question is a big help, but is not necessary.
Just hold the pendulum over the item and ask questions.


Just open the phone book and ask where is the most inexpensive and the best
quality place for what you want. Name places and the pendulum will answer
yes/no. A pendulum can also be helpful in diagnosing car trouble before pulling
everything apart or taking it to a shop.

Ask what kind of incense to burn, the best time to perform the ritual, the best
place, candle colors and so on.

Lay out several Tarot Cards as possible answers to a question. Ask the question
and the pendulum will begin swinging in the direction of the card with the
answer, until a yes is reached when it is placed directly above the card.

Any yes or no questions can be accurately answered with a pendulum. Small cards
or papers with names of people, places or things can be lined up from left to
right and the pendulum will start swinging in the direction of the card or piece
of paper with the answer.

The pendulum should swing widely, as this is a definite yes or no. Circles are
uncertain and a small swing is not so sure.

Calibrate Your Pendulum

To calibrate your pendulum simply means you're checking it to see how it's
working. To do this, hold it by the free end of the chain so that the weighted
end is loose. Make sure you keep it perfectly still. Ask a simple Yes/No
question to which you already know the answer is Yes, such as "Am I female?" or
"Do I live in California?"

Keep your eye on the pendulum, and when it starts moving, note whether it goes
side to side, forwards to backwards, or some other direction. This indicates
your "Yes" direction.

Now, repeat the process, asking a question to which you know the answer is No.
This will give you your "No" direction. It's a good idea to do this a few times
with different questions, so you can get a feel for how your pendulum responds
to you. Some will swing horizontally or vertically, others swing in small or
large circles, others don't do a whole lot unless the answer is really
important. Once you've calibrated your pendulum and gotten to know it a bit, you
can use it for some basic divination.