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Rosevale School

Xavier Estates, Cagayan de Oro City

Grade School Department
S.Y. 2016-2017


Teacher: Mr.Ranulfo C. Mayol Jr. Date: February 7, 2017

Wednesday to Thursday
OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson, at least 85% of the pupils should be able:
1. To discuss the causes of the different weather disturbances
2. To simulate some weather disturbance


REFERENCES Title: The New Science Links 5 worktext in Science and Health; The New
Science Links: Teachers Resource Material
Authors: Evelyn Padpad, Nenita Apolinario, Gil Nonato Santos, Ph.D.
Page Numbers: 342-348

SKILLS analyzing, observing, organizing, describing, applying, inferring,

synthesizing, evaluating, valuing
CONCEPTS Tropical cyclones are classified into tropical depression, tropical storm, and
typhoon. Other disturbances are thunderstorm, monsoons, and tornadoes.
Observe precautionary measures before, during, and after a typhoon.
Conserving the environment will help minimize the harmful effects of
typhoons and floods

VALUES Take responsibility of the changes of our environment

INTEGRATION Demonstrate a good character
MATERIALS Visual aids, powerpoint presentation, setups

ACTIVITIES 1. The pupils will report their assignment to the class about a typhoon that hit the

2. Present the objectives and the KQs of the lesson.

3. Multisensory Learning
Pupils will look at the picture of hurricane, tornado, and typhoon from
newspaper or internet posted on the board.
Ask the pupils the following questions: What do these different pictures
have in common? What information do they give people about weather?

4. Writers Notebook
There will be audio-visual picture book with weather themes to
stimulate the pupils interest in the topic and spark ideas for
Let them write about a time when a certain weather disturbance
affected their own activity.

1. Let the pupils in the group simulate some weather disturbances by
doing the Investigate Activity.
2. The group will present the result of their activity.
1. Film Viewing / Note taking
Let the pupil watch a film Hurricane vs. Tornado: What's the difference?
And let them take down notes on important details.

2. Let the pupils complete the following statements:

I learned that
I realized that
I was surprised that
I plan to

EVALUATION Directions: Explain how the weather is affected by the following:

a. Tropical Cyclone
b. Thunderstorm
c. Tornado

ASSIGNMENT In your science notebook name and describe the different kinds of cyclone.

Prepared by:

Ranulfo C. Mayol Jr.