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Make of the world one family

Xaverian Mission
Volume 65 - No. 3 | August 2017 Newsletter

Fr. Marks Message ....................................... 2

Religious Tolerance in Sierra Leone ........3
A Dream Come True in Yiffin ....................... 4
Interfaith Journey ........................................5
US Province 2017 Assembly ..................... 6-7
Imperishable Ad Gentes ....................... 8-9
World & US Province News .................. 10-11

US Xaverian Missionaries visited the Bahai National House of Worship In

Wilmette IL during their 2017 Assembly
Reflecting Christ

Entertaining Royalty
Dear Mission Friends:
Missionaries A young man and woman were walking and
Provincial Headquarters talking about another young woman that they
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personality. The woman agreed and said, You
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Fax: (414) 421-9108 lights that were burning. If just family members were home,
Email: only a few of the lights would be seen. If they were entertaining guests, there
would be many lights, and the place would become magically beautiful. One
Global Youth Mission Services (the time, the owners of the castle entertained royalty. You should have seen the
Fatima Shrine
lights! I have never seen such brilliance! The woman said, I think the only
101 Summer Street way I could explain her radiant personality is that in the interior of her being,
P.O. Box 5857 she is always entertaining a Royal Guest. The young man agreed. (Anonymous,
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Each of us, as Christians and Catholics, is asked to reflect Jesus Christ, to be a light to the world. We are to be Other Christs, to reflect Christ to others.
Xaverian Mission Newsletter How do we do this?
Official publication of the
Xaverian Missionaries
Realizing that darkness is the opposite of light, we first get rid of the darkness.
of the United States We strive to eliminate the negative characteristics of our lives. Second, we
Publisher: Fr. Mark Marangone SX work at replacing the vices with Christian virtues. Third, we need to cultivate
Communications Board our Catholic faith: by spiritual reading, retreats, Bible study, faith sharing
Fr. Carl Chudy SX groups, and others. And finally, we need to reach out, as Jesus did, to others,
Fr. Alejandro Rodriguez Gmez to the peripheries, to fallen away Catholics, to sisters and brothers of other
SX faiths, as well as those who may not profess any faith. But we must do it
Fr. Tony Lalli SX
Fr. Rocco Puopolo SX above all with our life, our witness, our example and then, when needed,
Fr. Aniello Salicone SX with words. Recall the words and example of our Missionary Saint and Founder,
Editor Guido Maria Conforti: Make of the world one family. He simply followed in
Mary Aktay Jesus footsteps Love one another as I have loved you. (Jn 15:12) The same
Printing Author of Life who created all human beings in the image and likeness of
AlphaGraphics, Totowa, NJ
God (Gn 1:27), calls us to make of the world one family. How are we, how
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2 Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017

Xaverian Missionaries in the World


Have you ever wondered how Religious

Tolerance in communities can bring
about unity and development?
As the Parish Priest of St. Peter and Pauls parish in Fadugu
town, Northern Sierra Leone, I invited the Chief Imam of the
Fadugu Central Mosque to deliver a Ramadan message to
pupils and staff of a Catholic school, St. Jerome Agricultural
Secondary School.
In his message Imam Alhaji Yorroh Kondeh called on Muslims
to keep the month of Ramadan holy and refrain from all the
things that are forbidden as it is a month of repentance and
forgiveness. He prayed for the pupils and staff at the school
to be at peace with each other and invoked Allah to change
the minds of those with bad intent to bring the school down
as it is for the good of all that a Catholic mission established
the school.
The Imam further prayed for the parish priests and all
parishioners and thanked them for the opportunity to come
and give a Ramadan talk in the school. He emphasized that
it is only religious tolerance that can lead to such an invita-
I thanked the Imam for responding to my invitation and
called on all to adhere to the Imams message.
The principal, Patrick Mark Turay, who was listening keenly
asked all his staff and pupils to be religiously tolerant so
the community can move forward in unity and trust.
Fr. Luigi Brioni SX

Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017 3

Xaverian Missionaries in the World


A dream becomes a reality twenty years later

n the 90s, I was parish priest of Kabala Catholic Church for over 10 years. One of the farthest outstations was
Yiffin, a town 54 miles from Kabala, close to the Loma mountain area, in Nieni Chiefdom.
I was pleased to make a return visit to the same area around 1996 and again at the beginning of 1998. I met
then in Yiffin town, a very welcoming Paramount Chief and the local authorities, and a small but lively Catholic
community, led by the late Mr. John Kumala, clerk at the chiefdom administration.
During several meetings with the local people and the authorities, a dream emerged among our small community,
that envisaged for the future a Catholic Church building, a RC primary school and possibly, when feasible, a sec-
ondary school for the further education of many young boys and girls.
From that time, almost 20 years have gone by and since my recent return to the Kabala Mission, I was eager to
visit this community to see the progress and the achievements of the recent years. When I entered the town, I saw
first the Catholic Church building, right in the very middle of the town. I also admired the primary and the second-
ary schools new buildings and nearby the Mission House, just outside the town in a quiet and spacious location
very fit for the purpose.
On Sunday I celebrated the Mass in the Church crowded with people, and many secondary school students, who
were celebrating their foundation and a thanksgiving day for their achievements in recent years.
I felt that my dream of 20 years ago, with the help of God and the hard work of my confreres and many local peo-
ple, had now become a reality, something that gives hope for further development for the Catholic Community and
for the local people in the near future.
When I left the town the next day, in my heart I praised and thanked the Lord for the wonders he has performed,
through our collaboration, in an area which is far from the big places of the Sierra Leone geography, but near to
the heart of our Lord and of the Catholic community of the Makeni Diocese.
Fr. Anthony Guiotto SX

You can help Fr. Anthony and the Yiffin Catholic Community. Either clip this paper and send it to the address
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4 Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017

Xaverian Missionaries in the USA

A Journey in
Interfaith Dialogue:
Where Interfaith Dialogue
Can Lead
By Fr. Carl Chudy SX
(Second of three installments)

he effort to come together to share each
others spiritual journey is beginning to
refashion the distorted narratives we
have of each other. It provides the possibil-
ity to expand and enliven our own sense of
faithfulness through the faithfulness of others.
This indeed is my greatest faith journey to
date. Learning to accept the places where we
cannot have common ground still as hallowed
ground is an opportunity honor our diversity.
The extraordinary effort to begin in some
specific place in interfaith dialogue with our
neighbors and others is one of the most crucial
efforts of our time. In reaching out to others
whose faith we do not share, we are inevitably Interfaith #23 Digital Art by Dyana Jean Glasgow
pushed back to our own faith to redefine our religious identity
in this new interfaith relationship. It has led me to a personal transformation, a renewed understanding of what it
means to be a Catholic Christian in a diverse and pluralistic world.
On a larger scale, the implications of a global web of interfaith communities engaged with each other and their envi-
ronment has enormous implications for the future of humanity. The Xaverian Missionaries are international in scope.
Dialogue in Asia, Africa and the Americas are all part of one hopeful dream of many religious and non-religious, and
this is played out continually throughout the world. We are a small part of a much larger reality, and our conscious-
ness of this is extremely important. The connection between interfaith dialogue globally, and its effects nationally
cannot be underestimated and shapes much of how we proceed in this dialogue on a local level.
Understanding & Valuing Religious Plurality
Valuing religious plurality began with me in my formative years and beyond. As a seminarian I worked in the African
American community, the Chinese community, and in West Africa. As a religious priest, I remained in the African
American community for some years and then spent fifteen years in the Philippines. I never ministered in my own
cultural and racial community. My theological studies, which had a cross-cultural specialization, allowed me to
reflect on this experience, and more through theology, cultural anthropology, and missiology which stressed the
value of inculturation and enculturation. Laying aside my own agenda, language, and symbolic meanings in order to
observe and learn a new agenda, language, and meaning has been a constant in my life. Thus, my identity continues
to be shaped by the experience of being a stranger and foreigner. My heart has had the chance to expand beyond
the borders of my own cultural world.
Honoring our religious diversity requires some key experiences. The first is trust. Trust is built in a sustained conver-
sation that is free of judgements, but not free of questions. It is driven by a curiosity and an attitude that the belief
of others is important, that there is much to learn and that there is a confidence that common ground is possible. I
like the way Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the UK, says it: The test of faith is whether I can make space
for difference. Can I recognize Gods image in someone who is not in my image, whose language, faith, ideals, are
different from mine. This experience allows the needed space to learn in a relationship that I may not yet compre-
hend fully but want to. The final consideration is the need of time. Like any friendship, fruit in dialogue takes time,
and sustained conversation is required.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017 5

Dialogue Is In Our Genes
US Province of the Xaverians missionaries held its 2017 Assembly at the Divine Word Retreat Center
in Techny Illinois on May 14-19, 2017 focusing on the importance of Dialogue both within our own
community and with other faiths and the secular culture of the United States at large.
Many Americans identify themselves as spiritual but not religious. Nevertheless there seems to be an
unrequited longing for the transcendent. As Christians we are challenged to be and remain in the world but not
of the world. We are yeast, light, salt, and whatever other transformative description Jesus uses to describe His
people. We are called to be a witness to the throngs of people who are searching for something to fill what St.
Augustine calls, God sized hole in their souls.
Fr. Luciano Mazzocchi SX, founder of the community Zen and the Gospel and author of eight books, spoke
of his experience of dialogue with Islam and Buddhism and facilitated the first part of our meeting. We heard
of awareness and the common ground of our being, remaining still in the flow of events, without thinking or
feeling some emotion, just awareness. Somehow at the bottom of the so-called emptiness there is enjoyment,
fullness, presence and peace. Key to this experience is the acceptance of everything and everyone just as they
are and the effort to act as lovingly as possible in every situation.
As Christians, dialogue is very natural because it is in our genes given of our belief in God as the Trinity. In
Gods innermost being, God is a dialogue, a life of love among the three Persons. Humans feel an irrepressible
yearning for community because we share the same DNA as God i.e. the Holy Spirit. The Trinity is total
intercommunion with all things and all Being.
In the conversation which followed Fr. Lucianos presentation, Dialogue was defined as an essential part of the
Churchs Evangelizing mission. Thus it must be inserted into the missionary project of every Province. The
Churchs teaching on Dialogue from Evangelii Gaudium and the writings of our saintly Founder Conforti, strongly
emphasize how dialogue with Christ, in contemplation, is the source of every form of dialogue (EG#120) and how
Dialogue is first and foremost, communion: through the medium of words, dialoguing persons share themselves
Although our Founder, St. Guido Conforti, never used the words dialogue, or acculturation and enculturation,
he promoted a conscientious cultural commitment among his missionaries. In the Constitutions of the Family he
founded, he invites his missionaries to acquire a varied cultural formation, appropriate for the ministry to which
he is called to dedicate his entire life. This bears witness to our confreres love for the cultures and the peoples
among whom they worked, or are still working today. We are encouraged to treasure this precious legacy.
Xaverian Missionaries initiatives and activities reflect the fourfold fields of Dialogue: dialogue of life, dialogue
of action, dialogue of theological exchange, dialogue of religious experience. In this way we discover that what
unites us is stronger that what keeps us apart! We were also made aware of current dialogue initiatives and
activities by Xaverian Missionaries in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. To cap off our Assembly and express
our commitment to dialogue we visited the Bahai House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois (pictured below).
At the end of our Assembly we committed ourselves to know, understand and accept our brothers and sisters of
other faiths or no faith tradition
with their values and beliefs. We
pledged ourselves to promote
the common values of the
Kingdom through a fraternal
and qualified dialogue of faith
and life, (Xaverian Constitution
#13) establishing a dialogue
born of mercy, fraternal love,
and the desire that others be
respected and loved, forgiven
and understood.

~Fr. Michael Davitti, SX

Provincial Interfaith Director
US Province Xaverian Missionaries pictured in top photo with Fr. Luciano
Mazzocchi SX (front row, center): (Back row from left to right) Fr. Juan Jos
Ciriaco Toribio SX, Fr. Frank Grappoli SX, Fr. Francis Signorelli SX, Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX; (Center row from left to right) Fr. Mark Marangone SX, Fr.
Rocco Puopolo SX, Fr. Michael Davitti SX, Fr. Dominic Caldognetto SX, Fr. Carl Chudy SX; (Front row from left to right) Fr. Aniello Salicone SX, Fr.
Tony Lalli SX, Fr. Luciano, Fr. Joe Matteucig SX, Fr. Adolph Menndez SX
Xaverian Mission

8 Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017

Caritas Christi Urget Nos

Conforti's Imperishable "Ad Gentes"!

ometimes, almost by chance, we come across something that stops us in our tracks and makes us think.
This happened to me recently. Reading through the excellent biography of Conforti by Fr. Angelo Manfredi
SX, my attention was drawn to a period of the Founders life, which the author thus describes: After the
year 1924-1925 Conforti and the Xaverians experienced once again an enthusiasm for expansion in 1927.
Conforti wrote to Cardinal Van Rossum, the Prefect of the Propagation of the Faith, to ask for a mission in
Africa, in Kamerun, in the spelling of those times, which was inspired by the former German colonialists.
The Founders diary tells us that he reached this decision to open up to Africa after discussing the matter with his
closest collaborators.
Conforti wrote to the Cardinal on May 29 1927: I am confident that, with the grace of God, the humble sons of

It is the open
the Institute of Parma will be able to do good in the African continent too.
Therefore, in order to satisfy this holy desire, and after mature reflection and
discussion with my Council, I beseech Your Eminence to entrust a new field of
Apostolate in Africa to my humble Institute. If I may be so bold, I would like to
express a preference for a part of Kamerun. If this Sacred Congregation grants
and farseeing
our humble request, our Institute will immediately provide apostolic workers
for the new Mission. Next year, in 1928, we could send 6 or 7 Missionaries, spirit of
Conforti that
another 5 in 1929, and so forth every year, with the help of God, I would send
them missionaries according to the needs.

we need to
The language is obviously dated, but with this gesture Conforti reveals how his
heart was constantly open to the ad gentes! Caritas Christi urget nos: he was
always inspired by his motto urget, it challenges us, drives us and never
leaves us in peace because far too many people still do not know Christ! The
urget that, after inspiring Conforti to give life to his audacious project and
accept China as a field of evangelization for his Missionaries, kept his eyes and
heart open to Africa too! He did this in spite of the fact that his Institute was today.
not having an easy time, especially from the financial perspective.
First of all, the urget: just like the Founder, the same fire of missionary
enthusiasm should be burning in the hearts of the Xaverians! If our batteries are low on power, we will not go far!
The dim light of exhausted batteries would not be enough for one person, never mind for many! The new beginning
based on the first proclamation, as the XVI General Chapter exhorts us, consists first and foremost in making the
urget relevant and powerful once again! For today, here, there, for the near and the far, for those who approach us,
and for us who go far away!
The XVI General Chapter also asked us to reposition ourselves! This is closely connected to the new beginning, in
which the XVI General Chapter gave us a wake-up call! Perhaps the urget of the Xaverians has run aground somewhat,
at least in some cases, in the swamps of action on the dunes of excessive talk and theorizing fading away as the
surroundings became more rarefied and hostile to the message of Jesus Christ.
As we can see from this episode of almost one century ago, it is the open and farseeing spirit of Conforti that we
need to rediscover today. The renewed and re-elaborated urget, transformed by each one of us into the joy of
proclamation, in consistency and fidelity with the commitment we have taken, lead us into an authentic and profound
incarnation among the cultures that host us. This gives us the flexibility and freedom to receive, but also to let go,
leaving positions or structures in order to rediscover the absolute priority of the message and the Messenger!
Fr. Mario Carmelo Mula SX
Vicar General
The Xaverian Missionaries are convening their XVII General
Chapter in August 2017 committed to the open and farseeing
spirit of St. Guido Conforti.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017 9

World Mission News

World Mission News Digest

Bishop Natale Paganelli SX Apostolic Cardinal Joseph William Tobin C.Ss.R. Xaverian Lay Missionaries of the State of
Administrator of Makeni So Paulo, Brazil


The Bishops: Journeying towards Cardinal Tobin: We, American Catho- Laity and Mission: a theological
peaceful and credible elections lics, are a Church of Migrants. reflection on a growing phenomenon
Freetown (Agenzia Fides) - We call on all Orlando (Agenzia Fides) - In the context of the Vatican City (News-VA) A seminar on the rela-
Sierra Leoneans, to strongly reject all acts of closing of the largest meeting of North American tionship between Laity and Mission was recently
violence, unnecessary provocations, various Catholics in Orlando, FL, which gathered more held at the International Center for Missionary
forms of fraud that distort results, as well as than 3,000 people, the Archbishop of Newark Animation (CIAM) in Rome. The initiative was
anything that can lead to destabilization and NJ Cardinal Joseph William Tobin released an born in response to the growing concern of
disorder. We encourage all political parties interview with the newspaper La Croix in which missionary animation in Christian communities
and their supporters to accept the results or he stresses the strength of Christian identity in and the positive integration of lay people in
outcome of the elections, should the latter the face of the crisis in which many countries now missionary cooperation among Churches.
be declared free and fair by the competent live. The presence of lay people baptized in the
authority. These are the recommendations of As followers of Jesus, we must be careful not missionary activity of the Church is increasingly
the Bishops of Sierra Leone, expressed in their to exclude others. The climate of insecurity important, regardless of the social, ecclesial or
Pastoral Letter regarding general elections on has caused an exaggerated patriotism in the cultural context in which it is promoted. In the
March 7, 2018. United States. Everyone identifies himself first and last few decades, God is generating lay voca-
The Bishops call on political parties and foremost as an American rather than a disciple of tions for the mission. It is a beautiful reality, a
candidates to respect the electoral process, to Jesus. And we, American Catholics, run this risk. new Pentecost! The testimony of life, theologi-
preserve peace, to uphold the interest of the When asked about Church relations with President cal reflection and the exchange of experiences
Sierra Leonean people. Trump, Cardinal Tobin replied: Donald Trump is in the faith give this new publication on laity
a businessman. He says he is always looking to an original opening on the horizon of the
The twin tragedies in our nation, the civil
close a deal. The Bishops must beware of him, mission of the Church. The volume Laicado y
war and the Ebola epidemic, brought Sierra
because he tells them that he will be against Mission was published in Spanish by the PPC
Leoneans together from all walks of life
abortion, that he will not force them to pay for publishing house (Madrid, Spain) as the second
to fight for a common purpose. Our ethnic,
contraception... And in return, he asks for silence work of theological reflection on the mission
cultural and religious differences were put
concerning his disrespectful remarks toward others of the OMNIS TERRA series of the International
aside in order to achieve a higher good. Such
or on the deportation of migrants. Its dangerous. Pontifical Mission Union (PUM) Secretariat and
desirable attitudes that we manifested so
We, American Catholics, are a Church of migrants. CIAM in collaboration with The national direc-
clearly at critical moments in our history
We have always pleaded their cause. tion of Obras Missionales Pontificias of Spain
should be shown again as we move towards
(OMP) For more information about the text, in
the national elections in 2018 that will define
Spanish visit
the next phase of our Countrys history.

Praesidium Accreditation publicly demonstrates that the Congregation of the Xaverian

Missionaries has achieved the highest industry standards in abuse prevention and response.

10 Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017

USA Communities News

News from our USA Communities

Provincial House FATIMA DAYS Xavier knoll

Wayne NJ Sunday August 13th, 2017 Franklin WI
CELEBRANT: Fr. Joe Matteucig, SX
Hosting Italian Students MISSION FESTIVAL
Fr. Michael Davitti SX has facilitated a host- September 13th, 2017 See pictures of this years family fun event
ing program for students from his hometown CELEBRANT: Most Rev. Thomas Tobin, Bishop of by Fr. Alex Rodriguez SX at http://www.
in Italy to stay with families in Ohio for 2 Providence, RI
weeks and visit NYC in August. Final Fatima Day: Friday October
Centering Prayer 13th, 2017 Save the Dates:
As a follow-up to the initiatives set forth at CELEBRANT: Fr. Edward Riley, of the Archdiocese Community Mission
the Provincial Assembly, Fr. Michael will be of Boston - Spiritual Director of World Aposto- Banquets
taking a 9 month course in Centering Prayer late of Fatima
Franklins 54th MISSION BANQUET
with Contemplative Outreach at St. Lawrence Each Day at Fatima Shrine includes:
Seminary in Beacon NY. He hopes to start October 20, 2017
Sing along Marian songs (6:30 p.m.) Crowne Plaza Hotel
an Interfaith Centering Prayer Group at the Liturgy of the Eucharist (7:00 p.m.)
Provincial House in the future. Milwaukee Airport Center
Rosary and candle light procession (8:00 p.m.) 6:00 p.m., Cocktail Hour
Special Thanks Refreshments in the Shrine Hall 7:00 p.m. Dinner and Program
Fr. Frank Grappoli extends his gratitude to All are welcome to the Marian events and devo- Hollistons 65th MISSION
the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for outstand- tions! For more information call: Fr. Rocco or Fr. BANQUET
ing support of Xaverian Missionaries Mission Joe at (508) 429-2144 - holliston@xaverianmis-
Appeals this summer through the use of October 14th, 2017 THEME: The Fatima message: Bring it into the
print media in parishes.
First Class Holy Relics of St. An- Future
Fatima Shrine thony of Lisboa - Padua come to VENUE: ST. JOSEPHS PARISH CENTER
Holliston MA Fatima Shrine 145 Holliston Street, Medway, MA
Interfaith Journey With Mary October 10, 2017 4:00 p.m. Celebration of the Eucharist
Sunday September 24th, 2017 4:00 p.m. - Veneration of the Relics 5:30 p.m. Hors doeuvre
3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. - Celebration of the Eucharist 6:15 p.m. Dinner
THEME: Mary in the Greek Orthodox SPECIAL GUEST: Monsignor William Fay,
Tradition the Director of the Mission Office of the
PRESENTERS: ST. ANARGYROI GREEK CHURCH - n eve nt s p l s on Archdiocese of Boston
t io n o pa g e
Marlborough, MA
r e i n f o r m a c o m m un i t y Berceto Foundations DINNER
o l
Sunday October 29th, 2017 For m e individua bsite: DANCE
h e g
3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. c o n su l
t t our w ssionaries.or In honor of the Xaverian Missionaries
n m i
averia October 1, 2017.
THEME: Mary in the Coptic Tradition www.x
PRESENTERS: Rev. Mark Cherubim, St. Marks Check the Berceto Foundation website for
Coptic Orthodox Church, Natick MA further information.

Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017 11

Xaverian Mission Newsletter August 2017

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