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Interactions Stage and Aim Procedure Anticipated Problems and Tutors Comments
and time Solutions
6 minutes Lead-in I will introduce the context by sharing some
TS personal experience (the best time of the year
SS To generate interest in the in Havana is) I will try to elicit information
topic. from students during this introduction. Then,
students will talk to each other (PW) about the
same topic.
8 minutes Test 1 Gap-filling For the first exercise, I will
TS illustrate how to do the task by using an
S To find out what students example (included in handout 1).
SS know or can do with the Then students will work individually on the
target language. exercise for 3-4 minutes. Then they will check
in pairs for 2 minutes. Finally, the answers are
shared with the rest and clarification begins.
10 minutes Clarification Board Work The idea is to start clarification
TS when the answers for Test 1 are checked in
To convey and check the class. I will group the sentences with the
understanding of the usage correct prepositions on the board. One by one
of the prepositions of time will be reviewed and then placed under the
in, on, at. corresponding preposition.
8 minutes Controlled Practice Sentence-completion I will introduce the Problem: Several answers
exercise with an example of my experience are possible for each case.
TS To enable students to (not included, but similar to item one).
S practice prepositions of Students work individually completing the Solution: Being clear with
SS time in a controlled way. sentences. After that they check in pairs, and the instructions (ICQs).
ultimately with the class. Monitoring
13 minutes Freer Practice Class survey Students now interview 2 Problem: Perhaps some
classmates about the time when they usually students dont usually do
S-S-S To consolidate learning by do or would do certain activities (See Handout some of the activities listed.
enabling students to use 3). That could lead to blanks.
prepositions of time in an The results of the survey are then checked

open and productive way. with the rest of the class. Solution: Exploring the
possibility then of discussing
the best time to do these
Elicit information from other
students that are familiar
with these activities.