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Oracle DIVA Cloud Service

Optimized for Managing Digital
Media Assets

By integrating Oracle DIVA Cloud Service, the leading content storage

management application in the cloud, with Oracle Storage Cloud Service
Archive Storage, your digital media assets may now be stored on the lowest
cost cloud storage in the industry. Oracle enables you to take advantage of
the flexible and scalable archive cloud storage priced at one-tenth of a penny
per gigabyte per month or US$12,000 per petabyte per year.

THE ST ANDARD IN DIGIT AL MEDIA Save Money, Increase Efficiency, and Reduce Risk with
Oracle DIVA Cloud Service
#1 content storage management
application for on premises and cloud While other vendors offerings are limited to either on-premises solutions or cloud
services, Oracle offers a full spectrum of rich media-centric, on-premises, private cloud,
Cloud-enabled disaster recovery and
business continuity public cloud, and hybrid solutions for content storage management, active archiving,

Optimized for managing large disaster recovery, and business continuance.

volumes of rich media assets
Oracles purpose-built rich media cloud, Oracle DIVA Cloud Service, is a secure, best-
Policy-based tiered storage of-breed solution optimized for managing rich media assets in the cloud. Built on the #1
management (flash, disk, tape, and
cloud) content storage management solutionOracle DIVArchiveOracle DIVA Cloud Service
offers unmatched rich media management capabilities, features, and security in a
Integrated with 150+ production,
playout, editing, and media asset hosted private cloud environment.
management applications
With the powerful integration between Oracle DIVA Cloud Service and Oracle Storage
Asset preservation, security, and
Cloud Archive Service, you may benefit from the lowest priced cloud storage available in
the market today while leveraging the proven features, benefits, and capabilities of
ORACLE DIT IGAL MEDIA CLOUD Oracle DIVArchive, which is trusted by more than 500 of the top media organizations
around the globe.
Oracle Digital Media Cloud Marketplace
is a new Oracle Marketplace designed Managing assets on premises or in the cloud has never been easier. Simply select the
specifically for partner applications that
right mix of cloud and on-premises storage for your content:
enable digital media workflows (video,
images, sound, and graphics):
Telestream | Cloudmedia
transformation and transcoding in the
IPV Curator IPVs ultimate, all-in-
one media management system
Venera Quasarnative cloud quality
control (QC) solution
Data Expeditionsoftware for the
fastest cloud data transfer
GrayMetaenabling insights into
content through metadata

Oracle DIVA Cloud ServiceUnique Features

Partial File Restore

Why download an entire video file from the cloud when you can transfer just the clip you need? Oracle DIVA Cloud
Service enables you to access a portion of a larger video clip from the cloud. For example, imagine you have a
one-hour video clip in the cloud but you know you only need 30 seconds of that clip. With partial file restore (PFR)
you dont have to wait for an entire one-hour video to download from the cloud. Instead, you can download the 30
seconds you need.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Acceleration

Send rich media assets from the cloud to your site faster. On average, Oracle DIVA Cloud Service customers
experience 15 percent faster cloud downloads with the WAN acceleration capability, which comes standard with
Oracle DIVA Cloud Service. WAN acceleration is optimized for the large file transfers that are typical in digital
media environments.


Oracle DIVArchive Oracle DIVA Cloud Service Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Service

On premises Cloud Cloud

Active archive Active archive Cold archive

Management, storage, and preservation Business continuitymanagement and storage Preservation and disaster recovery

Partial file restore Partial file restore -

WAN acceleration WAN acceleration -

Integration with 150+ media applications Integration with 150+ media applications -

Globally federated view of all assets across all tiers (via Oracle DIVAnet)

Unified and open APIs for management, monitoring, and interaction

Open-standard SMPTE AXF-based asset storage and transport

Seconds to first byte Minutes to first byte Hours to first byte

CapEx OpEx OpEx

With Oracle DIVA Cloud Service, you can leverage the power and capabilities of Oracle DIVArchive while benefiting from the low
cost of Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Service, without compromising core security, accessibility, and long-term preservation of
digital media assets.



For more information about Oracle DIVA Cloud Service and Oracle Storage Cloud Archive Service, visit or call +1.800.ORACLE1 to speak to an Oracle representative.

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