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Book review: Great! B2 Englisch fr Erwachsene Book review: Keynote

Reviewer: Augusto Vieira Reviewer: Matthew Shimohara

Authors: Andy Cowle, Rona McGeoch, Robert Kirstein, focus on providing opportunities to speak and some Title: Keynote this up with a variety of language and skills-based
Naomi Styles writing exercises that are not excessive is something Publisher: National Geographic Learning/Cengage activities.
Publisher: Klett that has kept many of my classes going. Speaking is a Learning Each students book comes with a DVD-ROM which
ISBN: 9783125015845 valued activity providing students with the opportunity ISBN: 9781305399150 includes the TED Talks as well as additional vocabu-
Level: B2 (course and practice book with 2 audio CDs) to do what they find most difficult speaking on the fly. Authors: Lewis Lansford, Paul Dummett and Helen Ste- lary and listening exercises.
One weakness is the Audio CDs. They use that crisp, Level: Advanced Students Book WHAT WAS THE FEEDBACK FROM THE PARTICIPANTS?
professionally spoken English that students will likely Feedback was all very positive. I was a bit apprehensive
never hear again in their lives. It would have been nice that some of the topics of the TED Talks might not
to have this kind of English in the first two lessons with interest the students, but everyone was really interested
a gradual move towards what students are more likely and engaged.
to hear on the streets people speaking really fast,
multiple accents, background noise and bad grammar. STRENGTHS
A Great Non-Technical English Book Transcripts at the back of the book would come in handy Lots of good pre-listening activities
for students who cannot really make out what they hear. WHO IS THE RESOURCE/MATERIAL FOR? Great that listening skills for authentic texts is made
I decided to take on the task of reviewing this book Students book to be used in the ELT classroom. explicit for students
because I had never seen it before. I also asked my students what they thought of the A nice range of interesting topics
It is indeed a Great! book. book. Heres what they said: LAYOUT & CONTENT: The DVD-ROM which includes exercises was
- The many cultural and current topics are great. This book is divided into 12 chapters and contains received very well by the students
Students who wish to improve their English but want - The multiple choice quizzes are nice. many of the elements of a traditional ELT coursebook. It was good that critical thinking tasks were included
to do so outside of their professional field will benefit - The book has a sense of humour with funny Each chapter is centered on a particular theme or topic, in each chapter as this is a current hot topic in ELT
from this book. Those who have taken English courses cartoons throughout. has a specific grammar and vocabulary focus, and
revolving around their jobs know that after a short - It is very colourful. includes communicative exercises focusing on reading, WEAKNESS
while the class becomes boring because they do tasks in - The book feels contemporary and fresh. listening, speaking and writing. Review sections are It was actually very difficult to find a weakness in this
class they already do all day; these students know that included after every two chapters. coursebook. However, I did think that the critical
stepping outside of their normal day is an enjoyable Recommendation In addition, this coursebook also incorporates a TED thinking tasks could have been exploited more as this
experience, and I think we all know how important In summary, I recommend this book for a class of stu- Talk as the main focus in each chapter. TED Talks is a is an area that can be used to really challenge students.
fun in the class is. The book provides a wide variety of dents who have as their main goal speaking more and nonprofit organization that is dedicated to spreading The critical thinking tasks in this book, though a part
topics that are current and interesting. better. If you have a shy group that just want grammar new ideas via short presentations that are 18 minutes of every chapter, were quite basic and maybe not as
and more grammar right from the first class, then steer long or less. In this way learners have a chance to challenging as they could have been for advanced
The book seems to drift towards the side of more spicy clear. develop their English using unscripted language based learners.
topics such as Albert Einstein being a late bloomer on a wide range of engaging topics.
or dealing with children who are underperforming in Pre-listening tasks include background informa- WOULD I RECOMMEND IT?
school. There is also a wide variety of texts that range tion on the presenters, key vocabulary, and tips and I more than highly recommend it!
When I arrived in Germany in 2012, my goal
from short excerpts to page-long texts, which have strategies for listening to authentic English. Standard
was to learn German in 1 year and return
been tastefully spread throughout the book so as to not back home with the same foot I got here. listening comprehension questions are given to check
After more than 2 years in Germany, I am now Matthew Shimohara is a freelance English language
be too excessive. As a matter of fact, this was something learners understanding of the texts. The TED Talks are
bracing myself for another 3. Yes folks, my teacher presently teaching online, in-company and at
I found throughout the book; a good balance has been sole purpose in Germany is to learn German. then followed up with discussion and critical thinking the Hochschule Karlsruhe Technik und Wirtshaft
In Canada I was into Event Management. (University of Applied Sciences). Matthew holds an
struck among speaking, listening, writing and reading. exercises, and tasks to guide learners towards making
I consider teaching and a new career and am MA in Linguistics and TESOL and is a member of
This seems to be the spread my students look for. A very happy with and intent on continuing with it. mini-presentations of their own. Each chapter follows TESOL France.