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School: Greenfield High School

Teachers Name: Ms. Rebecca Ryan

Course: Choir

Room Number: 331

Phone Number: 281-8860 x 2441

Email Address:

Course Description:
An advanced performance class for both male and female vocal musicians who want to sing in
a supportive rehearsal environment, and gain the basic musical skills needed to sing in a group.
This course is geared towards Sophomore through Senior students who would like to continue
with their choral experience. Students will sing choral pieces from various countries, and in
various styles, including classical, pop, and jazz. Basic music skills will be reviewed and
practiced. Required concert performances will include the Winter Concert, Spring Concert,
District Choral Concert (every other year), music festivals, athletic events, school assemblies,
and contests. Participation in Solo Ensemble is encouraged. There will be a possible fee for
participation in Solo/Ensemble.

Course Standards:

This course is aligned with and builds upon the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards. They are available
at this website:

Classroom Materials:

Students will need the following materials for class daily:

1. Two (2) pencils

2. Loose-leaf paper
3. Student assigned Choir Folder (provided)
4. Music (provided)


Attendance is key in a performance based class. Students are expected to arrive on time to class and
rehearsals. Attendance is taken at the beginning of every class, rehearsal, and concert. If a student
misses more than 3 classes a semester, the student will need to make up each rehearsal with the
director after school. If students are unable to make up the rehearsal time, their grade will be penalized,
and this may result in a student being unable to audition for solos or participate in certain activities. If a
student is consistently missing rehearsals, parents/guardians will be notified, and we will look into
strategies in order for the student to be a successful member of the ensemble.

Student attendance at concerts and dress rehearsals are MANDATORY. All concerts and dress
rehearsals are a weighted grade.

Absences that are excused:

1. Death in the family

2. Medical emergency
3. Religious holiday
4. Family wedding out of town

Absences that are NOT excused:

1. Jobs
2. Personal Business or entertainment

All requests for excused absences from after school rehearsals are to be reported in writing to Ms. Ryan
at least three (3) days in advance when able. Circumstances may justify an excused absence for reasons
other than those listed above. In the case of illness or family emergency, and explanatory phone call or
email to Ms. Ryan prior to the rehearsal or performance is appropriate. Absence information is NOT to
be relayed through another student.

Failure to notify in writing will constitute an unexcused absence that will result in a reduction of the
participation grade as well as being removed from any performance that week. Reminder, ALL
performance count as test grades. Members may be removed from performances if rehearsals are
missed due to illness, lengthy school absences and/or excessive tardiness. Any member removed from a
performance due to excessive excused absences will not have his/her grade affected.

Grading Policy:

Grades are based on the following formula:

50% Daily class rehearsals, materials, and attendance

40% Written quizzes, voice testing, performance testing, sectionals, and assessments

10% Final Exam (Final Concert Reflection, Voice Testing, and Music Theory Test)

If a student misses a test or quiz due to an excused absence, that test/quiz music be made up within five
(5) school days or a grade of zero (0) will be recorded and averaged into the final quarter grade. If a
student misses a test/quiz due to an unexcused absence , the student will have five (5) school days to
make up the test with a 10% penalty assessed to the final grade.
Choir Rehearsal Procedures:

Proper rehearsal procedure is the only way any musical group can improve and reach its potential. We
attempt to emulate the best example possible in this area. At the beginning of each rehearsal, students
should be in the band room preparing for the rehearsal.

Conduct Rules and Regulations:

1. Respect others and school/personal property

2. Talk only at appropriate times
3. No eating, drinking soda/flavored beverages, or chewing gum in any rehearsal
4. No phone use
5. Bring all materials to class every day

Consequences of Misconduct

1. Warning/Conference with Choir Director

2. Detention
3. Telephone call to parent
4. Referral to appropriate school principal
5. Removal from class

Phone Policy:

Students are required to put away all cell phones and electronic devices during class, unless otherwise
specified by the instructor. Students will receive one warning about phones before they will be taken
away for the duration of the class. Multiple violations of the classroom phone policy will result in the
student checking in their phone with the instructor or in the office for the class period for the
remainder of the semester/year (depending on the severity). Students will be docked participation
points for the day/semester if it is a constant recurrence. Parents/guardians will be notified.

Social Media and Technology:

Students will be required to enroll in the GHS Choir Google Classroom page and through the app
Remind. Both of these tools are used for assignments, communication, and notifications.

Google Classroom Code: 573x22

Remind App Code:

Please also feel free to like the Greenfield High School Choir page on Facebook
(@GreenfieldHighSchoolChoirs) and our Youtube Channel (Greenfield High School Choirs). I will be
posting reminders about concerts, rehearsals, and activities as well as photos and videos from our
concerts and performances.

Students will be wearing ALL BLACK for every concert/performance, unless otherwise specified. Here are
some examples of appropriate clothes for a concert:

Female Students: all black dresses, black shirts ( length sleeves), black pants, black sweaters, black
skirts, black shoes, black socks. If a female student is wearing a skirt or dress it must be an appropriate
length (school dress policy) and students MUST WEAR OPAQUE/SOLID BLACK TIGHTS. Yoga pants do
not qualify as pants (but you may wear them under skirts/dresses as tights)

Male Students: Black button down shirts, black polo shirts, black pants, black blazers/coats, black socks,
black shoes, black ties, black vests, and black bowties.

Clothing may not have any rips, tears, or logos on them. Clothing must also be appropriate to be walking
up and down risers. Shoes should be comfortable and sensible(be prepared to be standing up to an
hour, no 4-5 inch heels). If a student is not dressed appropriately for a concert (school appropriate and
according to choir dress code), students will be sent home to change. If students are unable to go home,
they will be provided a green GHS choir robe, or whatever black articles of clothing we can find.
2017-2018 Concert Dates for Greenfield High School Choirs PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!!!!

~~**Lakeside Choral Festival, Carthage College... November 6th, 7th, or 8th


**Veterans Day Performance, GHS Auditorium...November

10th, TBA

**Various Community Outreach Performances,


**Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal, GHS Auditorium...December 11th,


**Winter Concert, GHS Auditorium....December 12th, 6:00pm Call, 7:00 pm


Mary Poppins Auditions, GHS Auditorium..February


Mary Poppins Callbacks, GHS

Auditorium.....February 15th

Potential Solo/Ensemble Optional Day, New

Berlin.....March 3rd

District Solo/Ensemble Competition,

Franklin...March 24th

Mary Poppins, GHS Auditorium...April 20-21, 27-28th,

7:00 pm

**Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal, GHS Auditorium...May 14th,


**Spring Concert, GHS Auditorium....May 15th, 6:00 pm Call, 7:00 pm


**Graduation Dress Rehearsal, GHS Gym.....June

8th, TBA
**Graduation, GHS Gym.....June 9th, Call Time TBA, Start
time TBA

~~ To be Confirmed~~
Please note that Performance at Graduation is MANDATORY this year. Students
are expected to be there for the entirety of Graduation. Details will be sent out
two weeks before the event.

Some event dates/times are still TBA. You will be updated as soon as I am
notified of the exact details of these performances.

Greenfield High School

Choral Music Department
This document is due back, signed by September 12, 2017.
Performance Contract

Student name _______________________________________________

I have received a copy of the mandatory performance and dress rehearsal dates for the
2016-2017 Greenfield Choral Programs school year. I am fully aware that I am required to be in
attendance at all performances and dress rehearsals. Failure to attend one or more of these
performances or dress rehearsal will result in a deduction of my grade.

___________________________________________ ____________________________
(Student Signature) (date)
I have also received a copy of the mandatory dress rehearsal and concert dates as well
as grading policies and understand my son/daughters obligation to the Greenfield High School
Choral Program. I realize that evening concerts and dress rehearsals are required and that
transportation is not provided.

Parent/guardian name(s):

_________________________________________ ______________________________
(parent/guardian signature) (date)

**********Parents are strongly encouraged to attend any and all choral events!!!***********